1. P.S- The rumored shooter that I’m referring to is Blackhorse. That would seem to make sense. He wreaked havoc as a provocateur and now he’s in “witness protection,” heaven somewhere. And folks like you are calling AIM the “criminals.” Since you like to speculate, if Blackhorse was indeed the shooter and an informant at the same time and he shot Robinson then who is guilty of the aledged, “Cold Blooded Murder? ” It would seem that if the Justice Dept. was paying his salary and he was an operative that the Justice Dept. themselves would be the guilty party?

    • To begin by accident I deleted your other comment, force of habit when I see your name
      I suppose.
      I know it verbatim but if you want to send it again without revisions and I’ll put it up.
      No revisions as in any attempt to clean up or alter the original.
      Any response to my comment should deal directly with it.
      Peltier wasn’t at WK2, he hadn’t become Banks’ flunky yet, so he isn’t part of the
      equation related to AIM’s murder of Ray. But there is enough to understand that though
      not physically involved his involvement in the murder of Williams and Coler and his
      subsequent boasting of it to Annie and others was part and parcel of the decision to
      kill her.
      Dick Wilson has been characterized by me as the equivalent of Panama’s Noriega – U.S.
      government owned and operated. Even so Wilson would need contacts higher up the food
      chain- enter Janklow and Abourezk.
      We Shall Remain is generally understood to be AIM centric, no hard questions, the
      exclusion of key elements and deeds – not much of a provenance – as to King you fail
      to mention he also told the feds about all those unmarked graves in which AIM’s WK2
      victims lay didn’t he? Kind of difficult to portray him as a die hard AIM supporter
      in light of that isn’t it?
      No surprise you opt for DeLuca/Blackhorse and forego any reference to Hill seeing as
      how you’ve burned yourself with other admissions on this blog previously. Figure too
      you’re probably commiserating with Hill about this latest blog – if so why don’t you
      ask him about those dropped federal and state charges, ask him how he was able to pull
      that off? Ask him as well about what Hendrick’s wrote about him related to that? Finally
      ask him if he was ever assisted by anyone to skate from child support payments in Utah?
      If Hill rolled over would you refer to him as a provocateur? I know you don’t want to go
      anywhere near anything related to Hill, but think about it and ask yourself.
      You’re right, your response amounts to little more than “somewhat of an answer”…but then
      I didn’t expect anything more.
      I know I’ve asked the same question numerous times but I’ll try it again…..I want anyone
      with any degree of complicity prosecuted, how about you?
      AIM put their lives on the line? The guy who holds up a 7/11 does the same- those who
      follow Kobie in Africa do the same, Nazi soldiers did as well – hardly qualifies as being
      worthy of respect does it?
      AIM put their lives on the line and took the lives of innocents, real giant slayers
      aren’t they?
      Actually Trimbach isn’t my boy – never was, and truth be known I’ve probably fallen into disfavor with him (the younger) as a result of my not buying the “sincerity” of Zigrossi’s denial re Hill, a denial that included informants aren’t given up while they’re alive.
      But the purpose of the blog was never to establish a fan club, only to advocate for the truth and join the efforts of other like minded people.
      I think the below link says it all…….

  2. Here it is, so your readers will know what you’re responding to:

    To give you somewhat of answer, Leonard Peltier has already done 38 years of hard time as the sacrificial lamb for all things AIM. And then there are still the uninvestigated “Reign of Terror,” murders carried out by “Traitor” Dick Wilson with the F.B.I’s weapons, ammo, and intelligence. An F.B.I agent has yet to serve one minute for any of the horrific crimes that they have perpetrated on the traditional peoples of Pine Ridge and to the families of Ray Robinson and Annie Mae. Let’s see Peltier freed and some F.B.I men and the justice dept. called out for their crimes for once. As I’ve said before, where are the blogs on the villainy of Price, Wood ( not Woods), Trimbach ect…? It makes one wonder what could have been avoided if your “boy” Trimbach would have listened to Frank Fools Crow and Mathew King when they told him that if Dick Wilson was removed from office by the morning that they would all go home. The scene is documented on film in “We Shall remain.” It’s not like the U.S hasn’t “removed” someone from office before. But they wouldn’t remove Wilson because he was “their” puppet. He was their guy. The one willing to give up the land and the resources for his own selfish gain. I guess it gets back to your own recent blogs about “judges for sale,” and what one would call “selective” justice. Doesn’t it always come down to the theft of land and resources? Isn’t that the good ‘ol American way? Say what you want about AIM, at least they put their lives on the line and took a stand against the “Giant”, so to say. As far as the other questions I guess another FOIA suit has to be brought for them to release the remaining documents. When that’s done we’ll see who is who and what is what. What I’m surprised about is that you or Demain hasn’t pegged Peltier as the shooter of Robinson yet? I thought that you would have done that by now.

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