1. Back in the 80’s I was a student at Heart of the Earth Survival School and learned much about who these chumps really are/were. The walked around the school like they were generals inspecting the troops and gave little speeches from time to time to us about the importance of education and standing up for our people. Righteous words on the surface but breaking it down revealed more about who & what they were up to. The emphasis on their imagined self importance to Native people and the bragging rights they shared among themselves as members of AIM always came out in their talks. It was a struggle to stay awake during these excruciating, bloviated exercises in self-aggrandizement so I just started walking out at first opportunity and would smoke a cig or two until they were done.

    Whenever I think back on those days I always come to the same conclusion. They were using young minds in their quest to indoctrinate AIM mythology as truth above all else and practicing their own version of manifest destiny. Now that most are nearing death or are dead I see that this crap has stepped up even more in film and print. Damn shame but I’ll continue to be a voice that is not afraid to go against these lies and the people who support them.

    • I’ve talked to several Heart of the Earth alumni and they
      all have similar experiences to relate – the indoctrination
      and attempt to program – AIM’s version of the black robes.

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