8 comments on “KEFALONIA

  1. I recognize that “ongoing investigation,” or ‘pending’ in Bureau terms is not an answer and brings little solace to victim’s families. Two levels of government certainly didn’t give up and were at least significantly successful with Anna Mae. The matter with Perry, as I understood it, was the proof of premeditation and the statue of limitations of manslaughter versus first degree murder. There was little doubt they had tried and have not forgotten and would be open to explore any additional evidence or testimony that’s out there.

    • The question can only arise that if first degree murder was never an option and
      knowing the statutory limitations related to manslaughter, lesser I assume than
      second degree, with witnesses available that testified in other cases and whose
      testimony was felt to be sufficient for that purpose, then why not for the case(s)
      involving Ray and those whose who share unmarked graves at WK2 with him?
      If Ray’s murder has been classified as something other than premeditated then
      what of the other victims-if they are to be considered likewise who made that
      decision and based on what ,when so much as a search for the bodies to be followed
      by exhumation has seemingly never been considered?
      For me and an appreciable number of others the ongoing investigation seems to
      be riddled with holes and lacking a concerted effort. A perception that naturally
      raises questions and lends itself to speculation- and rightfully so.

    • Adding to the absurdity and suspicious nature of this lack of prosecution is the complete
      and apparently deliberate silence of the black leadership as a whole – not a single
      voice emanating from the Congressional Black Caucus, Hollywood celebrities, or people
      like Al Sharpton who is aware of the issue.
      Interesting to me that actors like Danny Glover will advocate for Peltier and not
      do the same for Ray-one of their own.
      Or that Whoopi Goldberg will deliver an homage to Russell Means upon his passing
      and say nothing about Ray or Annie.

    • I suppose so, though I believe given Shaprton’s expertise in the
      gathering of media attention, especially in view of his current position
      as an anchor on a news program, a tremendous amount of attention
      could be generated.
      All the elements are there, intrigue, drama, racism, social unrest, civil rights,
      an individual associated to some degree with MLK, and AIM’s version of the
      KKK or skinheads.
      Brawley is a topic I’m sure he’d rather everyone forget.

      • Better and more capable people than I have, I’ve addressed the issues
        and asked questions directed to him in various sites where he’s posted
        something-apparently none who have tried have arms long enough to
        reach him.

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