7 comments on “HURRY BEFORE THE SALE ENDS !!!!!

  1. And then there’s always their censorship approach, removing those they obviously have issues with. Heaven forbid their message will get out to those who see through the folklore and fabrications. Like they would’t get it anyway.

    • Their’s is a hive mentality – they want worker drones doing the
      bidding of their equivalent of the queen bee, anything but independent
      thinkers asking uncomfortable questions or setting the script aside
      when commenting.
      It’s a shame that any in the nations think there aren’t better causes,
      better people to support than Peltier and AIM.

  2. Hoping many will pass on this sale, Having worked grocery a long time, sales occur when things have gone (or close to) going bad.
    Scared me for a minute… until I read beyond the cover.

    • Knew someone who worked in a grocery store, they told me when the hamburger was past
      date it would be mixed half and half with new and repackaged.

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