One comment on “EROSION

  1. The blood quantum argument is a recurring one that ignores the dictates of the
    heart-no child being born has any influence in the conception or birthing process.
    By dictates of the heart I mean the attraction that exists between a man and a
    woman-when the attraction is mutual it takes precedent over all other things and
    ethnic boundaries are not nor can be a consideration.
    I view all ethnicities as tribes, and among the nations intertribal marriages
    hasn’t exactly been uncommon.
    The point being that regardless of the racial makeup every effort should be
    made to maintain our traditions in as pristine and honest a manner as possible.
    I can’t count the number of people I’ve met over time who claim some measure
    of the blood of the nations and yet know nothing about traditions or ceremonies
    through no fault of their own.
    There is a word for that-assimilation-and may be the biggest threat we face
    as a people. These people are in a very real sense disenfranchised, easy prey
    for the new agers and bogus “rainbow” tribes, and all too often victims of
    lateral oppression.
    Our brother the buffalo exists on “preserves”like the National Bison Range,
    “preserves” as in preservation after having been driven to the brink of extinction.
    We have existed for generations on “reservations” and a credible argument can be
    made the reservation was never intended to be a preservation effort- the stated
    purpose was assimilation, being held in the gulag pending our transformation and acceptability into a completely foreign culture and mindset.
    If the grand design is the ultimate assimilation of every man, woman,and child of
    us we should reverse the process and begin assimilating the disenfranchised back
    among us.
    If we are to engage in such an effort an example must be set, we must hold ourselves
    to a higher standard, if we fail to we may one day find ourselves, what remains of
    us, on a preserve like our brother.
    We either control our destiny or we lose-it’s that simple.
    Look at who we were a hundred years ago,who we are today, and then consider if the
    trend continues who we will be a hundred years from now-our ancestors bled and died
    when taking the long view, our view must consist of something more than today, or their sacrifice means nothing.

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