One comment on “WHAT EXACTLY ?

  1. AIM of necessity has always wrapped itself in attorneys, I suppose it’s advantageous
    to have one in house who also has a web site.
    I’d like to think that Chase Iron Eyes in being one who promotes himself as a last
    real Indian is cut from a different cloth. Understands that no honor or tradition can
    be found in supporting the murderers and rapist of our women – that among the youth
    he says are his focus there are also girls who will become the women, grandmothers,
    and mothers of our future, that they deserve something better than what the current
    state of affairs offers.
    If a leadership is sought then politics is the field to enter, otherwise it is something that
    should be bestowed rather than pursued.
    There is a saying that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child-it could
    be said as well that no warrior stands so tall as when he fights to insure justice for, and
    to protect the women of the nations irregardless of who has an issue with it.

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