2 comments on “GOOFIER

  1. these jivaro do not sound like the ones to have made at you. And yes this time is the funny thing for the way many think of it, but we agree time enough to do and the choice.

    • No they don’t, but I’m impressed with the fact that they stopped the Spanish dead in their tracks much the same as the Comanche did in this country.
      And I’m always a little amazed that a people who have literally centuries of a belief system behind them somehow over a period of time become proselytized by missionaries,especially the black robes who seek in conversion to make people subservient to priests and the church.
      The way the financial world is structured credit is increasingly a necessity, I believe that is by design and intent, a crafted dependency.
      The concept of credit has existed for a very long time, but never to the degree of iteration as it does now.
      People will sometimes say they have no choice, they are compelled to do something – yet if they retrace their steps at some point they will find they did have and made a choice that led to the situation they find themselves in when saying they have “no other choice”.
      I believe a remnant of the nations internal clock remains, a clock we followed as it was linked to the seasons, an attempt of which to define that is referred to as “ndn time”. I also believe such a clock has a greater value, a greater authenticity that watching the seconds and minutes tick away, than being driven by it on a daily basis.
      We fashioned our lives and movements as being linked to this ndn time, and though there were hardships in other ways it must have been a kinder, gentler approach – one that led us to seek compatibility rather than opposition, to accept a natural reality rather than trying to alter it.

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