12 comments on “WE WILL NOT FORGET

  1. You seem to have pretty strong opinions (a way of saying more indirectly that you have strong opinions). What do you think of Sherman Alexi?

    • I like some of his work and some not so much – but I think that’s true of all
      who read any author, and always comes down to what resonates, whether it strikes
      the right chord or not.
      Much the same with musicians, bands, singers, and even actors – you may buy a cd
      because you like a particular song and then find several on that same cd you
      don’t care for.
      In the end nobody can please everyone all the time, that’s a part of life, and
      we should be realistic in our expectations.
      I do have strong opinions about several things, and willing to defend them, but
      if shown to be wrong not a problem to let go.
      A question I would ask of all is if this man in the photo was their grandfather
      rather than merely a name and abused in the way he was would they have a strong
      opinion about that? Would they have a strong opinion about the abuse of any elder?
      Wilbur Riegert wasn’t any relation to me, but he was a good man and elderly, that’s
      enough for me.

  2. I have a hard time trying to understand the mindset that would easily dismiss the stories of Mr. Riegert and any others who suffered under shAIM b.s. and lies. The recordings made by Rigert and wife detailing the memories of what happened left a big impression and I have no reason to doubt what was said. I stand with Rez’ on the opinion and will never back away from it.

    As far as Alexie? Eh, hit & miss.

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    Every time I view this photo of Wilbur Riegert, founder and now deceased owner of the Wounded Knee Museum I experience a variety of emotions.

    An elderly wheelchair bound grandfather evicted from his home by Assholes In Moccasins so that the great “warrior, liberator, statesman” Russell Means could have an office and place to flop his sorry ass during their modern day reenactment of Wounded Knee.

    These same Assholes In Moccasins ransacked the museum and then went about systematically destroying it.

  4. AIM and ANY of it’s ilk just better stay well out of my way…for THEIR safety and continued bodily integrity.
    I knew they were vile, foul Wendigo…but this is an indelible stain I for one will make damned sure they will never be free of.
    The more I learn about AIM, the more I see how blackheartedly rotten they are…Hollow Men and Wendigo are all they are as proven by their actions.

    • AIM comparatively speaking has been like a roach infestation always in search
      of crumbs to insinuate themselves – name an issue indigenous people address
      (with the exception of the rape and abuse of women and children)) and they
      begin crawling out of the woodwork.
      Examples would be Idle No More, the Keystone Pipeline, and others. They have as
      much right to address such issues as anyone else, but it is their motivation
      for doing so that sets them apart, and that motivation is singularly about
      promoting themselves, attempting to own and name brand such issues, and of course
      seeking a way to generate revenue.

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