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  1. As usual, you are right on target and you identify a serious problem. This topic of wrong alliances- with foreign concerns and communist branches in foreign countries both – was the main reason for my disagreements with Russell Means, AIM, and International Treaty Council. I was appalled by the lack of judgment or political knowledge involved in such alliances, which would never benefit indigenous peoples anywhere, any time; I knew how it was for the money they could receive from those foreign powers who exploited them. Four instances/remarks, quick examples: 1) a trip in my car with Floyd Westerman and John Trudell, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in which John expressed his dismay about the lack of information the guys at Treaty Council gathered before aligning themselves with tyrants and other varmints. I thanked him for making such a statement, so similar to the ones I had been making, and had been dismissed by Floyd, Bill Means, and their IITC colleagues. Westerman was not happy about the fact that Trudell was expressing the same thoughts as I had. 2) The episode with Khadafi. Being an Amazigh (Berber), and in touch with other Imazighen (Berbers) of North Africa, I knew what I spoke of when I told IITC people, and their representatives not to frequent Khadafi, an oppressor of indigenous peoples, who had sworn to make all Berber people disappear from Libya (native of Libya were Berbers called Lebu. Libya= the land of the Lebu). I know first hand and actually have a long story about how they went for the money. It affected me personally, as a potential conduit for that money, vis -a- vis the Feds. I actually never had anything to do with it. When I asked Floyd to link with the native Amazigh people there, and he did not, I asked him why, and he replied that Khadafi had put a chauffeured limousine at their disposal, (he was traveling with Vernon Bellecourt) and the chauffeur pointed to the distance to some shepherds and said: “Those are the Berbers, over there….poor people”. End of it. Yet, they were on national television, he said, and could not utter a word about native peoples of Libya (when I had pleaded with him before their departure to do so) ????? Why not? Money which Khadafi was dangling money in front of their greedy faces. 3) Years after I walked away from that group, I actually found out that they also had been in direct contact with mujahaddines (terrorist cell) in Iraq, and received money from the Baath party (once allied with the Nazis of Germany – bad, bad guys) 4) My friendship with Russell Means could not survive some of his personal behavior, but also his visit to Khadafi in 1985, and his many ridiculous alliances with Spanish, Russian and French communists. it was at the core of all our heated disagreements.

      • I was born and raised in Morocco, had deep ties with various groups of North African activists (Berbers), was consultant at the time for IITC; Floyd Westerman , a very close partner of Bill Means, Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt, and a visitor with them to Libya, lived in my home. Khadafi made the announcement that one million dollars would come to the US as an (illegal, by US standards) donation to AIM. There was some vague reference to a group of North African students in the US as intermediary, if I recall correctly. The day a summons was delivered to Bill Means and the Bellecourt brothers to appear in front of a Grand Jury on this matter, I received a telephone call from IRS which subsequently forcibly monitored my bank account made accessible to them at all times for a period of ten years, allowing me only what was deemed necessary for my living expenses, an amount I had to itemize, furnish to them, and not exceed. This surveillance of my income and expenses ceased after ten years in 1998, by official letter from the IRS, after no suspicious activity was ever uncovered… of course… I had nothing to do with the transfer of that money to AIM.

      • Helene, I know this is a response for nppa, but I would ask a question
        of which you have no obligation to answer if you’re not comfortable
        in doing so……do you know or ever heard if any of this kind of money
        went through IITC?
        I’ve heard several stories in the earlier days of IITC to that effect.

  2. Again telling insights and information Helene, thanks.

    Like the Oyate said…”wannabe chiefs”.

    Russell’s boy Ward Churchill on several occasions
    referenced infested blankets given to indigenous
    people, a type of biological warfare.
    AIM can rightfully be likened to being the twentieth
    and now twenty first centuries equivalent.

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