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  1. The good questions you make rezinate and we would say we would help the
    yellow ones, the black ones, the brown ones, and the white ones but would not say
    we have the heart the same color they are made to be.
    and we do not believe those ones not of our people who say they are the firekeeper
    and will not say the one tp murder is the murderer and the one to steal the thief and
    the one to rape the raper.

  2. It means you’ve made it into “the club”. The exclusivity required to keep important things secret has inadvertently created an elitism. A perception of having been allowed to share in that exclusivity means you’re one of the “elite”. Like Kevin costner in dances with wolves.

    The ones that can afford the ridiculous prices have a point of view that money can open doors to anything no matter what it is.

    This ridiculous perception of a non existent elitism is what fuels this nonsense.

    It stems from a total lack of understanding of WHY things are kept secret. Also a total lack of acceptance that many aren’t allowed to see certain things.

    Americans have a false sense of superior morality that fuels hypocritical choices. Many truly think their nation is mostly doing good, with a small group of really bad people.

    They don’t yet realize that their actions based on incorrect perceptions cause as much harm as any of the super rich.

    • “The ones that can afford the ridiculous prices have a point of view that money can open
      doors to anything no matter what it is.”

      The sad reality is that this is increasingly becoming a fact- that there are those among
      us selling tickets and portraying it as a duty they are obligated to perform due to “prophecies”.
      Of course those eager to purchase a ticket are elated and see it as a validation of
      their “red heart “.
      These things are the result of an elitism evidenced by those who call themselves a chief
      of chiefs, and the leadership of organizations like AIM that has presented themselves as liberators, patriots, warriors, and now, as wise elders.

  3. “…you have to believe it first. Not wait until you see it first, then touch it, then believe it…You have to say it from the heart.”

    –Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA

    He also said,” The Spirit says my life is red. Tell them that we all bleed red.” I think that’s why they use the term, “Red Heart.” If you cut the skin, no matter what color it is, we all bleed red. There is no “secret,” about that. There’s a great lesson in that. You could have racism and create divisions in your mind but that is essentially an illusion. The very essence of the term, Mitakuye Oyasin, is that we ARE all related. We share the same father and mother. The same color of blood runs through us all. That fire, that comes from a star, is within us all, as well. So in essence, we are all “firekeepers.”Spiritual beings having a human experience. The Lakota are caretakers and teachers of a way of life that comes from a place beyond human beings. It’s cynical to limit the teachings to one kind of human being and to state that others can’t understand or participate. The true interpreters are the ones that talk with the Spirits themselves and follow their guidance. There must be a divine purpose that all colors of man/woman are gathering by the “tree of life?” There is a beauty in that, a sacredness. I guess it all comes down to faith. Are you seeing it from your “mind” or are you feeling and living it through your heart? Are you seeing it through the eyes of the mind of the Creator?” To bring about the UNIFIED family. That’s what it’s all about.”

    • You like all wannabes and usurpers miss or ignore the point entirely-it isn’t about
      whether all of mankind is related, it is about affectations and the attempt to
      mislead-in a word – pretense.
      Does Black Elk say anything about selling or corrupting traditional beliefs, or incorporating other things into them-is that what being a “caretaker” is about?
      What care is being taken and what teaching is being taught in commercializing such
      Do you think the elder Black Elk would have offered pay to pray ceremonies as your
      boys do?
      Even Arvol has spoken out about this and the need to protect them.
      You seem to blissfully ignore the fact that the lakota aren’t the only nation, aren’t
      the only ones with medicine people, aren’t the only ones with prophecies, aren’t the
      only ones who have suffered, bled, and died to protect their beliefs and way of life,
      or had any leaders worthy of mention.
      Maybe that works for you but it doesn’t for me or for the other nations. Maybe at some
      point you’ll come to understand that and do something more than push the AIM centric
      You seem to want to ignore the plight of other nations, your other “relatives”, as though you’re afraid if attention is drawn to them a buck that may have gone into AIM’s or Crow Dog’s pockets might wind up going elsewhere.
      I’ve been on a lot of different rezes in this country and Canada, and I can tell you
      for a fact the conditions and poverty on them rival those of any other-something this blog won’t ignore or fail to address as it can.
      I imagine you have gotten some mileage among whatever groupies you may have employing
      the firekeeper and praying on the pipe routine, offer any pay to pray ceremonies to
      them as well?
      But if you want to offer Black Elk quotes how about this one as it applies to AIM and
      your boys:

