3 comments on “ANOTHER REVIEW

  1. Right around the time of Russel’s death an interview was done on KFAI through the First Person Radio program here in Mpls,MN. Once again, Laura Waterman Wittstock was giving air time to her good buddy and fellow demon Clyde Bellecourt and the usual spew he and her ramble on about. Fraud did his usual “I” in AIM stuff while Laura was inserting herself even more into the AIM mythology that is being sold to the masses as absolute truth.

    At one point Fraud started talking about saving the Pine Ridge sundance from their local catholic priest and reclaiming it for the Lakota people. I had to wonder what the hell would Fraud even know about a Lakota ceremony since he claims Ojibwe and comes from White Earth rez’? In & out of jail/prison and in denial of ancestry does not match up with his claim. I remember a few years a conversation a friend and I had with George Mitchell about Fraud. George told us that when he first met Fraud that Fraud had to ask how to be an NDN. Fraud had adopted black culture in his life and was living that way in his own interpretation of things. When we told George what Fraud was claiming as his version of truth George just shook his head in disgust and wondered aloud why he would keep doing what he does best, lying.

    Also, another thought occurred to me about the sundance story and where I had read this before. It was straight out Russel’s stupid book and Fraud had lifted it nearly word for word and put himself and someone else in the place of Russel & Ed McGaa. Not sure if any other listeners had caught onto that but I sure did. Since Laura prides herself on being a journalist and a well read person I was wondering foolishly, if she would call Fraud out on that? Of course not! The competition for attention and creation of legacy has no time to dwell on truth or honor for any of these people.

    These thieves just keep going even after they’re dead and they have a pool of fools just big enough to keep promoting for $$$ and false pride.

    • Another interesting bit of information is that during the
      WK2 occupation and AIM Reign of Terror is that the mighty
      tradition based “warriors” had to enlist the help of a white
      man to instruct and aid them in erecting a tepee.

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