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  1. If robinson was such a “civil rights” activist where is the black civil rights community in calling for an investigation. Where is Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Al Sharpton and others joining you and Demain for justice for him. Its a funny and tragic world out there and don’t think you guys get a pass.

    • Ray’s civil rights activism is well documented, that may not sit well with you
      but easy enough to verify.
      As to Sharpton etal there’s something “funny” about all that – despite efforts
      to contact Sharpton by a variety of people he won’t even respond – even “funnier”
      is the article by the Daily Beast that they haven’t budged from is that Sharpton
      was a fed “snitch”.
      And Mathiessen? Though pleading a naivete related to the Paris Review which he
      founded and was something of a CIA front he later admitted that he did indeed work
      for them at one time.
      Would you like to explain how Clyde Bellecourt who was classified as a major drug dealer
      walked after doing a mere couple of years? How about Dave Hill, a man apparently so
      layered in teflon he could walk from federal and state charges?
      If the question is why Jackson, Belafonte, and Sharpton have nothing to say why don’t
      we ask why Banks and the rest of the AIM leadership have nothing to say other than they
      never saw, knew, or even heard of Ray until years later?
      “Getting a pass” – that’s rich when the so called AIM leadership has gotten a pass for

      • my question was very clear. You told me about Sharpton and his lack of response but what about all the other black civil rights people. You and Demain seem to be the only ones acting on Robinsons behalf save his own family. To beat this drum against AIM so called leadership for so long you must have been close to it. I mean you have made great points about all of it but you never rest. It seems that your using Robinson as just another brick to beat AIM over the head with. I mean if none of his own people care that much why do you?

      • We’ve had four plus decades of the AIM leadership never giving it a rest, they’ve held sway over a fawning media (until recently), spread whatever lies and propaganda they wanted to almost entirely unfettered.
        Bullied, conned, threatened, intimidated, murdered, and raped their way across the nations – I’d said anyone who cares about our people, every one of them from all the nations should be beating the drum taking back what is ours.
        If all AIM did was commercialize every aspect about the nations that alone would be sufficient reason not to give it a rest.
        As to the black community I think many take their cue from the leadership – just as many within our communities have taken a cue from the AIM leadership – if an issue isn’t raised by Sharpton etal , or by Banks etal it isn’t addressed.
        That plays out on a generational level, what they know, what they hear, and what they are taught.
        If you believe as you say that I or any other have made “good points” related to AIM then do you address any of them? Are you willing to go against the AIM/Peltier grain, be called a fed, snitch, or sellout?
        I care about Ray because he wasn’t of the nations and yet was willing to enter AIM’s “war zone” putting himself at risk to help. I’d say we owe him and his family, and conversely in light of AIM’s history, it’s total package, we don’t owe them a damn thing….certainly not facilitating a continuation or coverup of a single criminal act they’ve committed.
        I for one will not give it a rest, and I implore all who understand what it means to be one of the people, all who care about our history, our traditions, the future of our children, and our ceremonies not to either.
        Not to falter, waver, take a sabbatical, or in any way reduce their efforts.
        Our history has never been to give it a rest when confronted by anything perceived
        as a threat, I see no reason why we should now.
        I too believe I have been very clear in the questions and issues I have raised.

        “I mean if none of his own people care that much why do you?”
        If no one cared about us should I in turn stop caring?

  2. Where were you when Ray entered AIMs “war zone” putting your self at risk to help. Oh I know like Demain you were too young right.
    You indeed will not give it a rest but almost certainly everyone you are after will pass on to spirit world. Then will you give it a rest. That time will be here before you know it.
    Like my question as to why no black leaders or groups have called for justice for Ray, where are the Native tribes and organizations calling for AIMs head? You and you know who it seems are the only ones preoccupied with these issues, hence this blog.
    And don’t bring up Annie or her children .What happened to her was a horrendous despicable act carried out by the lowest of whats called life.
    Well I guess you should be very thankful for modern technology for giving you the means to carry on a fruitless vendetta built on speculation and innuendo. Good luck like I said soon there won’t be anyone left to beat up on and you can finally rest.

    • And where were you? Were you there or merely propagandized? AIM didn’t conduct a “war”, they ravaged a community – a growing awareness of that is evidenced by those speaking out, by the dwindling proceeds from scams such as the attempt to raise fifty thousand to “celebrate” the anniversary of WK2 that fell flatter than a pancake, or being told to get the hell out of micmaq country.
      Thankful for modern technology that affords the opportunity to rebut liars, thieves, and murderers? Absolutely!
      If you think ” you and you know who” are the only ones addressing the issues I suggest you need to expand your access to this “modern technology” – you might begin with visiting a few of the recommended sites this blog promotes.

      “And don’t bring up Annie or her children .What happened to her was a horrendous despicable act carried out by the lowest of whats called life.”

      That’s been the AIM line for decades – don’t bring up this, avoid that – but your own words allude to the scum who populated and populate the leadership, verify AIM’s responsibility.
      The only thing you left out was that line about paranoia and how that they aren’t really responsible. You fail to mention or acknowledge that Annie’s murder was an AIMintelpro operation from front to back.
      When the leadership have all passed on I will view it as a potential window of opportunity for the nations to right themselves and move forward…. I take that Russell Means approach he voiced when Vernon Bellecourt passed – no tears, only regret they didn’t go to prison first.

