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  1. Reblogged this on Lordnelga's Weblog – Psiberrealm and commented:
    I have switched from windows to Zorin and have advised several others to do likewise. No more problems with all the bloatware and viruses. Zorin isn’t perfect, it just crashes different. But having said that you shut down and restart and your back up and running.
    Windows is designed to monitor your every move on the web and has Trojans and backdoors that can be manipulated and monitored so of course in this day and age they will push it on you. If you are unfortunate enough to have a computer with winblows 8 on it, switch the os to zorin, don’t throw away a good machine. Plus you don’t have to beg microsnot every time you have to reload the os.
    I have used Zorin ever since my system crashed due to being hacked into. I started with Zorin 6 and have upgraded to Zorin 7. As I said it just crashes differently but the ease of use and it working right from the start are great. If all you do is surf the net and watch videos online it’s the best thing out there. If you do technical stuff you might want to dual boot your system with both Zorin and windows as there are some things that Zorin will not do yet, and you might need winblows still. But for the average user or people who know nothing about computing Zorin is the best choice.

    • Thanks for the reblog LN-I’ve used Zorin for a couple of years and
      had zero issues with it-good advice re dual booting, I have partitions
      that address that.
      Something most people are unaware of is that MS uses Linux servers, as
      do most corporations.
      Another advantage is Linux will run unimpeded on even the most tired and
      old computer without any issues or lag time.
      Best of all you don’t have to contend with MS or their systematic snooping
      and endless updates to address vulnerabilities.

  2. Interesting change-up. Halfway through I actually stopped and went back to the header to make sure I was on the right blog. It soulds like Rez is both AIM and comupture savy. As for my limited internet/computer skill, went to an I-Mac three years ago and never looked back.

    • Once people make the transition there isn’t anything to gain by
      returning to Windows-whatever “savvy” I may have related to comps
      was born of necessity, pretty much had to repair or address
      issues that arose myself.

  3. Justicenppa I thought the same thing myself. Stopped to make sure I was reading it correctly and had the right blog. Good change of pace, refreshing. Also some good information. It’s sometimes good to post something totally different just to freshen up and get your mind on something other then what you normally post. Thanks Rezinate. Continue to bring us your words.

  4. So you are saying with Windows 7, I can run Zorin? I used to have a Linux setup but that was nearly 10 years ago. Here’s a nifty new phone technology idea called Phonebloks where you just interchange blocks on a phone instead of throwing them out when obsolete. Myself, I still have a home phone ( a red one like James Garner has in the Rockford Files) for $12 a month with an answering machine I bought 14 years ago. I have a TracFone that I buy a time card for every three months to use when I go out and for any possible emergency. Call me old school, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAw7vW7H0c.

    • Mary-you can run Zorin, Mint, or any Linux OS on any
      comp you may have-old or new doesn’t matter, but a real
      advantage on an older one as it is very light on resources.
      If you want to keep 7 you would need to make a partition,
      and allocate whatever amount of space you want to each.
      In doing so you would create a GUI, or boot menu, that would
      offer a choice of which partition to enter when starting up.
      There are various partition making programs available-some
      free and some shareware that are easy enough to use in that
      they provide step by step instructions.
      Twelve bucks a month is hard to beat-of course you have to
      have a long cord if you want to go out with it.
      Personally I think a Tracfone or others you buy minutes for
      as needed is the way to go.
      Great idea in the video- something I would go for-can’t seem to
      find enough string to go anywhere or keep it untangled between
      the two cans we use-when winter sets in the pigeons won’t
      leave the coop, and smoke signals always brings the fire department.

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