4 comments on “THE COLOR OF EGGS

  1. Keep your friends close & your enemies closer……. that’s my thinking for keeping my membership alive in AIM….. Assholes in moccasins….. LMAO, luv it! Besides, I have you to help me keep my balance. I admire your intellect, and your articulation of same. REZINATE FOREVER !!! Tsinawit,YaKaQaqan ( much respect, Smallbear)

    • I never thought I would use such a phrase, felt it had an across the board generic
      tone to it that some might employ regarding all the nations, like “redskins”, but
      I’ve come to understand for those the moccasin fits it’s appropriate.
      Thanks for providing an example of why some chose to stay.

  2. yes this leaadership like the faberge egg, many colors and the shiny things but nothing
    for the inside.

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