6 comments on “CLOWNISH ANTICS

  1. 1. In answer to an earlier question on your part, I do not know if and when the Khadafi money either made its way in the Bellecourt’s brother coffers, added to the IITC wasteful expenditures (I remember raising, with a great deal of work and efforts, a grant of $5,000 for Bill Wahpepah and Ted Means to attend a Conference on the Environment which the present Director of IITC, Andrea Carmen, a middle-class Chicana from Menlo Park, California, then a receptionist who had been brought into IITC from La Raza where she got in trouble, spent on her own rent and buying her boyfriend a car; she laughed at Wahpepah when he questioned her actions and actually said “tough luck”….In my view, she had misappropriated funds made availalble for non-profit work to her benefit, and she was known for years in Alaska for raising money for “indigenous causes” and spending it on herself, as got reported to me all the way from there…) or simply disappeared in the bottomless pockets of Russell Means… I have no pertinent information on the matter.

    2. I have seen photos of the event that saluted Russell Means in New York this past week. Pathetic. The only Indian in the photos, other that the widow throwing the party, was Russell’s and Gloria’s son, the stand up comedian, and … yes… would you believe… also attending (not an Indian mind you) Ward Churchill!!!!!!I I used to be really irritated by Russ whenever he referred to Ward Churchill as his dear friend and “model” (Russell’s word)…. When I first met Ward Churchill, he was not yet an Indian, and was treated as a white man by Aimsters. We trucked together for two days in Rapid City in October 1982 and had a lot of time together to get acquainted. He did not pretend to be an Indian then. When I questioned him about his presence around AIM, and all the notes he was taking, he said he was going to write a book about Yellow Thunder Camp. He never did. It looks like the New York “event” was very poorly attended. They called it a success.

    • Since these “events” are singularly about promoting the brand they are
      obliged to label each a success regardless of numbers.
      Ward Churchill-whether he is aware of it or in denial he still isn’t ndn,
      complimentary gift card enrollment or not .
      I honestly don’t believe Russell ever considered anyone a dear
      friend, more they were all evaluated on what he could get from them,
      how they served his agenda.
      This raising funds for indigenous causes has become a real racket,
      easy money- granted there are honorable people engaged in such
      activities and worthy causes, but increasingly they are the exception.
      Brings to mind the attempt to Indiegogo fifty thousand to help celebrate
      the “liberation” anniversary (reads total destruction) of WK2.
      Goes to show you can scam people some of the time but not all of
      the time.
      Speaking of books, and your authorship of more than one you might
      consider writing a book about your experiences with AIM – best seller
      I would think and burst a lot of bubbles – the downside would be the
      personal attacks, in view of that maybe not a good idea.
      Thanks again for adding another comment and the good work of causes
      you are associated with.

  2. Interested also when you read “Where white men fear to tread” that Russell said he found beating a representation of his mother with a bat therapeutic. Must be that strong matriarchal influence at work.

    I swear some people will buy anything.

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