1. Orwell is masterful; thank you for your post. Clear writing like Orwell’s is a rare gift. The schizophrenia references, of course, I take issue with, the illness being a medical issue, not to be confused nor compared with politics, nor to make a political point, which seems to be a historically popular diversion…picking on the weak or neurologically challenged. Who knows, maybe Orwell would argue the point; if so, I would respectfully label the literary giant a neurofool.

    • I think it safe to assume that if schizophrenia is only to be referenced
      as an illness and medical issue that a great many in the halls of government
      exhibit the symptoms, one of which is a breakdown in the thought process.
      In the common albeit perhaps not politically correct usage people often employ
      the term in a descriptive manner for what is seen as anomalous or narcissistic
      behavior-something beyond the accepted norm-again, an apparent hallmark of politicians.
      Schizophrenia is a debilitating illness, and surely a burden to endure-those who
      suffer it’s effects warrant compassion-others who do not and merely behave
      in such a manner deserve only scorn- which is and was my intent.
      Thanks for your comment-checked out your site and found it worthwhile to
      do so.

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