1. I know first hand, through personal experience, and through Russell Means own actions that I witnessed and his own words, that no AIM action that happened on Indian land in South Dakota, and most specifically on Lakota territory (Pine Ridge and Rosebud) could happen while he was alive without his explicit endorsement and authorization. Therefore, when an AIM member was taken from Colorado by other AIM members to Rapid City, held against her wish, taken to his brother’s house on Rosebud, and to his bodyguard ‘s house, then executed in the dark of the night, it must have been – without a doubt – with the explicit knowledge and authorization of the one who repeatedly made it clear that the Lakota territory was his to rule, and that no other AIM leader could infringe upon. His immediate family was FULLY involved, and Theda Clark was his aunt who hung around his AIM office in Rapid City all the time. That is where I met her. Bruce Ellison was Russell’s own attorney, and Ted Means, his little brother, was in charge of security in the region. He would never have acted without consulting Russ. I know that. Russell Means had to know what was going on, and ultimately would have had to give his assent to it if not given the actual order to do away with Anna Mae. I have a very telling story to tell on the subject which taught me exactly that information clearly, and unequivocally. I’ll be glad to share it with your readers if anyone is interested.

    • PR-the wannabe Lakota popes personal fiefdom.
      The number of comments this blog receives is significantly
      lower than the views and followers- I’m confident all, like
      myself,would very interested in anything you might have to
      say and it might well be linked around increasing the number
      it reaches,which is an important consideration.

  2. I have always,ALWAYS,believed Russell and the Means
    clan were in this up to their necks, even while the focus seemed to be
    centered on Banks.
    I believe Means and Banks were the decision makers, both knew Annie
    probably had the goods on them due to her association with Banks and
    the West Coast fund raising sources-it didn’t help that AIM dunce Peltier
    boasted in front of her and others about killing the mfer in reference to a
    slain fbi agent, those things plus the way they had treated her re the snitch
    jacket and interrogation must have made her seem to be an intolerable
    liability. Didn’t help either that she knew about the Hollywood associations,
    the celebrity money pot and havens where plots featuring Mr. X could be
    hatched-or that of avowed communist and drug/gun supplier to AIM, George
    Loose lips sink ships, and the Brothers Grimm, Russell and Banks, weavers of
    fantasy and fairy tales, being boastful blowhards and wanting above all things to
    be seen as mighty warriors may have said too much on too many occasions in her
    presence that would be seen as a debit.
    The events that played out on PR related to her murder couldn’t have taken place
    on Banks stomping grounds of Leech Lake-her presence there under such conditions
    would have raised too many eyebrows,besides Russell’s attorney of choice wasn’t at
    Leech Lake, and I’m pretty sure Banks wasn’t able to wield the iron hand there that
    Russell could at PR, Russell being the arrogant egotist he was may have felt confident
    about her being interrogated by family members and his attorney- that would have
    allowed him the control and oversight he always craved.
    Banks and Means,inexorably linked together to the end of the line like the characters
    in the film noir movie Double Indemnity, bound by crimes mutually hatched and carried
    Moths drawn to the hidden flames each to the other of shared secrets despite whatever differences may have arisen.
    One should take into consideration Ellison’s eagerness to take the fifth-he’s an attorney
    and can’t be compelled to violate attorney/client confidentiality-that doesn’t apply to any
    personal responsibility he may have though involving any participation in the events
    leading up to Annie’s murder….ergo,take the fifth.
    But then we’ve got attorneys with AIM connections popping up all the place-like Charles
    Abourzek, who in the interest of assisting a fellow attorney defend Arlo Looking Cloud
    out of the goodness of his heart and devotion to duty as a friend of the court inserted
    himself into the mix as expert and director of what is referred to as psychodrama-an
    excellent way to learn what Arlo knew, what he would testify to, and if necessary construct
    an alibi against it.
    Lets not forget Arlo placed Charles Abourzek at Bill Means house the night the call came.
    Abourzek-where Russell Means spent his daytime hours “working” while serving his one
    year sentence-a conviction he was later pardoned from by yet another attorney and then Govenor Bill Janklow in one of his more memorable portrayals as Santa on the rez.
    That would be Bill Janklow, accused rapist of Jancita Eagle Deer, a man who at least on
    one occasion felt the urge to drive around drunk and nude, and on another occasion while driving,though fully clothed this time,struck and killed a motorcyclist.
    Vernon the hairdressers silence could have been insured regardless of the accusation
    due to his own skeletons in the closet,that of brother Clyde’s, and possibly threats as
    Vernon as an intermediary was in it up to is neck as well, as was baby brother Clyde,
    few options in that unless he considered the witness protection program as an one.
    Then too he could have known if either Russell, Banks, or both were or had informed
    at some point related to various things and therefore might have some level of protection
    that he didn’t, that wouldn’t go well for him if he started talking.
    Since Vernon wasn’t the shooter he may have felt secure that despite the accusation
    there wasn’t anything to link him to the actual murder and he could just ride it out- but if things started to go sour he could rollover at a later date if need be.
    Everybody had something on everybody else-the proverbial Mexican standoff, and
    maybe included the if anything happens to me there will be a letter sent or opened
    thing. Or if I go down I’m taking everyone with me.

