1. Much has been clarified, under intense scrutiny and examination, since 1999…and many of the details brought into the sunlight. Albeit, some still are unable or unwilling to admit the truth.

    • And hopefully more to come accompanied by indictments and convictions
      as the clock of mortality, the ultimate escape, continues to wind down for
      the guilty parties.

  2. “If you are clean, please prove it. Otherwise, you are playing into the FBI’s hands and they are surely laughing at all of us, like they laughed when they murdered women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge and many places on Pine Ridge.”

    A question. I know they have recently with the recent “Reign of Terror,” investigation that has been opened but did the Oyate also call for a congressional investigation of the FBI at that time? Did they call for an international war crimes tribunal?

    • As well they should have and clearly illustrates they held
      both sides in the same low esteem. They wanted any and all
      with any complicity held accountable,the same position I
      take-and I, like them, with the issuance of this statement
      recognized the effort must begin within our own backyard.

      “This is a draft from the only legal and spiritual Government of the
      Lakota Oyate.”

      “AIM is not trusted on our Reservations-Concentration Camps anymore,
      because of the deceit and double-dealing, and the many stories of your
      corruption with our young girls, violence to our men, millions of dollars
      of donations that have never trickled down to the People.”

      “The People feel betrayed, and we do not feel it is honorable for Peltier
      and Banks to cover up the truth,”

      What part of the above excerpts isn’t understandable to you?

      If I am to play the I will if so and so does first game you proposed you owe
      me an answer, so answer this: Do you believe Annie lied about Peltier sticking
      a gun in her mouth when he interrogated her?

  3. How about Arvol providing the forward for, “Prison Writings-My Life is My Sun Dance,” the same year as this Oyate statement? Also, out of curiosity, was the “True Steward,” Looking Back Woman, part of this “legal and spiritual gov., as well?

    Mr. Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe

    …Let it be known that Leonard Peltier is a spiritual warrior who shares the heart of our ancestors who fought for the rights of our people, such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. As a Sun Dancer, he has sacrificed his life to the People, so they may have happiness and peace once again. I pray that his words become etched in the minds and hearts of all people and that the wounds on his soul heal. And I ask those who continue to inflict such pain and suffering on him to see the error of their ways. Let us all work together to restore justice so that the hoops of Our Nations can mend and our children may see better days…From Introduction by Arvol Looking Horse – Leonard Peltier, Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance

    • Well,everyone has an opinion and that’s Arvol’s.
      Other opinions might have to do with the sense of ownership rather than
      caretaker of the pipe he holds.
      They might have an opinion that they should have access to it as in displaying
      more frequently during ceremonies rather than on rare occasion following an
      arbitrary decision.
      They might have an opinion as well on the role Paula has assumed as some kind
      of spokesperson and marketing agent related to Arvol and the pipe.
      There are sundancers and there are sundancers-the one is committed to the people,
      the other is looking to build a resume-the AIM/Peltier approach-their approach
      hasn’t contributed to a nickles worth of peace and happiness for the people.
      Peyote has played a roll in various ceremonies among many of the nations-it is
      the “sacrament” one might say in the NAC “founded” by Quanah Parker, but the
      alcohol,pot, and other drugs that have at least in the past been the sacrament
      at Crow Dogs paradise never have been,and like Minnie Two Shoes said people were
      getting drunk all week and the next day going to ceremony-hardly spiritual,a commitment,
      or a vehicle to bring peace and happiness to communities is it?
      LBW wasn’t a part of the statement or the traditional leadership that made the ’99
      Oyate statement-but then neither was Arvol was he?
      Some might have the opinion that Arvol’s “foreword” was a push back against the statement.
      Working together to restore justice is by it’s very nature inclusive-that translates to
      addressing all the issues,which in turn translates to addressing the murders and rampage
      at WK2 committed by AIM, their reign of terror,the abduction and murder of Annie, and the
      scams that have been and are being perpetrated-something the Oyate statement attempted to
      do as opposed to Arvol’s foreword.

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