      “It is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost”

      • we see this point you make rezinate and agree and we see to the silent bear
        who has said to be the firekeeper and prays the pipe would try to defend
        this, and the funny it is one who is not of any the people would try to teach
        us and can not.

    • Silent Bear, you are the result of the experiment by Sun Bear, i.e Vincent LaDuke, LOL!

      “Following that, Sun Bear helped design a Native American Studies program at the University of California at Davis. He wrote Buffalo Hearts, a book honoring various great leaders of Native nations. Sun Bear began teaching at the experimental college, and that planted the seed that allowed his true work in life to grow. Sun Bear began to meet with a group of people in Davis whom he encountered through the experimental college, and out of this group came the core of the initial Bear Tribe.”

      • Call me a skeptic or a contrarian, but I have to question someone
        who assigns totems and clans to people based on their astrological

      • It’s about learning to pray. If someone leaves you on the top of a hill with nothing but a Chanupa and a blanket and they don’t come back for a few days then it’s just you and the Creator, Then you really learn how to pray. At that point ,it doesn’t matter who put you up there, what color your skin is, or how much money you have in your pocket. Leadbelly wrote a song about the sinking of the Titanic:

        “Jacob Nash was a millionaire he had plenty of money to spare. When the great titanic was sinking down, he could not pay his fare.” God moves on the water

        …Or when Moses went to the top of Mt. Sinai and received divine guidance. Or as you said, there are many different ceremonies from many different tribes. Actually, the first person that put me on the hill was Dine. So who do you all pray with? Who is the “real McCoy?” I want to know. Or do you all sit around and drink Budwieser, listen to Ted Nugent, read Trimbach and then make comments about how people pray and who they pray with? You all like to exaggerate and twist things around as well. I’ve been attending ceremonies since 93 and I never paid a “fare,” for a ceremony. Wopila gifts, yeah, but never a set price. Was it considered “paying for a ceremony,” when back in the day a Spiritual leader was gifted meat, blankets, horses ect.. for providing help to somebody? Now when somebody gives someone a “gift” to put gas in the tank or go to the grocery store to buy food, all of a sudden it’s, “paying for ceremonies?” To me ,it sounds like playing with semantics. If I went to pray and someone was at the gate, “collecting admission,” I’d turn around and go somewhere else. But, if someone took the time out and helped me, I’d have no problem giving them a gift from my “heart,” as well.

      • There is a huge difference between gifting tobacco or some necessity and
        charging fifteen hundred dollars,selling sundance licenses, or collecting
        appearance fees.
        If you don’t see that your lack of understanding is further illustrated,
        and a clear example of playing with semantics.
        The “real McCoy” to answer your question is Creator,and the real medicine
        people and elders aren’t hawking their wares for fun and profit or aligning
        themselves with murderers or those corrupting traditional beliefs.
        I don’t “follow” people, I either respect and listen to them or I don’t.
        It always matters who “puts you up there”-take a little time and think
        about that-think of the influence and what that can translate to-anyone
        can be misled.
        Budwieser and Nugent? I don’t drink and wouldn’t listen to Nugent on a
        dare-you must have me confused with some of your boys.
        Since you would turn around and leave as you say how is it you can be
        supportive of any who are charging?

  4. “Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.”
    ― Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux

  5. really enjoy reading your blog, so thought provoking, as you know, Academia & Holywierd are major players in promoting much of the hype created by AIM and treat’s those who speak the truths like pedestrians,

  6. ‘There are good people from all ethnicities that are good friends, who genuinely care and don’t go about sticking a feather in their hair and saying they have a red heart, or that they are a firekeeper -we know who they are and appreciate them, just as we know who their counterparts are, and speaking for myself I have no appreciation for the latter.”

