1. 0-4. Blocked again by Judge REZINATE Benson. The legend in his own mind. Here’s a simple question. Do you think Peltier got a fair trial? Do you acknowledge FBI miss-conduct relative to his case?

    Mr. Ed’s meek response:
    “February 6th: Let’s explain this so even the lowest common denominator can understand. Peltier talks about his “commitment.” He references Joe Stuntz. Stuntz was at Jumping Bull, along with Peltier. He mentions Buddy Lamont anecdotally. Lamont was at WKII, Peltier was not. But he’s very clear about “I’d do it all over again…” The key here being “all.” He made no exclusions; he didn’t say, “some things,” or “certain things,” and made no qualifications or exceptons. By “all” he includes everything he was committed to and involved in, and that my friend means Jumping Bull. It’s called context. Peltier wasn’t thinking and stepped into it big time. This was post his Lewisburg hearing and if he ever has another parole hearing you can bet some fake wampum that he’ll be hearing that statement again. And the clock is ticking…”

    Why wasn’t it offered here? In one word. BULLSHIT! You should have stayed on the canvas. It would have offered you more dignity. Here’s the quote again. Maybe you could get that 10 year old that you referenced before to help you understand?

    “So often in my daily life, the thought creeps in-“I don’t deserve this”. It lingers like acid in my mouth. But I have to push those types of thoughts away. I made a commitment long ago, many of us did. Some didn’t live up to their commitments, and some of us didn’t have a choice. Joe Stuntz didn’t have a choice. Neither did Buddy Lamont. I never thought my commitment would mean sacrificing like this, but I was willing to do so nonetheless. And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again, because it was the right thing to do. We didn’t go to ceremony and say “I’ll fight for the people as long as it doesn’t cost too much”. We prayed, and we gave. Like I say, some of us didn’t have a choice. Our only other option was to run away, and we couldn’t even do that. Back then, we had no where left to run to. ”

    The active word here is “commitment.” He’s obviously referring to his commitment to the Native Struggle in general. This is what ties, Joe Stuntz, Buddy Lamont and himself together. They all had to suffer for the COMMITMENT that they made for “Standing up for THE PEOPLE.” Stuntz’ sacrifice was being taken out by a ‘law enforcement” bullet at Jumping Bull, Lamont’s was being taken out by an FBI gun at Wounded Knee and Leonard’s has been 37 years of hard time for getting railroaded into prison by the corrupt FBI. There is a clear train of thought being presented here. Your pathetic attempt at an FBI spin is simply not working for anyone with an average intelligence level and above. If you want more examples, how about your butchering and misquoting of the Amy Goodman interview? More evidence of your ongoing disinformation campaign. So did you receive the $6000 for composing the FBI pamphlets or not? No response to Hoover’s Nazi Connections? How about Shawn Kenny( Mckveigh’s good buddy and fellow conspirator) ? As I’ve said before, YOUR GO-MR.ED and make it worth my while this time.

    P.S- “Do it all over again,” could simply be interpreted as being a member of AIM that stood up for his people. Despite being falsely railroaded into prison by the corrupt FBI and U.S Just Us Dept., he’d “do it all over again.”

    • Well I’ll take your approach sb -I’ll answer simple questions when you do.
      That would be a direct answer-not your usual tap dance. That’s the standard
      you attempted to impose remember-how do you like it now? Since you
      can’t be dealt with in adult manner or expected to act as one we’ll try
      it your way-infantile as it may be.
      You’re lucky anything of your’s make it through-I’ve been a hell of lot more
      patient and lenient with your bs than others have, but it’s wearing thin.
      I wonder if the taste of impending death in AIM and Peltier’s victims could
      be characterized as acid like? What do you think?
      Like I said -Peltier is doing it all over again everyday he wakes in the same
      cell where he belongs, wears the same clothes, and eats the same food.
      If you want to go on about “sacrifices” want to talk about Annie and Ray
      as they were sacrificed on AIM’s bloody altar?
      And exactly what sacrifices are you making other than to ride AIM and
      Peltier’s coat tails cobbling together a living? Ever lived on a rez with
      nothing to eat, no heat, no electricity, ragged clothes and shoes?
      You can “interpret” whatever you like any way you like- in the end it means
      nothing, just as your professed concern for the well being of the nations and
      our children means absolutely nothing.
      Peltier is innocent, Graham is innocent, all of AIM is innocent- I find it grotesquely
      appropriate that you’re in Colorado, Chivington’s old stomping grounds.
      No mention of the innocence of Annie, Ray, and AIM’s other victims-tell me,
      do you consider them to be nits and lice as Chivington did his victims?
      Put you in a uniform and the resemblance would be striking.
      Do you acknowledge AIM’s “misconduct”?

  2. ” Capturing my people” wouldn’t be about those involved in being in AIM gang structure? I don’t think person like Peltier (or any other AIMster) consider “my people” as nation/ ethnicity but “buddies from same bunch you fool around together”.

    That doesn’t change- look at younger generation gangs. ” My people” won’t be any Lakota, Ojibwe …any person in rez. If arrested or endangered to be consider “my people to protect”- it will be person from THEIR gang/ crew. They won’t give a blank if member of other gang or person outside is in trouble – “my people” applies ONLY to those with who are connected and involved together by deeds/ shady businesses.

