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  1. Today, after becoming aware of yet another fund raiser by Pearl Means , this one in Santa Fe,claiming the raising of funds for the Treaty Educational programs, I looked at the income tax returns for the Treaty Total Immersion Educational Endowment Fund from year 1998 to year 2011, one by one. I did not have the time to actually peel all the layers of the entries and deductions, but I added some figures which I thought might be interesting. The assets are the Russell Means ranch value at about $550,.000, an in kind total of Euros, gold and silver valued at $49,000, and cash. In adding all of the cash contributions outlined for this non-profit organization, the total comes up to the amount of $!,574,696 for years 1998-2011. The main yearly expenses are travel, office and ranch operating expenses, feasts and giveaways and a huge amount of non-categorized expenses (miscellaneous, or “other”).
    Horses and upkeep of horses are also very high on a yearly basis. The least amount disbursed is “scholarships” (except an unusual $28,000 in 2011, the other years being practically nothing) and donations or charities.

    During a period of ten years, for instance, travel expenses amount to $130,000 with a narrative to IRS that Russell Means’ travels on behalf of the fund are billed to the fund. Office cost for the same period of time are $93,270.00 , and feasts and giveaways are $59,000. During those ten years, on the other hand, educational expenses are $15,261 for 9 years, and counting the unusual amount stuck under this category in 2011, $42,125 for ten years. The miscellaneous expenses alone in three years amounts to $71,263. (unaccounted for). There are also some hefty fees for attorneys, and consultants, in the thousands of dollars each year, not to speak of insurance, health cost, clothes, food, etc…

    As said before, I have not taken the time to do a thorough job of auditing those returns, leaving out of the equation the construction cost of a tipi established at more than $50,000, the cost of purchase of four horses and their maintenance, the repair of the gravel road of the ranch and the fencing of the ranch, all paid by the cash contributions of friends of AIM. Etc.. etc… And my question is: where is the school? where are the students? Where is the curriculum? What benefits to the education of Indian children are we talking about here? And building on such a history of expenditures, Pearl Means continues to appeal to the naive donors and their purses for donations to educate Indian children , or for what purposes? Please do let me know if there is an actual functioning school.

    • This in my opinion amounts to what is commonly referred to as the “smoking gun” – one of many actually
      that puts the absolute lie to the “statesman”, “freedom fighter”, Means etal invested so heavily in.
      Couple this with his scam lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians for nine million that he hurriedly settled
      for thirty of thirty five dollars on his way out of town to be split with his cohort and later claim it
      went to the Yellow Thunder camp and the picture becomes even clearer.
      To further solidify the fact that Means was a bald faced, self serving con artist one need only take into
      consideration his Chinle defense for assaulting his then one armed eighty year old father-in-law.
      An attempt to raise funds for a Russell Means Library on PR – look for an Indiegogo or some other device
      to end soon.
      Thanks for sharing this and the effort put forth – I’ll be blogging this separately to insure it is seen.

  2. I am sorry my account is not very thorough… I have left some large expenses out of this quick overview. In particular, there are $22,000 in 2003, and $4,362.00 in 2005 , a total of $26.362.00 for the production of “giclee art ” by Russell Means. , the purchase of two trucks, , a “valley trailer” to the amount of $35,000, and the cost of horses was $38,500 in 2003… As for the Tipi Prototype, the amount spent on that was $130,000.00.

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