    Might have raised a lot of questions if Vernon were to have come up dead of a fire
    or a bullet in his brain, a favored MO of AIM’s -that would have necessitated blaming
    it on Cointel and the feds-a well you can only go to so many times-though apparently
    AIM and Peltier believe it to be a bottomless one.
    Vernon was said to have made the statement on his deathbed that the CIA finally got
    him-if his death wasn’t a natural one, which I believe it was, maybe someone else finally
    got him.
    I also believe Peltier was in the loop during his time on the run- after all his neck was
    obviously on the chopping block, and he’s the one who has said he was in the U.S.
    during the majority of the time he was skulking around, that he was in touch “with certain
    people”. He also was caught in the lie about being in jail in Canada when he “heard”
    Annie was murdered.
    But considering Peltier was on Banks “security team”-seems almost a given then that
    “certain people” would have included Banks doesn’t it?
    Did Peltier pull the trigger on Annie? No. Was he informed and aware of what was
    going out? In my opinion absolutely-and if so that makes him complicit to some degree
    or another.
    Peltier with his double life sentences plus seven years for escape that run consecutively
    is for all intents and purposes one of those dead men walking as death row inmates are
    referred to.
    He’s been dying behind bars since the day of his conviction and sentencing while his
    homeys have enriched themselves, go through the motions of support and protesting his incarceration and ultimately probably don’t give a damn-they’ve got their’s and that’s all
    that matters…as SB is so fond of saying tick tock, tick tock.
    I don’t see that as some noble gesture-I see it as a combination of ignorance and justice.
    Not enough songs, petitions,rallies, or tread left on bicycle tires to change his guilt or
    secure his release.
    The only possibility is to come clean, but like I said, ignorance.
    Peltier says he would do it all again-well here’s an update for those who missed it- he
    is doing the time,the confinement,and the regimentation all again every day he wakes
    up in the same cell, eats the same food, and wears the same clothes with the same
    number on it.
    If committing the perfect crime is defined as never serving a day for it-then Russell
    and Vernon in their passing can be said to have done just that, as will Banks,Clyde,
    and any other with complicity in the murder not only of Annie and Ray but of those in
    unmarked graves in PR and who knows elsewhere if they aren’t held accountable.
    To say that crime doesn’t pay seems pathetically cliche when applied to the bank
    accounts of the boys from Brazil and the amount of money that has passed through their
    feral hands.
    What a long strange trip it’s been-we’re supposed to believe Clyde is an authority on
    all things the seventh generation and a real champion of the nations youth after
    having been busted for selling drugs to them-Peltier an innocent political prisoner,
    Banks a wise benign elder whose sole joy is canoe races, maple syrup,and carpet
    cleaner- Camp always eager to tell you he is Ponca, and like George Washington cannot
    tell a lie, and Russell Means the world’s foremost expert on and proponent of matriarchy,
    not to mention “national treasure” as well.
    Crow Dog? well Crow Dog has his hands full as gravekeeper and purveyor of ceremonies.
    Where else I ask you could you find such a stellar collection of individuals if not AIM?
    Where else could you find such a collection of under appreciated, misunderstood, selfless,
    falsely accused, and abused group of men?