    IF “my people” would be understood way we do – there would be no violence. poverty, disgrace for elders, women, children and all others living in rez I think ….

    • An excellent description of the gang mentality that has been
      so much a part of the AIM leadership and Peltier’s allegiance
      to it.
      Every effort has been made attempting to portray both as
      benevolent, yet the reality, the FACTS, stand in direct
      All the nations have had warrior societies-societies that
      were honorable and dedicated to the welfare of the people,
      they didn’t kill their own women or ransack their own
      communities-despite their best ongoing effort to portray
      themselves as such a society and Peltier a member the truth
      is not a one of them would have made so much as a pimple on a
      true warriors ass.
      Propaganda,lies, the internet,shills, and videos doesn’t change

      • Well I hope soon it will be obvious for everyone as it is for us already that AIM and this unholy Trinity (Banks, Means, Peltier) is nothing more than

        “goldbrick * in the boiler room** ”


        Same as SB and other mindless, brainwashed followers…

        *(apparently valuable object, which turns out to be worthless)
        **(illegal organization whose purpose is to sell worthless shares)

        ;P 😀

      • the term goldbrick has an obvious application-I’ve heard stories of what
        is referred to as salting a mine.
        Salting involved placing samples of gold or silver in an otherwise worthless
        mine so they could be “discovered” and create the illusion of value-a common
        practice by the boys from Brazil and their sibling Peltier-both of which are
        little more than worthless pot metal attempting to portray themselves as something

    • stonefeather, It is the true thing to say these ones the AIM would capture the people with the
      many lies and those ones like the silent bear would help them to do this.what yo say for the gangs
      is true to.

  3. The AIM/Peltier faction in their desperation to address issues always wind up resorting
    to claiming someone is a fed or a sellout.
    In furtherance of this they love to assign names like fed, snitch, informant,, and the like.
    I’ve seen neurotic dogs run in circles biting their tail and I think it’s pretty much
    the same for them.
    In the FIFTEEN spams in the bin this morning from sb he has now assigned the name
    of judge rezinate benson to me- I make somewhat of an allowance for sb as I do for
    the rest of his crew in consideration of IQ and the AIM/Peltier addiction they must feed daily.
    Though I don’t rate as high up on the list as DeMain, kamook, Woods, and others
    I nonetheless am on the list of enemies of the AIM/Peltier state-truth is I wouldn’t
    have it any other way as it is the truth, and I want them to know it.
    It’s like that Nicholson line from a Few Good Men-“you can’t handle the truth”- and
    indeed they can’t, the truth to them is as threatening as sunlight is to a vampire, or silver
    to a werewolf, and they will do anything to avoid or deny it.
    Ask a relevant question and their heads begin to spin, they froth at the mouth, will
    refuse to answer, and instead either go silent or come back with some attempt to
    redirect attention away.
    It’s a pathetic display, transparent, and illustrates the extremes they will go to and
    the complete lack of answers they have. They live in a bubble that is continuously
    bursting and the onus is the constant creation of new one- a bubble incapable of
    becoming airborne and instead is landlocked like a lead weight.
    Had they actually been interested in the truth and justice much could have been
    resolved decades ago, but that has never been their pursuit-both truth and justice
    were pre emptied by greed and staying out of jail.
    SB’s spam is like watching the same rerun of I Love Lucy over and over again-SB,
    AIM, and Peltier like Lucy, have some “spraining” to do, and yet can never quite
    pull it off.
    The convoluted reasoning, the professed innocence, and verbal sight of hand always
    falls short, and like Lucy’s explanations are generally laughable.
    Difference is this isn’t comedy, it’s about murder and mayhem-thieves, criminals, murderers,
    and rapists.
    So, judge benson, sellout, fed, coward, whatever, none of that alters the guilt of AIM
    or Peltier-and if that’s the best they got they’re in bigger trouble than they will admit .

  4. I’m going to segue a little and reference Dennis Banks-here’s a man who has
    fathered 26 or 28 children, and the question to ask is how many of them
    did he actually financially support, how many of their mothers did he
    assist? How many of them never had to rely on some form of public
    The same predominately non indigenous crowd who will praise him are the
    very ones who undoubtedly ranted about the Octomom, or a black man
    or woman with a large family.
    The same ones who will go on about Mexicans with multiple children, how
    they are a drain on the system.
    I’d say those who fit into this category are as big a fraud as Banks and
    his boys are.
    A man or woman’s character is evidenced by the type of parent they
    are more than anything else they might say or do…. “Elk Medicine” doesn’t
    have a damn thing to do with that.

  5. Been thinking a little about names sb, since you like to assign different
    ones to people I wonder if you would tell us what your “lakota” name
    is, you know, the one tossed to you like a bone?
    I know it isn’t silent bear as that’s one you gave you yourself. I imagine it’s
    something heroic and befitting a warrior or your stature.

    • What’s yours? It seems that you’re the one that likes to throw all kinds of names around without providing your own.

      • working your last nerve sb? remember we’re on your standard now-you know, I will when
        you will?
        There’s some noise making the rounds about Peltier’s upcoming(?) birthday-was trying
        to think of something to send- what do you think about gifting some of that truth serum
        he wanted to dose Annie with?

  6. What do you mean? You didn’t try to sneak your way on to Peltier’s online birthday card like Ed “pay to play,” Woods AKA “Gestapo Eddie?”

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