1. ” I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation.

    We must always take sides.
    Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
    Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

    Elie Wiesel

    Hope quote explains plainly and simply- why so much energy focused on Peltier, Means, Banks….AIM. And issues bigger than them.

    We are SIMPLY very sensitive to injustice and we don’t fear or ashamed to point it and name to last noticeable detail 😀

    • AIM has attempted to portray silence as unity-nothing could be farther
      from the truth- and they used whatever means are available to insure
      that silence is the rule.
      Good quote by Wiesel, people should consider the “side” they take and
      whether the reasons they do are valid -if they serve the overall welfare.

    • What about the ” silence,” in regards to the F.B.I’s role in Annie Mae’s death on the other “reign of terror,” murders? It seems that they’re always the ones to get the pass. Also, I wonder how Mr. Wiesel feels about Hoover giving amnesty to Nazi war criminals and then using them as paid F.B.I informants? Or the use and cultivation of neo-Nazi’s for the same?( I have not forgotten that Mr. Ed has yet to supply and explanation for this).

      “Had the FBI not sabotaged the rights movements of the postwar era, had it not sent Doug Durham and Gil and Jill Shafer and John Stewart and Virginia Deluce and others of their kind into AIM, had it not added the virus of Informers A and B to the paranoia it had already created, had it investigated crimes against AIMers on Pine Ridge, had it stanched the perjury and coercion and framing that its agents practiced as a matter of course, had the Justice Department not gone along with every step of this, had the BIA not let Dick Wilson run his own impeachment trial, steal an election, and jerry-rig voter rolls to save his government, had the courts held the FBI or prosecutors accountable for their sins, or had Congress done so, Anna Mae Aquash would not have been killed. To read the news reports of the last few years is to be told that Aquash was murdered because AIM thought she was in infiltrator. This is only half the truth. Aquash was murdered because the government of the United States waged an officially sanctioned, covert war on the country’s foremost movement for Indian rights. It was a quiet war, chiefly psychological, with only the occasional shot fired in anger, but like the Cold War, it was a war all the same.” Hendricks “Unquiet Grave”

      FBI document uncovered by Steve Hendricks:

      “On December, 1975( which was to say, one week after Aquash was murdered)____advised that an unidentified Indian female was_________Colorado. The three Indian members of AIM( all of Denver, Colorado identified as ____(phonetic) and alledgedly_________…Source claims rumors are that __who stays at ______the ____,Colorado and ___Colorado, committed the actual murder. Others who may have knowledge of the murder are ____Colorado and ______, South Dakota.” FBI files ( comment: If there was no FBI complicity why wasn’t this addressed at this time? )

      • If you read the document as written instead of attempting
        to promote or interpret it as an indictment several things
        are obvious.
        Among them words like “unidentified”, “alledgedly”, and
        “rumors”-apparently in reference to a “source”. This one
        week after her murder….one week,that’s before Annie’s body
        had even been discovered.
        So without a body,no proof of a crime, and nothing but rumors,
        what exactly should have been done?
        A question to ask is who was the “source” and who exactly
        was it that “_______…Source claims rumors are that __who stays
        at ______the ____,Colorado and ___Colorado ”
        I’m not in the least bit impressed with this document considering
        all of the above, what I am negatively impressed by is the amount
        of time it took to convict Arlo, Graham, and Thelma-also the fact
        that there have been no convictions in the murder of Ray Robinson
        and others that AIM murdered during their Reign of Terror known as
        But you know me, I think that’s due in part to some of your heroes
        being snitches themselves,and that being the case enjoying a measure
        of protection.
        As to Wiesel I’m pretty sure he would have found many things wrong
        with the FBI, but likewise may have praised them for their efforts
        in helping his organization bring war criminals to justice- so it may
        be sort of a mixed bag.
        I seriously doubt he would have held AIM in any higher
        esteem than he did persons among his own people who acted
        as “police” for the nazis in places like the Warsaw Ghetto
        and murdered and abused their own.
        Had a lot of things not occurred everything would be different.
        Among those things if the leadership hadn’t thought of themselves as
        being entitled to run amuck, to rape, abuse, scam, and murder-in the
        end what it will always come down to is who pulled the trigger on their
        victims and who among the AIM leadership authorized it- nothing changes
        Criminals, unlike children can never get a pass by saying someone made
        them do it.
        Like I’ve also said-I want everyone with any involvement held accountable
        and it must begin with cleaning up our own backyard, something you can’t
        stand the thought of and gives your boys nightmares.