  3. 1985. Dennis Banks who had evaded justice in South Dakota for a long time decided to return. He was apprehended and kept in Pennington County Jail. I had met him in California in March 1982, and helped him with the logistics of the indigenous tribunal that would take place in September of that year. The committee of preparation met in April at D.Q. University, and around the table, in addition to Dennis Banks and myself, the team included Janet McCloud (Washington State Women Circle), Bill Wahpepah (San Francisco AIM information office), Phillip Deer (Muskogee AIM spiritual counselor,) and arriving late, early afternoon, Russell Means. It is at that meeting that Russell and I became friends. He asked me for a ride to the airport, had me drive through his childhood neighborhood of Vallejo while recounting memories of his family and early life, and, changing his mind about leaving, he stayed at my house for the next few days. Thus began a close relationship which lasted some thirty years. I got to know him in a different setting later in July, at the Yellow Thunder Camp in the Black Hills as a guest for three weeks.

    Because I had spent a couple of years on Pine Ridge working with elders(1982-1984), Dennis asked me to return to Rapid City and organize a gathering of support to take place before his trial. I agreed to do that, and upon arrival, consulted with him at the RC jail, then went directly to Russell Means office to proceed with the task. He was not there, and I discussed my presence in the area with his personal secretary at the time, Ursula, who was a friend and remains a friend to this date.
    Russ was due back in the afternoon, and I instructed Ursula to let him know of my presence in Rapid City, and that I was going to secure the Mother Butler Center for the event, and going to the Rez to speak to Ted Means about getting a drum group and a bus to bring elders to the city. I visited Ted in his trailer home in Porcupine and he agreed to secure all details as planned. I left the rez in good spirit, knowing that I had prepared the event according to instructions.

    At the gathering, Russell Means took the microphone first and spent twenty minutes haranguing the AIM crowd about this “Dennis Banks woman” who had come into South Dakota, and unknowing to him, had made arrangements for this Mother Butler event, how this woman (meaning me, he pointed at me and described me as “dying my hair brown” – it is my natural hair color – ) had “switched camps from the Means camp to the Banks camp, and how anyone associating with AIM knew that any AIM action taken in Rapid City, Pine Ridge reservation or in the Lakota territory had to be first cleared with him, ” totally ignoring the fact that I had stopped by his office as a courtesy, and gone to his brother Ted to make arrangements because he , Russell, was not in town….. He berated me in public for ignoring the AIM etiquette, and the fact that anything pertaining to South Dakota AIM was under his authority, and must be cleared with him in person. He blamed me for infringing upon that etiquette for quite a few minutes, so much so that Janet MacCloud, Bill Means and Bill Wahpepah, in turn, came to the microphone to defend my actions, as if I was on trial for a grave insult to his Majesty the Supreme Chief of the Lakota Territory. Afterward, they each came to me to thank me for helping out.
    The point was most clearly made, in grand fashion, and eloquent manner, that no one in AIM could come to Rapid City, Pine Ridge reservation, or South Dakota, and take any action whatsoever without proper authorization from Russell Means, who “controlled” South Dakota AIM.

    This is the experience that led me to think that no action could have been taken by any AIM members the night of the shooting of Anna Mae, without the knowledge and authorization of Russell Means.

