1. Brings me back to my days at Heart of the Earth. Every so often Clyde and his lackeys would come to the school and round up some kids to go protest somewhere. HUD, Little Earth, City Hall and so on. Never too many adults but plenty of kids in the picture to help a thieving frenchman play NDN for the gullible masses and media that followed. Since any pull Clyde had with this community was dying it made sense to surround himself with kids to prop his bulls**t ego up for any & all to see. I think my ma was among parents who thought that was wrong and that we should be in class.

    • Nothing they won’t and haven’t stooped to – guess Clyde does such things “for AIM”, just as
      he claimed when busted for dealing drugs…..truly dedicated and committed. As big a horses
      ass as the rest of them….no offense to horses who are several rungs higher up the evolutionary
      ladder than these clowns, and vastly more trustworthy.

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