4 comments on “ANSWERING THE BELL

  1. Yes rezinate, and more need to hear this bell and if not rung
    for them to make the way to be.

    • Well, for some it’s a touchy subject, and I understand the
      need for public assistance for many who are on it and don’t
      view them as failures or second class citizens.
      At the same time I have no respect for those who prefer it over
      earning their own way, or acquiring the skills that would
      enable them to.
      The word entitlement is attached to such assistance, and people
      in need are entitled to it, on the other hand this word has taken on
      a negative connotation when used in a such a manner, something I have
      an issue with when the one percenters, banking, and corporations
      wallow in the luxury of entitlements their wealth, influence, and
      lobbyists have secured for them.
      Their entitlements and profit oriented legislation could provide
      both job training and the creation of jobs – the bs about pandering
      to them leads to trickle down economics is just that…bs.
      The additional fallacy that banks or corporations are too big to
      fail is more of the same bs.
      People need to do whatever they can wherever they are to mitigate
      the inequities- something as simple and beneficial as a small “victory
      garden” akin to the WW2 effort would be a good beginning.

    • Indeed I have and been discussing it with several people, the recurring
      question is why didn’t the fbi do something about it? Now the excuse is
      the statute of limitations has expired and Ray’s murder hasn’t been
      classified as first degree which has no expiring statute.
      With the witnesses mentioned, those unmentioned, and evidence revealed or
      not revealed, hard to believe any grand jury if given access to it would
      have failed to indict – any justice department prosecutor would have
      failed to pursue it.
      This failure has been fodder giving rise to all manner of speculation,
      and the reality is the government has no one to blame but themselves for
      In the end murderers committed the perfect crime.

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