    • Excellent contribution Helene and clearly illustrates Russell not only wanted to
      grant permission for, but lead the parade.All the “native” talk of not owning the
      land and yet felt he personally not only owned PR but the residents of it and the
      entire state of SD.
      Doing a lot of things on this end and don’t have much time,but will address this further
      later-thank you.

    • It’s interesting to note that it was Banks who authored the idea of organizing
      a “gathering of support”-an old hand at that and attempting to portray
      it as a spontaneous outpouring of fealty-when it is actually orchestrated and
      kind of like throwing a “surprise” birthday party for ones self.

  4. Nodding, Yes, The “pay to pray” and all the Movie Star NDN’s but no money goes to the Children, Women, Elders of any Reservation or Nation from the Aim. The whole read is as always good.

    • Auntie,
      When you multiple this by the number of times it is done,
      the number of people doing it,the number of people in
      attendance and include the “donations” scams it is a
      huge amount money going into the pockets of only a few.
      The “foreign” market is also favored- Crow Dog has been
      targeting the Japanese and apparently it pays such dividends
      Banks is doing likewise.
      Crow Dogs site is presented almost entirely in Japanese,
      and of course a paypal button last I looked.
      Europe has been a goldmine as well.

  5. just a note on stillwater, ie supposedly where alot of this garbage was initiated, a drum from there ended up in someone’s possession about 6 yrs back, and it had been tucked away wrapped up in the loft of a dwelling until recently, questions arose for years what should be done with it and after much evaluation and monitoring, am happy to say, it is now “dead” , “toasted” and it’s remnants will be guarded in the depths of water, with hopes all those so called pipe carriers that were spured out of that drum will get the hint.

  6. Excellent piece all around…. (I’m having trouble posting a “like,” I get a very quick blank pop-up window and then nothing…anyone else having the same issue?)

      • Interesting…LPDOC announcement…

        In the body they refer to the “sterilization of indigenous women.” And this relates to the last 40 years. Could there be any truth or proof of that?

        26 August 2013
        Contact: Dorothy Ninham, Wind Chases the Sun, N5679 Skylark
        Drive, DePere, WI 54115; Phone: 920/869-2641; E-mail:

        Press Conference with Regard to Leonard Peltier International
        Tribunal on the Abuse of Indigenous Human Rights

        WHEN: September 4, 2013, at 10:00 a.m.

        WHERE: National AIM Interpretative Center, 1113 East Franklin Avenue,
        Suite 3210A Minneapolis, MN 55404

        SPEAKERS: Dennis Banks, Bill Means, and Clyde Bellecourt of the
        American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council; and Dorothy
        Ninham, former Oneida Nation Judge and Director of event sponsor
        Wind Chases The Sun, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to
        Indigenous issues

  7. The public was first made aware of this by Akwesasne News
    in ’74-the GAO conducted a study and it predictably went about
    minimizing the reality as government agencies are known to do
    when caught in the act.
    It is a fact, though the exact numbers may never be known,
    a fact that I personally know to be true as members of my extended
    family were subject to this procedure.
    I wouldn’t take the word of LPDOC or AIM about anything when it
    comes to statistics, as their stock in trade is theater, and would advise
    any who are interested in pursuing the subject to do their own independent
    net search, and above all to be aware of the site or location they are searching.
    Sterilization is a remnant of an historically verifiable policy of genocide
    that was directed at the nations-a policy not just of this country, but throughout
    this hemisphere.
    It persists in some degree or another here, and in Central and South
    American countries – recent examples have been exposed in some
    Southern states primarily directed at poor black people.

      • Why do you feel so inclined to let Mr. Ed off the hook all the time? Because he “likes,” you? Maybe that’s why nothing gets resolved? Everyone is always letting the dirty FED’S off the hook. Remember Mr. Ed promised a response to “Hoover and the Nazi’s,” and Shawn Kenny as well but it never materialized? And he’s banking on that we’ll all forget about it. That’s not going to happen. That stone is just being lifted and a bunch of worms are still crawling out.