    …And then there are those that proclaim themselves, “The True Steward,” and use a Sacred prayer instrument to help sell “books,” for F.B.I con-men:

    Do you have “appreciation,” for this?

    • Well, I’ve yet to hear LBW say in this video or anywhere else that she is the
      “true steward”, I also took note that she said she had “a” pipe, not “the” pipe.
      So this is yet another fail on your part, and I suggest if you’re interested in
      facts that you read Riegerts book. Have you?
      You have a problem with anyone who doesn’t have the AIM brand on their ass, and
      it’s common knowledge that you relentlessly spammed LBW and anyone else whose
      email address you have, or site you can access.
      What I appreciate is standing in opposition to AIM-that opposition is affecting
      their bank accounts and their credibility as it becomes increasingly difficult for
      them to maintain the lies they have spun, and they are left to go to ground and say
      nothing when the difficult questions are asked, much the same as you do.
      But just to provide another example of this I’ll ask you for the umpteenth time-do
      you think AIM or Peltier have lied about anything?

  7. I got “True Steward,” right from the title of the video. Since Trimbach was the sponsor of this video ( it appears on his channel) maybe he was the composer of the title? I don’t recall seeing any protests from LBW, though. Do you think Trimbach ( and the other FED’S ,Price, Wood ect..)has lied or is everything in his “book,”( and in their track record) factual? Do you think that this video is exploitation? She also says right in this video that she’s “holding the calf pipe.”

    • AH, the firekeeper stays true to form and pedals around avoiding
      the same question he would rather eat his shoe than answer.
      I believe you mentioned once your family is from Poland-in case
      you didn’t know it Poland is referred to as The Land of the White
      Eagle, and has a rich cultural history as well as having made many
      That would be White Eagle sb, not red eagle. Whatever a persons heritage
      is they should be both proud and satisfied with it, they should promote
      Why don’t you focus on that for a while as you’re an absolute failure
      as a wannabe trying to tell us what, who, and how to believe.
      Again sb -do you think AIM or Peltier have lied?

  8. P.S- Why would a tradition that is centered in oral tradition need any books at all to “understand the Sacred Chanupa?”

    • Why would Russell write a book about matriarchy and “traditional” teachings and wisdom?
      Why would Banks and Peltier write a book-oh yeah, to try and stay ahead of the curve and
      make some money.
      Why would Crow Dog sell “sacred” ceremonies?
      In LBW’s case it is about attempting to counteract all the bogus bs that is being offered
      by your boys.
      What’s the reason for your boys?

  9. The difference is they didn’t say that “you need these books to understand the sacred.” It’s not too late, why don’t you compile a best of of all your blogs and offer them as a book? You too could “cash in” as well?( maybe Trimbach will help you promote?) Some of the books that you mentioned are more worthwhile then the others but I don’t think that there is anything wrong with sharing stories and personal testaments in books in general. Otherwise, where would we have gotten all those worthwhile quotes from Black Elk? Even with that, as informative as Black Elk’s books are, I don’t think that you could proclaim that you “have an understanding of the Sacred Chanupa,” just by reading them alone. LBW offers her share of “bogus b.s,” as well. It’s the miss-leading nature of LBW presentation in the video that is disturbing to me.

    • “The difference is they didn’t say that “you need these books to
      understand the sacred.”
      Oh really? What exactly do you think Russell’s approach was with
      the “clouds” book? Or his video updates?How many timesin both did
      he attempt to present himself as an authority and “teach”?
      Would you say Crow Dog doesn’t attempt to do that with his videos?
      How about A Good Day to Lie-I mean Die? Propaganda pieces attempting
      to stay ahead of the curve as I said and to make a buck.
      I’ll ask again-have you read Riegert’s book?
      I’m not interested in offering a compilation of blogs in book form,
      e prayers, or “sacred” teachings- you however have marketed your
      compositions related to Peltier and the nations-that glass house thing

