2 comments on “A POT OF GOLD ?

  1. No question that the points you have raised re HDH are more that just curious. Now that RM has passed his FOIA material may be up for grabs and provide some sideline inferences to the activities of some of the others, perhaps even HDH through redacted references.

    • I know several people interested in FOI’s related to Means and Hill who are seriously
      considering making the attempt, one an attorney- the consensus is that the attorney
      would have the greater chance of success and that would be the best approach.
      Now that at least one case is officially “closed” redacting what is available would
      seem to be a moot point, doubt that will be the way of it though.
      The mere fact that Means stated NOTHING AIM related could occur in his backyard without
      his knowledge and consent places him squarely in the middle of both Annie’s and Ray’s
      murders – the additional fact that relatives of his were involved to varying degrees makes
      a complete lie of his attempts to say he knew nothing until years later when he overheard
      women talking.
      If his estate wants to erect any kind of monument to him they should do so as an homage
      to the words liar and con artist…..of course such truthfulness would lead to the revenue
      well drying up so that isn’t going to happen.
      Uh huh, Means “walked on”, “began his journey to the spirit world”…..good riddance, and
      hopefully the door did hit him on the way out.

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