2 comments on “NAIF

  1. P.S- What happened to your other “boys”. It seems that they packed up their tent and went running for the hills? Maybe plagued by questionable credibility and a complete lack of interest? Maybe, despite his two lame attempts to explain it away, there was more truth in these words than Demain was willing to admit?
    I forgot to tell you, I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,” De main 11/15/09
    P.S- What happened to your boys’ page? Click on it and see what happens:

    Leonard Peltier Still Guilty

    I guess Peltier wasn’t “guilty” to begin with?

    • To begin with I don’t have any “boys, not into the AIM gang
      mentality thing, and anybody with a third graders IQ knows
      that this “truth” you attribute to DeMain is an incomplete
      excerpt (speaking of lame)- the remainder of it says he believes
      a possibility exists that Peltier shot one agent and handed the
      gun off to Robideau who shot the other and has been posted on this
      blog with your previous attempts to mislead. Guess Peltier is still
      guilty either way huh?
      Would you care to post it in it’s entirety or should I?
      Since this particular blog is focused on Banks and not your
      boy Peltier is it reasonable to assume you’re sucking up to
      him now as well?
      By the way, you did go beyond the third grade didn’t you?
      You’ll have to be a little more specific about which page – done
      something you’re trying brag about?

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