8 comments on “WHAT MAKES A GOOD MAN

  1. On your site you have a post entitled Music As Medicine, I couldn’t agree more.
    “Music” has long been a part of our ceremonies, even those of a healing nature
    where “music” in the form of chants and songs are commonplace.

  2. the true words rezinate, the good man the good woman and the good community
    and the true warrior way to be the good man. we do not need the man to always say
    oh look I am the warrior and have the pride, we need the man to be this way for even
    those winged ones who fly the sky and sit in the tree can make the loud noise.

    • I like mockingbirds for a variety of reasons, they have great songs of their own and
      can “cover” those of others to such a degree as to be indistinguishable, unlike those
      who attempt to mimic the mockingbird’s ability by calling themselves warriors and

  3. Never had the fortune(or misfortune?) of being raised by a father. I learned from family what the situation was back then and I can’t blame my mom for the decision she made way back when. As a kid I spent more time imagining who my dad was then time actually spent with him. I felt at times that there must be something wrong with me and even felt embarrassed at times because I had no dad in my life. The other kids bragged of their dads and I just made stuff up to stay on the playing field, so to speak. I enjoyed childhood for the most part but that part was a dark area for me.

    All these years later I am twice a father and still trying to find my way. I have a daughter whom I haven’t seen in nearly 15 years and a 3 year old son I’m trying to do the right thing by in the present day. I think a lot about myself being 2nd in line of 3 generations of my immediate family who didn’t have a dad around and that causes me to think of what I can do to end that? My mother told me after the birth of my son that I can be the one to do just that. When you have no one to teach you or a blueprint to follow then things can become confusing.

    I do know that I am trying and and my love for the kids in my life, biological or not, is genuine and filled with hope that they can benefit from my participation in their lives. As for my daughter, I am still holding onto hope that we can reunite and she would be a part of the of the family picture once again. Time will tell…

    “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” Frederick Douglass

    • “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” Frederick Douglass

      A great quote Wade, and a profound truth – yours isn’t an uncommon story, it is in fact an all too common one, broken homes and a missing parent.
      You are as your mother said “the one” to break the cycle, each man in his time with a such a history has the same ability, the same option and responsibility to do so – whether they do or not is singularly on them.
      My father after years of being a drunken serial abuser left when I was twelve, I consider it a blessing that he did, though the benefits of having a “good man” around, which he wasn’t, would been a blessing as well.
      Common thought is that children who come from such homes in turn become the next generation of dysfunctional fathers/parents and there seems to be a truth in that as well, yet I am not my father in any way and from the sound of it neither are you “your father’s son”.
      A reality I take to view as a choice, an option available to one and all.
      I appreciate your candor and wish the best for you and yours and the relationship with your daughter.
      Be well.

  4. All of these statements are very powerful. It is also possible to recover from being the child of a narcissist. It must be why Creator makes children so very resilient. So that they can bounce back from damage until they learn the truth of what in the world happened to them. And then continue, miraculously, as a genuine human being.

    • Children are notably resilient, often enough when they shouldn’t have to be, and that is
      the real pity.
      The quote provided by Wade should be taken to heart, and it is as you say, miraculous,
      when a child overcomes.

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