      • Read the blog The Rest of The Story and as you said stop whining- I don’t
        forget much,and if I do all I need to do is look in the archives or on an
        external hd.
        You make a statement about people letting the dirty feds off the hook while you
        have made a career of attempting to let dirty AIM and Peltier off the hook.
        What kind of logic is that?
        Why are you so inclined to avoid answering questions about AIM’s culpability,
        whether you think they or Peltier have lied about anything?
        Why don’t you address the gravekeeper role of Crow Dog and those unmarked graves?
        You go on about Trimbach’s “fee” and never say a word about Churchill’s-what’s up
        with that?
        What about Russell’s mascot and Yellow Thunder scams?
        There’s an indigenous rights “convention” that will include Banks and Clyde-what do
        you think their fee is for gracing the podium with their presence?
        How much do you think Banks take was for the Vern Traversie “rally”?
        I heard it was in the neighborhood of forty five hundred dollars.
        Forty five hundred dollars to speak for a blind man who had supposedly
        been carved up and brutalized by surgeons while undergoing open heart
        Forty five hundred or forty five dollars,doesn’t matter as the bottomline
        is making a profit off of Traversie’s misery and seizing an opportunity
        to self promote and wave the used piece of toilet paper known as the AIM banner.
        What would you guesstimate Crow Dogs take has been over the years for personal
        appearances, selling ceremonies and “licenses” to conduct sundances?
        Here’s an easier one maybe-how much do you think was spent on fuel transporting
        Annie after she was abducted from California to PR where she was murdered?
        Lot of stones have been overturned that you and your boys don’t like,and it
        is maggots, not worms, that are being exposed.
        I received an email earlier commenting about your silence- I suggested maybe
        you were in the bat cave commiserating with the rest of the guano spreaders-was
        I right?
        The backyard remember-we as a people need to clean up our own backyard of the
        AIM/Peltier infestation before we can even begin to think we can do the same
        with other issues.
        But then you’re the guy who doesn’t think it matters when asked if you thought
        Annie had lied about having Peltier stick a gun a her mouth-which is another way
        of saying you don’t think it matters if he did.
        But think of the damage it could have done, how it would have tarnished his
        bogus image if one of his most ardent supporters said no, she didn’t lie.
        I imagine after asking these questions-AGAIN- you’ll be heading back to the
        bat cave-be sure to put your waders on.

      • this is worth approving-though your other related attempts where you
        couldn’t resist the inclusion of Kenney,Hoover etal are not.

      • So when is that international war crimes tribunal going to convene? When are you going to write the blog that documents the FED’S roles in the murders of Annie Mae, Ray, and the other “Reign of Terror,” victims? When are you going to paint the picture of Price, Wood, Trimbach ect.. as the villains that they are instead of shaking their hands and embracing them as “someone on the team,” and providing links and endorsements for their sites and “books?” Since when am I the “keeper,” for old AIM? If you have an issue with them then why don’t you attend the conference yourself and confront them face to face? Tell them, “I’m the great, REZINATE,” and I have an issue with you. Maybe Paul will let you be the one who diligently holds the mic for “Old” Trimbach this time as if somehow miraculously his old dirty lies will morph into a new truth? How much did the “John Boy and Old Joe,” show pull in for that conference? Did “John Boy,” get his 10 g minimum? At least Churchill is a published author. I wonder if they’ll talk about the Uranium mining scam at that conference and how Dick Wilson, behind the strong arm of the FBI and the justice dept, sold out his own people. If they’ll talk about all the miscarriages and still births and deformities of the Lakota children? At least Peltier et al had the mind to stand up against this oppression. How many “big energy,” people or FBI agents are sitting in a cell for THEIR crimes? Where is the outrage for that? Maybe similar tribunals for Waco, Ruby Rodge, Pine, Ridge, and the OKC bombing should follow as well?
        “Trickle down economics” doesn’t work so why do you think trickle down justice will?

