7 comments on “TRADE OFF

  1. There is always suspicion when someone has a get out of jail free card. That is the bullshit suspicion they bad jacketed Annie Mae with while they used her as a human shield (AIM modus operandi). My own conspiracy theory is this: what has been the government’s worst fear concerning NDNz from the beginning? NDN religion as evidenced by their outlawing it until 1978 and killing NDNz for the ghost dance. So, if they could engineer an entire so-called NDN movement that would bastardize the traditions regarding NDN religions and much more, then they could take away a power they never understood and never will. Since they do not understand it, they do not understand that the truth will never die. It remains there to be discovered and rediscovered.

    • True enough regarding Annie…but Annie hadn’t bombed Mt.Rushmore
      or been caught with a gun that the serial number had been filed off of.
      Neither were the charges against her dropped.
      Also might want to consider what better way for the real “snitch(es)
      to hide in plain sight than accuse others of being what they are?
      If this so called ndn movement you reference is correct then that
      almost certainly means one or more of the leadership were not only
      aware but active participants as well.
      The issue I see with the rediscovery of our beliefs are the associated
      external trappings that may come with them, just as we see in our communities.
      People like Banks, Crow Dog, and Clyde selling everything, associating with the new agers and then incorporating both and presenting it as traditional,something younger generations may actually believe.
      If enough of this younger and future generations buy into there will come a time when no one will be able to interpret the truth – and that is the primary reason why people like yourself must be as vocal in opposition as possible, whilethere is still time and elders who know the old ways and can pass them on intact.
      Kind of a gloomy picture I admit, but one I also believe is a distinct possibility when viewing the number of languages and
      nations that have gone extinct.
      The threat AIM poses is manifold, not only has it been a physical
      one but also of a spiritual nature as well.
      We see people buying into comparisons of Means and Peltier to great leaders ofthe past when their names aren’t worthy of being spoken in the same breath.Banks being lauded as a spiritual leader, Crow Dog as a chief of chiefs, WK2 being celebrated as an act of liberation – all of these people, this eventeasily rebutted, yet they remain an insidious precursor to one of several possible futures….and that I find troubling.
      I think your theory has merit and worth repeating whenever the opportunity arises,thanks for presenting it.

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