4 comments on “OLD AND NEW REALITIES

  1. Yes rezinate many the different realities and not made to be so easy to live in the
    two but always important to pay the good forward.

  2. Update Carnel Chamberlain – The POS Bennett was in court this week copping a plea deal for charges stemming from assault on jail personnel. No court date for the murder charges but of course his attorney trying every trick in the book to change venue (denied) and drop charges. I feel this letter written by Tommy Chamberlain, Carnel’s uncle is characteristic of what you have written, Rezinate.
    On the Petition site, Change.org. Open letter written by Tommy Chamberlain, Carnel’s Uncle. JC’s brother. Petitioning the arrest of Jaimee Chamberlain, failure to protect and failing to inform authorities Carnel was being abused by Anthony Bennett.
    July 2012 – Written by Tommy ( Jaimee’s brother)

    this is so sad. the week before carnel died he shaved carnels head. jamiee is my sister were native american and white. alot people dont look into the reason on why she got a job. the house hold made 7 to 8 thosand dollars a month, without no job. so why not stay home and live life with your family? why get a small time job out the blue. plus my mom took care of carnel. carnel died only a month in my sister care.

    he set my nephew up and got him really for his demise. and its also funny carnel died in june. that is when our casino gives out the kids check. people should ask what happen to that money? you can get loans for 10grand and percap evry two weeks is 4 grand with anthony and jamiee and my nephew made 3 grand. so alot of money to just say i want a job time . jamiee has a blank stare in her eyes there is no brain in her head. jamiee and anthony both were just babysitters. my mom is the one who took care of him. so understand carnel did not suffer his whole just about three weeks.

    he whole time we was looking for carnel she was high on drugs. and i dont think jaimee can read. and my sister doesnt care about the lost of her son. she cried for a second and then it was on with her life. jamiee never took care of carnel. the only reason jamiee had carnel was because she and our mom got into a fight and she took him back. that was her way to hurt my mom.

    we were in the same house with him.

    i went looking and my little girl was there and we had no clue that anthony was a killer. jamiee did not ask him anything. it was almost like she knew deep down. and i can never love my sister. she is dead to me like carnell. why dont you go see her and talk to her. she is mad right now because my mom want to burn that house down. she is ready to move back into the home were her son was murder. she will sleep in that devil house with no care at all. jamiee lost her soul and what it is to be a human along time ago. she was also mad when my mom tossed anthony devil pitcure to the ground. i seen more anger for that piture that anthony made then i did for her own son.

    that lets me know that anthony set this up before hand. because I found hair that night. he was like no , no, no, it cant be carnels I shaved his head. it was almost like he was proud or somthing like he knew.

    I mean we found picture he made of demons and skulls very sick! hung up next to my dad who also died in that house. I’m still sick that my sister got mad when my mom tossed to the ground. she said it the point! like don’t come in my house and disrespect my stuff. I’m like jamiee this kid killed your son and worried about his pictures he made?

    at the moment anthony is being charged with only carrys a term of five years or a 200 thousand dollar fine. i believe it will change . i think this is just to keep him in there for now.

    i feel this was a plan murder. from the fact jaimee just got a job and was very strange with percap alone… my nephew ,anthony and jaimee made about 7 grand a month without a job.

    plus carnel had a shaved head and never liked his hair to be touched. so sick! this kid was sitting on the porch and no one thought anything of it until this. he did not care even was sleeping in the house with all them cops around.

    weeks before hand he killed a cat in the bathroom. someone gave a statement to police that was also staying there who seen it. and I also seen with my own eyes dead animals in a fire pit at the house of where carnel came up missing at. I have heard two storys that day about who was passing by.

    Rest In Peace Carnel.


    On a face book page called Carnel’s Hope For Tomorrow (not sure who runs it) there is video of Carnel when he was a toddler. A very determined little fellow. May his will be done from the spirit world.

    • This is a sad thing Mary, and yet one no longer a rarity- Anthony Bennett needs
      to spend the rest of life in prison after having some physical abuse heaped
      upon him in like measure -Jaimee is deserving of a long stretch herself.

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