      • You apparently became the keeper for “old AIM” when you assigned that task to
        yourself-or do they merely routinely advise you on what to say and what not to say?
        Churchill is a published authored and that’s the defense you want to offer? Hitler
        was also a published author, want to defend him?
        But you got confused and slipped up again-the Trimbachs are published authors-have
        another “point” you’d like to make? Really SB, after eleven or twelve years of being
        an AIM/Peltier toady you can’t keep your story any straighter than they can theirs?
        Completely predictable that you answered NONE of the questions put to you-but no,
        you’re not a keeper, you’re just spreading the usual guano.
        I’ve asked you repeatedly if Price,Woods, Hoover,Kenney, or any other of your
        smokescreens held a gun to Annie’s head to interrogate her or abducted and murdered
        her, did a single one of them murder and rampage within WK2 as AIM did ?
        If you can produce a single shred of evidence that they did I’ll be all over
        them-until then your indoctrinated AIM/Pelter bilge is just that.
        You’re desire is have everyone focus everywhere you or you homeys point-that would
        take the heat off of AIM and Peltier.
        Not going to happen on this end. With your internet history you probably think of
        yourself as being “great”, yet you’ve been show to be a fool and a tool here and
        Now, when are you going to write a song or post a comment that ADMITS and documents
        AIM’s role-that they sold out their people,raped,murdered and pillaged?
        All the questions still stand-all waiting to be answered by YOU-among them who made
        how much, where, for doing what,and why did it trickle up instead of down?
        If and when a war crimes tribunal is convened I don’t know who all will be in the
        the docks,but it’s a cinch your boys will be-many of them probably claiming they
        were just following orders.
        Like I said read the blog The Rest of The Story-think about the approach I’ve
        suggested, of course you must cringe at the very thought of the nations empowering
        and policing themselves-bad news for your boys.
        And speaking of teams -your’s pimped you out on the street with your guitar and a
        cup begging for donations yet? Know they have a need of them.

  8. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    To speak in opposition to AIM, to point out the atrocities they have committed is to insure you will be called a “hater” that too is their best-the best they can do in lieu of admitting a truth.

    “Liberation will come when the nations are rid of them, their cronies, and their corrupt influence. -Rezinate- “

  9. Holtzman, you coming to the gathering of fools here in a few days? I’ll see if I can get you set up in the lil’ plaza outside shAIM GGC headquarters. Hell, I’ll even buy you a cup of shut the, er, I mean coffee as a gesture of basic respect. I can introduce you to folks who will let you know exactly what they think and know about your false heroes. We’re not feds, just some long time urban NDN’s from the neighborhood tired of these bums and others using us and our people all over.

    Holtzman, bring your guitar and porta-sweat and see if you can cash in too?

    • No. I won’t be there. I’m not like Mr. Ed who will brag that he’s going to be somewhere and then not show up. Despite Rez and Mr. Ed saying that I wouldn’t be there I WAS in N.Y.C, though.

      • You know SB I’m actually glad I said I didn’t think you would be
        there-it seems to be a real high point for you, something to
        cling to that is needed.
        And yes you did go the NYC-glad you did that too and that you have
        repeatedly posted about it-glad that in doing so you’re linked to what
        has been a non productive, financially abysmal failure.
        You know, vocational school might be something to think about, a fall
        back plan so to speak.
        I’m curious and not offering an opinion one way or another, but do
        you donate a percentage of your music revenue to the “cause”, whether
        it be sales or personal appearances?
        None of my business, just curious as I said.
        Not going to be there-guess Clyde and Banks want all the money allocated
        for appearance fees.

  10. Well, here’s your proof of “aiding and abetting.” Will you run with it or look the other way as usual? So Rez, will you be there to confront your “buddy,”s on the 4th? No? Your afraid of your Parker/ Spiderman thing being exposed?

    Excerpt from an interview done by Kevin McKiernan with Duane Brewer, a former GOON.

