6 comments on “FATHER KNOWS BEST

  1. This current post is one of the best to be found anywhere and has changed my entire perspective. I can’t make up my mind if you are a great warrior, a person of exceptional insight and dedication or all of that and more.

    • well thank you, but I make no claim to be any of the above – I’m no
      different than a great many others among the nations, some who have
      commented here in various blogs and others with their own sites or fb
      pages. If you haven’t already I would encourage you to visit the recommended
      sites listed on the right of each page.

    • Well, since I don’t claim to be anything other than what I am your
      comment doesn’t even rate an E for effort – a hater? Come on now
      how about something more original?
      If you have some specifics or an AIM/Peltier defense to offer in
      rebuttal feel free.

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