      • No. Just bits and pieces from LBW self promoting, propaganda site. That was enough for me. If she is recommending it so aggressively then I’m suspect of it. It seems to me, like Trimbach’s, a minor work. At one time I even looked for Trimbach’s book in a local library and it wasn’t there but, “Unquiet Grave,” and I.T.S.O.C.H was. ( and of coarse the great, “John Boy,” LIED when he promised to send me a “free” copy)

      • Whether or not you got a free book isn’t an issue for me,though I will
        say if indeed you were “promised” one following through would be the
        correct thing to do whether you deserve it or not.
        I’ve made an effort to familiarize myself with just about everything that
        is available in the belief that it would facilitate forming an informed
        That’s something I recommend to one and all and consider to be a crucial
        element-admittedly I wouldn’t spend a dime on anything authored by AIM
        or the “leaders” but I have had copies passed on to me or have borrowed
        to read.
        Russell’s “whitemen” book was purchased at a yard sale or flea market for
        a dollar I believe it was by a friend who gifted it to me. I had thought
        to read it and put it aside in case there was a shortage of toilet paper
        or firewood.
        I also have a bottle of Banks maple syrup a friend gave to me -vintage ’99
        I think, and autographed no less-autographing syrup-talk about working
        the crowd. Is that commercial enough for you? Guess he thinks he’s Paul
        Newman of Newman’s Own.
        Newman, whose profits go to various worthwhile organizations and research
        facilities-unlike Banks or the rest of your boys commercial efforts.

  10. Good one. At least that made me laugh a little bit. I sense a slight bit of plagiarism in that I might have referred to Trimbach’s book similarly in the past ie the “dollar bin,” and in using them for fire starter. I wonder if that was intentional? The truth be told, I haven’t read nor do I own Banks’ and Means’ books either. I may have thumbed through Russel’s book at book stores at times? I do have Wallace’s book, Crow Dog’s book, Leonard’s book and some others and have enjoyed them and been inspired by them. That syrup sounds good. Nothing like pure maple. I don’t know if that sits well with the walks against diabetes, though. Still a lot of sugar, though natural.

    • “Nothing like pure maple. I don’t know if that sits well with the walks
      against diabetes, though.”

      Well,the “marketplace” is filled with contradictions,addressing them
      has composed the bulk of this blog.
      I don’t recall the “dollar bin” but feel free to refresh my memory if
      you’ve archived it.
      The fact that people like Banks and Means could afford to go to specialized
      diabetes or cancer treatment centers when others cannot speaks volumes
      in itself-a perk of their “service” I suppose.

  11. A clarification. The “Nugent thing,” was in response to jp’s Sun Bear response. It wasn’t directed to you. I agree with you that the “Creator,” is the real Mccoy. It’s funny, again, when baby Trimbach infiltrated our vigil in Washington D.C, he came up to me and said, “who is in charge, here.” I pointed up and said, “The Creator.” What he was really doing was looking for Ben Carnes so he could sell him on his idea of a big money debate tour. Carnes didn’t make that one so he had to deal with me. Trimbach told me that he had a “debt,” problem.

    • I’m just a little curious why all things seem to be couched in terms of
      “infiltrated” or an “action” that took place?
      Was Trimbach in disguise,had he rented a ndn costume,put a feather in his
      hair or anything like that?
      Claypoole seems to be enamoured of the term “action”, and hotels in Pierre where
      the dead have risen and walk again. Has it’s usage just become a commonplace
      carryover or does it have some other significance -AIM’s militaristic scorched
      earth approach to things maybe?
      I don’t know about debt problems others may have, I suspect most people do in some
      form or another-but I have to say with your penchant to expand, misrepresent, and
      add a little garnish to the recipe I’m not sure how much credibility should be given
      to your statement.
      If you’ve read the latest blog, My Bad, more specifically the comments, you will
      have seen the latest costume Banks has put on is that of “spiritual leader”- do you
      agree with that?
      Banks could give Lon Chaney,the man of a thousand faces,a run for his money.

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