4 comments on “INSANITY PLEA ?

    • Excellent link Kira, one that along with others clearly illustrates that any “conspiracy” related to
      the murder of Annie is an AIM creation-the same can be said regarding the other murders they
      are responsible for-including the murders committed by convicted thug and resident “dumb as
      dirt” Leonard Peltier.
      AIM, Peltier,and the media to large extent have been and remain a truly divisive force
      that has corrupted everything it has touched within the nations.
      A sadness is the way in which some within the indigenous media community have either
      willingly lent their efforts to promoting a false history and revisions to the true AIM
      legacy-this while calling themselves “warriors”, patriots, liberators, chiefs, and even last
      real Indians.
      The AIM leadership has been the smallpox infested blankets the nations have endured for
      the last half century the -no one can claim they are a victim when they victimize and abuse
      their own people-when they murder women, innocents, and threaten the lives of children.

      • Thank you! We will continue to call out the self appointed warriors, elders and plastic shamans, along with their enablers in the NDN media for the psychopaths they really are.

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