• Out of curiosity, Is Shawn Kenny’s character “unquestioned,” as well?

      The FBI then doesn’t trust Kenney about his meeting with Guthrie on the 13th and gives him another polygraph on the 14th (in which he is deceptive) and, after THAT, they trust him with another chance to set up Guthrie. Kenney complies, Guthrie is busted. Kenney is said to be a longtime friend and fellow white supremacist??!? And then is allowed, as part of his bargain, to go ahead and join the U.S. Army?!?!? Has anybody told the Army what Kenney’s beliefs are? Has anybody told them of his actions in assisting with casing banks and armored cars? Is he really going to get the chance “To Be All That You Can Be”? Isn’t this where McVeigh started, reading The Turner Diaries in the shade of his Bradley Fighting Vehicle? Don’t you feel safer knowing that Kenney is protecting you tonight?

      • This is all you got? What does this have to do with DeMain, Annie, Ray Robinson,
        or AIM’s resmurs?
        I could care less about Kenney unless you can show he was on the rez-any rez-
        and was a participant in any part of AIM’s rampage. Did he shoot Annie? Did
        he assist Peltier in executing Williams and Coler or interrogating Annie at
        Was he a part of any the scams AIM ran-did he rape or abuse any of our women
        or children?
        Is he selling or has he sold ceremonies like your boy Crow Dog, is he Crow Dog’s
        grave keeper assistant?
        Did DeMain do any of the above? Did Annie’s daughters who have been plagued by
        people just like you? What about LBW, who did she pull the trigger on?
        If ignorance is bliss you must walk around in a state of constant euphoria.

  1. Good guy! Rode with him to the Dakota Conference last year. It was an honor to meet him and the others who also attended who spoke for truth in the face of “AIM truth”.

  2. * Rezinate FBI disinformation 101. Apparently, Mr. Ed has taught you well. I recall posting maybe 3 posts on Demain before the Kenny post that didn’t make it through? How about that post documenting how much Kamook Eccofey and your favorite author of choice ( besides Demain), Serle Chapman, received for being FBI informants? Was that too relevant and revealing? Did Kamook’s grand confession to Demain happen before or after she started wearing a wire on the father of her kids? No wonder Demain wants more, “Indian FBI men?”I wonder how much he got/ is getting? P.S- What about Demain’s “settlement,’ letter? The truth is if he violates that and commits libel again Peltier’s attorneys have the right to re-open the suit.

    • Disinformation from the master of such himself-too funny.

      This excerpt you cite is what,ten years old?
      And for around the fifth time you fail to mention Peltier’s “lawyers” who
      brought the suit was Bachrach.
      And what is Bachrach doing now now since he had enough of Peltier and LPDOC
      and moved on? He’s representing Arlo Looking Cloud, calling out Abourzek,
      and a few others.
      That’s what might be called an evolution of opinion mentioned previously
      wouldn’t you say? Of course these are things you can’t reference as it kind
      of blows your entire presentation doesn’t it?
      Bachrach has also has appeared at public functions with DeMain -what do you
      suppose that all means-would you like to reference the LPDOC emails I posted
      It’s all about perspective,time line, and circumstance sb-compare this statement,
      when it was made and under what circumstances to DeMain’s position now and it’s
      an entirely different ball game isn’t it?
      He’s all over Peltier and your boys like white on rice.
      Doesn’texactly sound like DeMain is scared or backed off does it?
      The “role and participation” of the FBI in Annie’s murder, something you’ve attempted
      to float on multiple occasions-to which I’ve replied who among them was the triggerman,
      -was it Price,Woods, Trimbach, Zigrossi or any other?
      This is the point when asking you head off in another direction because you can’t provide
      an answer, because you know as does everyone else that the triggerman was John Graham.
      And since none of them did would you like to offer an opinion who “ordered” Annie’s
      abduction and murder,name who this person would be and give the reasons for doing so?
      A war zone in PR? I agree considering the various factions and Robideau’s statement AIM
      went to Farmington to gather weapons,return to PR,and have a war.
      Questionable conduct by the FBI- I agree again and say the same of every law enforcement
      agency-an example would be the historical indifference when it came to prosecuting rape
      cases on the rez which in part led to the passage of VAWA.
      Another example would be the failure to prosecute the AIM hierarchy-people like Banks and
      Wearing a wire against the father of her children What exactly is that supposed to mean,
      that the father of a woman’s children is to be excused from all wrong merely on the basis
      of that?
      If so there would never be a single divorce anywhere in the world would there? A woman
      would never file an abuse complaint-or in the case of a father molesting her children say
      Is that what you’re advocating for-that women just endure? That they are chattel owned by
      a man and have no rights?That if they see a “father”engaging in criminal acts they should
      say nothing and merely aid and abet?
      The truth is I think with all that is known now the last thing Peltier’s attorneys want
      to do is “reopen” anything that could further reveal Peltier’s guilt.
      But if so that would be their choice.
      I see no spam from you about money to kamook.
      And once again in your desperate attempt to curry favor with your boys you accuse DeMain
      of receiving money? NO level you won’t stoop to is there? Just makeup whatever comes to mind
      and throw it out there-how very AIM of you,and why you have zero credibility.
      Now, would you care to address the points made in Butthead-Dumb as Dirt-Or Both? Or are
      those insider opinions disinformation as well?

  3. As far as “prosecuting rape cases,” what are your thoughts about “Wild Bill, ” being inducted into the SD hall of fame?

    OACOMA, S.D. (AP) _ Former governor and congressman Bill Janklow and nine others will be inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame on Saturday. Other inductees include Miles Beacom, who started First Premier’s credit card division, and Shirley Halleen. Halleen has been a politician and has worked with a number of service organizations. She tells the Argus Leader that she was surprised, excited and humbled by the nod. The ceremony is being held in Oacoma. The South Dakota Hall of Fame board of directors chose the group of 10 from among 86 nominees in its 36th year. The organization recognizes those who have contributed to a culture of excellence in South Dakota in the categories of professionalism, arts and entertainment, historical, sports and general.

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