1. This blind loyalty and pushing the forgive & forget stuff to people is a sickness. Lack of independent thought is prolonging the pain & chaos that feeds the parasitic among us. But, as I said before, some are starting to see what is really going on and are actually thinking about what they thought they knew.
    The local AIM group here is being manipulated by Clyde but their leader is having none of that. This man is a good friend even though we disagree on things like AIM but he is a good man who also knows what Clyde and crew are capable of. This battle is far from over and I do think this gathering in a few days is a good time to protest the protesters.

    • I have friends in AIM, good people, but they don’t have a high opinion of
      the leadership, think Peltier is guilty, and won’t hesitate to say AIM
      went on a rampage at WK2- a few believe as I do that among the leadership
      are one or more informants
      Forgive and forget is the ultimate fantasy-so is the talk of that would be
      the traditional way, or that it should be kept between the survivors and
      the perps-never admitting that what they had done wasn’t traditional-think
      that is known as having their cake and eating it to-to hell with them.
      I’ve always likened this blind loyalty to the Stockholm Syndrome-the only
      explanation that makes sense to me.
      Kicking ass and taking names is what is it about now-my opinion is that if
      anyone takes it beyond the boundaries of tradition- that is the venue THEY
      chose and where they should face justice-the courts and prison.
      If I could I would attend, but time, money, and responsibilities disallow that.
      Protest the protesters-has a nice ring to it-keep punching, it ain’t over til
      it’s over.

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