6 comments on “TIGER LILIES

  1. This one person has said to us you are the enigma rezinate, to put the paint and speak so strong
    in the one place and so soft in the other like for the tiger lilies, but always to make the good words.

    • M,J,S, and N
      There is a time to put on the paint and time to remove it-too often paint is
      necessary on the net, but it is not the way in which I live my life in the
      day to day.
      The net is a vehicle to confront what begs confrontation-it has no tactile
      value, no physical being-it is a place for words,thoughts,and opinions, whose
      value can only be measured in whether they are true or not.
      Lacking this physical substance it lends itself to both truth and lies,to
      propaganda and fact,to ego and arrogance.
      A vehicle that had people believing in a rogue planet that would strike the
      earth in 2012, people who believe in a noble warrior class known as the AIM
      leadership, or a convicted thug by the name of Leonard Peltier as a “human
      being whose been wronged”.
      If silence is indeed consent, and the net is the vehicle of choice for such
      things, then it behooves all to raise their voice.
      I believe as an individual,as a people,as nations, we are obliged to confront
      any evil or wrong doing visited upon us- we have a long history of that beginning
      with the arrival of the first euro boat people that should translate as well to
      those among us who abuse and visit their brand of evil and wrong doing upon us
      in this day and age.

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