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  1. “The names of the people who were allegedly involved in the confrontation that led to Ray being shot the first time in Wounded Knee 1973 have been known for years. They include AIM leader Dennis Banks, Carter Camp, Harry David (Mr. X) Hill, Stan Holder, (Holder now holds a high paying job in BIA education with the federal government he so despised) Leonard Crow Dog, Ted Means and Frank Blackhorse. Later, after Carter Camp left Ray in a bunker for awhile, he was brought to the WK makeshift medical clinic and shoved in a closet according to Madonna Thunderhawk Gilbert and Lorelie DeCora Means, both sisters of AIM leader Russell Means.

    During a December gathering of several people involved in Ray’s death, a gathering of people took place at Bill (Kills) Means house including Ted Means, Clyde Bellecourt, David Hill, Charlie Abourezk and a few other odds and ends. Their primary concern was not Leonard Peltier and the fact that he was wanted for shooting 2 FBI agents — it was Ray Robinson and the other bodies that allegedly lie with him nearby at Wounded Knee, South Dakta — others executed because they were also alleged informant, like Ray was accused of being. Leonard Crow Dog confirmed much of the above narrative during a taped conversation in the 1990s, musing, “well maybe they weren’t informants after all.”

    The above written by indigenous journalist Paul DeMain at the below link site.
    Strange isn’t it that one of Ray’s assailants is now employed by the federal government?


  2. Trying to catch up on emails…

    The above, and Paul Demain’s quote, along with recent developments from Lake Mary, Florida, and the new ‘Direktor,’ HDH, prompted picking up and reviewing the Bible.

    The Peltier Bible, of course, and it was remarkable, no shocking, to see among the chapters and verses and perusing the index, but four, only four, casual…not even just casual but superficial references to HDH. Interesting, to see him almost reduced to nothingness in the New Testament and here he now sits at the throne and bloviates from the podium as the titular (titular for now) head of a new and rising empire of Peltierland. Perhaps, not unlike an obscure corporal from WW1. Both, surely, ending the same way, in chaos and ruin.

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