    Duane Brewer
    There was, during that time after the agents were killed, that there was a lot of hatred for them people because of their methods. I mean, they never treated people humanly. It was, you know, forceful, you know. You got get somebody, you jerk them out of their car and you search them down. I mean, they were, they meant business when they was, after the agents got killed. And it teed off a lot of people. Nobody likes getting handled like that, you know.
    I had a few run-ins with them and I didn’t like the way they treated me either. It’s a…
    I imagine they did. Cause they was here, they wasn’t pleasant for them being here and getting shot at and all of this danger. I think they did. They never did say anything. They never did come investigate any of them incidents, you know. And like I said, when they came to me and told me that, you know, you better stay home, they’re going to kill you. Well, I showed them every weapon I had and said, “Let them do it.”
    I said, “You tell them people that if they shoot at me and miss, then they’re all dead cause I don’t miss.” Like I say, I’ve done a lot of time out practicing with a pistol, with a rifle, AR, whatever. That’s nothing new to me. I can, I can put the sight down and hit when I want to hit.
    You know, I don’t know. I got the feeling that they was hoping that I’d kick the shit out of somebody. You know, or have a war.
    Sure, you know, “Lay it out for ’em. They’re going to kill you Brewer–if you’re out by yourself or anything.” And that was fine, like I said in them days I didn’t know what fear was. And I kind of, after some of the incidents, I really wanted to have a war. I wanted to educate some of them people.
    Well, when, you know, they give you all kinds of information and things and then they probably didn’t give that to the AIM members. You know, it makes you wonder, yeah, they probably were giving you a lot more than they were supposed to. Which is good, hell, every little bit helps. You know the feeling. Here they were in between, supposedly, but they knew the feeling of some of these AIM members. I guess AIM had their people who would tell them things.
    Well, you know, I think that they got along better with them. They probably weren’t accepted by AIM. AIM, you know, they killed a couple of them so surely they must not have liked them.
    Oh, they were, they took care of the lakes and our buffalo herd. We had a place in Ellen. It’s called the, it’s just the range out there that they used to take non-Indians or anybody that paid a certain fee to go out and kill a buffalo. And they’d process the whole body and they had a cabin out there they kept them in. For a big, for a certain amount of money, they would give them the whole works.
    But they were used in other things, too. I don’t know, during Wounded Knee it wasn’t really very active. There was a ranger corps but Dick Wilson didn’t really use them that much. You know, for his goon squad or anything. Like I say, the majority of them, he never told, “You have to do this.” Anybody that was working for him, it was volunteer.
    We always done our job though. Like I said, we’ve been audited, we’ve been audited three times and we were cleared of not buying weapons. We had a, you know, our ambulance service had 3 shifts so they were working. Our accident investigators were investigating accidents. That was paperwork. We was doing our job.

    • Duane Brewer? “I imagine they did” and “I think”. You offer this as proof?
      Like I said in the response to wade-time, money, and responsibilities preclude my attendance,
      make of that what you want.
      Spiderman-good thing for AIM and your boys I’m not-otherwise I’d be casting a web and hauling them all in.

  11. The so called press conference/meeting on 9-4-13 was nothing more than a gathering of the usual suspects. They were meeting in the conference room of AIM GGC/Interpretive Center/money laundering room that is somehow paid for monthly. There was no shAIM song, no drum and one camera with microphone in the room.The door to the office is kept locked and it looked to be another cover up/b.s. fest going on.

    The so-called AIM Interpretive Center is still alive minus Laura Waterman-Wittstock(Clyde’s long time thieving partner) apparently due to her not being able to satisfy her own greed. She has stated that she is no longer a part of the project of the “organization” she loves so much. I guess “Any time, Any where, Any place” comes with a heftier price tag these days.

    • Appreciate the update-sounds kind of like they threw a party
      and nobody came.
      I expect there will be a related video release somewhere on
      the net praising the efficacy of such a meeting and all the
      good things that will come of it.
      Did Waterman-Wittstock get a golden feather upon retiring
      from her many years of dedicated and loyal service?

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