• I’ve addressed this,domestic spying,the First and Fourth Amendments,
      and more in the blog.
      Unfortunately for your purpose LPDOC affixing the Peltier collage and
      posting it on their site,or sending it out into “cyberspace” doesn’t
      alter Peltier’s quilt, or his own lies and “alibi” change ups.
      Neither does Al Capone, Kenney, Whitey Bulger, Hoover,letters to Annie
      daughters instructing them on how to go about their quest for justice,
      outdated and out of context quotes,relentlessly spamming and attempting to
      bully those whose email addresses you have,or anything else you might
      chose to throw out.
      Do you have nothing to say about those LPDOC insider emails characterizing
      Peltier as a delusional butthead?
      And what about that question I asked-if LPDOC insiders think Peltier is
      delusional and come to believe the myth is that the same as saying his
      supporters and you are delusional as well for believing the same myth?
      You’re avoiding that blog like the plague.

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