      • SB, they wouldn’t do MUCH without HELP from AIM.

        Leave Nazi topic – as you know about it as much as pig about pearls.
        Believe me – I am Polish and WE stood face to face against Nazis, with Nazis – WE declined cooperation and joining Reich same as indigenous declined accepting white idea of “states” and pay same “bloody ransom” as my ancestors.

        While white America had MANY deals with the Nazis – singing shamelessly “I need dollar, dollar- dollar is all I need”. So did AIM, having THEIR deals with FBI. Because they DID and we all know it, no matter how anyone wish to deny it.

        So don’t ask stupid questions based on phantasmagorical comic stories written, filmed and made for fools like you to divert and redirect attention. Don’t play “smart ass” cause with your knowledge and logic only “ass” remains…

  2. Holtzman, I myself am more concerned with what goes on among my own people than with the FBI or Government. I am fully aware of what the outside is capable of in terms of suppression and fear but that’s a larger issue that I deal with separately.

    What angers me is those who use and abuse Native life & lives while pretending to give a damn about what affects us. They are predators & cannibals of all we hold sacred and true yet things are slow to change. You can count these old shAIMsters among the plethora of people among us who feed off greed and rely on us to not say anything because turning even one of us over to the system is a bad thing. I am sick & tired of being sick & tired. These bad apples need to be tossed aside so that the younger ones can actually live and be proud of who they are despite the evil and insanity. I call these parasites traitors and am more than willing to break the silence if it helps us to live.

    You Holtzman, have no real clue as to who and what we are. You whining for Peltier does nothing to help my people. It only serves your to assuage your white guilt and feed your narrow, romanticized notion of what YOU define us as. You wannabes/gottabe’s keep feeding these traitors among us and it keeps the rest of us out of sight and out of mind to the rest of the world. Time for you to shut up and stay the hell out of a world you do not know!

  3. SB, as per your comment that ain’t making it out of the spam bin that Peltier wants
    to send Woods an article and maybe I could help you and he accomplish that tell
    your boy two things for me:

    1:You’re his errand boy, not me.

    2: Also he go F### himself.

  4. No worries. I have his email add and it was sent to him directly.
    P.S- What happened to the post on Wade’s “True Steward,” LBW?

    • If it contained a promotional for Peltier it went in
      the trash bin along with the rest of the garbage.
      Don’t forget to relay my message to your hero.
      Ever try posting on Wade’s site,or did you get the
      boot there as well?

  5. I would but I’m still trying to decide if he’s a real person or just another one of Trimbach’s aliases? ( James Simon?) If not a clone, certainly a close disciple. He certainly sounds just like him. Mr. Ed got quiet all of a sudden? Maybe he got a tongue lashing at HQ at his Grand Council? Maybe they labelled him a liability to the ‘cover up?” It’s become obvious that you’re just about fostering a specific agenda and the truth is just an after thought. If you were really firm in your position then you wouldn’t be so compelled to censor all the time. Maybe you fear the real truth? P.S- I’ll relay my message when you relay yours to “your boy.”

    • “If you were really firm in your position then you wouldn’t be so compelled
      to censor all the time.”

      This from the guy who won’t answer a question, who won’t call for LPDOC
      and parole board hearing disclosure, who won’t address a single day to day
      issue the nations face, who can’t even bring himself to admit that he and
      Peltier both promoted the Mr.X story for all it was worth, hasn’t a single
      explanation to offer for Peltier’s multiple story changes,apparently thinks
      it’s just fine for Crow Dog to sell anything and everything about us and
      to be a gravekeeper for AIM’s victims,nothing to say about the rape and abuse
      of our women and children,or the rampant drug and alcohol use.
      Sounds like you’re not firm in the position you hold.
      Would you be so eager to say the same of LPDOC and other pro AIM and Peltier
      Seems to be a lot of things you’re still trying to figure out, and speaking
      of agendas, yours is obvious.

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