1. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    Sealed Documents, such as those mentioned in this article, along with Rezinates past blog entries “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST” about Arvol Looking Horse’s sealed documents recently released , equates Nation to Nation being “U.S Government to ex-Senator James Abourzek” , i.e to say the Nations do not even fit into “their” formula of Rights and Agreements.

    • Thanks for the reblog jp – feels like we’re buried under a mountain of
      it at times doesn’t it?
      Every time I hear or read the word sovereignty I can’t help but think of
      that dyed in the wool capitalist Russell Means and his Chinle defense,
      what a piece of work he was.

      • “buried under a mountain of it” , yes it sure does, and with hopes the saying “nothing last forever except the mountains” does not apply here, not to hopeful thou for those kids that to this day re-iterate what they are being taught, such as “AIM did a lot of good for us” , yea, yea, yea …..

        correction to my previous reply “Arvol Looking Horse” , should have been Arlo Looking Cloud sealed documents, thou there is a correlation there with the two, relative to hidden truths and government handlers, just saying 🙂

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