6 comments on “A CHANCE TO DEFLECT

  1. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    A good day to die, a good day to lie – the first being a standard applied to AIM victims the latter to the leadership.

    To say they and their act has worn thin would be an understatement, I think they’ve arrived at grudging understanding of that and the no comment or they can’t be reached will be amplified.

    • A pimp is a pimp is pimp, just as a rose is arose is arose
      and doesn’t matter the color – none more egregious than
      those who pimp the poverty of their people.
      Thanks for the reblog

      • YW 😀 True enough, and now it’s all clicking into place why hubby absolutely LOATHES AIM…and it’s a Cold, Deep loathing. I understand there’s some family history of conflict with AIM, but he and his Uncle can tell me in their time, I do not pry, and they know I Listen.

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