3 comments on “WHERE’S OUR NOBEL ?

    • I was put in touch with a person in the position to nominate someone for the Nobel
      a couple of years ago,
      I suggested Annie Mae Pictou Aquash -been a few exchanges related to that as time
      has passed.
      A question that was raised was Annie’s participation in WK2 and association with an
      organization that has committed crimes-crimes that included premeditated murder, and
      had nothing to do with the pursuit of freedom or justice for a people, but for it’s own
      self aggrandizement and protection from prosecution.
      My responses have been to point out the more obvious of facts-that Annie was murdered
      as a result of her personal convictions that translated to standing in opposition to
      much of what AIM was doing-more pointedly the direction the leadership was taking.
      Also that while Peltier has been convicted of murder(s),and his own words over the
      decades have lent credibility to those convictions, Annie obviously is a more deserving
      candidate, that nominating Peltier is in essence to condone every wrong he has committed.
      This person, whose name I am not at liberty to mention, has undergone an evolution of sorts
      as they’ve become more acquainted with the history and circumstances due to our exchanges
      and links they have followed.
      Whatever or wherever that may lead remains to be seen, but a reality is that one more
      person has evolved their opinion based on facts and not LPDOC propaganda-which has been
      the singular purpose of this blog and others addressing the same issues.
      There is a saying to the effect about winning a battle but losing the war-the pursuit of
      justice for AIM’s victims has lost a few battles along the way, but the war is far from over
      and both AIM and Peltier are being shelled with each new revelation -it ain’t over till it’s
      AIM is long on characterizing WK2 as a “war”, with people like Robideau even going so far
      as to say they went to New Mexico to gather arms then return to PR and have a war-if a “war”
      is what they wanted I believe they are in it up to their ass now as the tide of public opinion
      turns and more comes to light.

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