  3. it was you who wrote “war zone” not me. I was closer than you think but then I’m transparent.You still didn’t answer my question as to where you were in 73. Watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver with your little buddies maybe? I don’t hide behind terms like “rezinate” so people don’t know who I am. Well maybe someday you will be man or woman enough to come out of the closet and reveal who you are. Till then ,out of all this I guess you’ll just have regrets that none of it played out like you wanted it to. The leadership lived their natural lives out and that was that.
    Stay thirsty my friend….

    • Yeah, and it Is AIM who have attempted to portray WK2 as a “war”. I’m sure you were closer with AIM family members etc, but then everybody was at Woodstock or owned an Indian motorcycle too.
      As to leave it to beaver, never seen so much as single episode, a snippet here or there on the net and that’s about it. Was that part of the curriculum for AIM?
      You came in saying I must be or have been close to the AIM leadership and leave with the anticipated and predictable words – but then when it comes to AIM’s history there
      aren’t a lot of options and the defenders always have to fall back on something other than the facts and truth.
      Maybe some day Banks, Crow Dog and that rest of that bunch will be men or women enough to be “transparent” and actually speak the truth – I won’t hold my breath waiting for that moment though.
      History has a way in time of revealing the larger truth, and that’s the way it will be with the “leadership” and the unnatural way in which they lived their lives-from “elk
      medicine” to a penchant for young girls, some as young as thirteen-from the scams to the murders.
      No doubt you as did the world reacted the to news of pedophiles in the Catholic church, no doubt you’ve railed about the church and boarding schools where our children were molested by the same-have you said so much as a single word denouncing the same behaviour among the leadership?
      Exactly how far are you willing to go to excuse AIM and it’s leadership? How often will you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear? And why?
      The entire myth is already in the process of unraveling and there isn’t a single thing you or they can do about – thanks in part to “modern technology” that allows both sides to speak and be heard.

  4. and what did you do in all the instances you outline. oh I forgot you can’t say because you can’t divulge who you are. I don’t know what native culture you come from but the one I’m from doesn’t value cowards who won’t stand by what they say and let everyone know who they are.
    This dialogue is over for me, I have little patience for cowards. So long rz in ate

    • To begin with I don’t brag about anything I do – I’m not attempting to sell myself or anything, as to standing by what I say, I’ve said more than once if any of these wannabe chiefs has a problem with what I say let them sue me – we’ll go through the discovery process, present opposing views, and when the dust settles see who remains standing.
      As I understand it they wouldn’t be able to take their favorite standby “the fifth” in a civil matter, maybe I’m wrong about that but if not it would seriously hinder their “defense” wouldn’t it?
      On the other hand if I am wrong and they did that would tell a tale in itself just as it has every time they’ve invoked their “privilege”.
      Or how about if they come to this blog and mount a defense?

      I figured it would be ending in short order, too many hard questions you don’t have answers for, but then that’s the AIM way, a little verbal diarrhea then clear out when it doesn’t float like the rest of the crap in the AIM septic tank.
      Better yet throw in some of that AIM cutting edge wisdom, that notable depth of perception – you know, fed, snitch,sellout, coward, whatever a desperate third grade mentality can come up.
      Truth stands on it’s own, doesn’t matter who speaks it – the same with lies.
      I haven’t asked a single person to believe what I blog, what I have done is to frequently add links that verify and urge readers to do the math, to make the effort to investigate on their own and arrive at an informed opinion- AIM’s worse nightmare.
      Giving your word, or maybe more to the point what may ensue as a result of it isn’t always a cake walk, but breaking it seems to easily become a bad habit. I won’t break mine and I could give a rip how that resonates with you, your cronies, or anyone else.
      If there were a compelling reason to I might, but I don’t consider being insulted by hive drones incapable of doing anything more compelling.
      As I’ve stated before, there are people who comment in this blog that know me, I have their respect, encouragement, and often enough input,on a personal level that’s enough for me.
      If I’m viewed as thorn in AIM’s side I’m liking that, they’re collecting enough of them, and deservedly so to begin looking like porcupines – so what’s one more?
      I haven’t killed, raped, ransacked, or abused a single woman or child, I haven’t lied, sold a single ceremony, or ran a scam. I don’t drink, sell, or do drugs – what I have done is given my word to others, that matters to me, that may not be the AIM way but it’s my way and totally irrelevant if you understand the concept or disagree.
      You can puff up your chest, talk whatever bs you like, and it’s meaningless. You may think you’re the pride of your people, but your reluctance to address a single issue raised doesn’t speak to bravery,it speaks to the well known common denominator of AIM cowardice.
      The question is what native culture does the AIM leadership come from? Does it honor the killing of women, shooting them in the back of their head while they kneel praying for their children, stealing from your own, selling ceremonies?
      The “dialogue” was over the minute you stuck your foot in your mouth, you apparently failed to realize that, anything following that was pure by the book AIM on your behalf.
      The blog immediately following this one – Jackals – addresses the aftermath of AIM’s actions, a legacy they cannot escape, why don’t you man or woman up there and offer your opinion about those issues?
      Maybe something to soothe the wounds survivors carry, maybe a word of condolence or sympathy….oh I forgot that goes against the AIM manifesto and they might label you a snitch or sellout.
      Your biggest mistake was trying to go it alone, you ain’t up to it, you should have brought some backup with you – someone who at least is capable of offering some kind of AIM defense instead of merely babbling on.
      Since this blog gives you such a wedgie why bother visiting it – you might have to admit a single inconvenient truth to yourself.

  5. I am an Arapaho woman who has been an abuse victim. You helped me once through a mutual friend without my asking or knowing me only the problems I had. I was able to rent a place with the money you sent and Im using the same computer you sent that helped me to get a job and start a new life. Maybe you didnt watch Leave It To Bevaer because you were to busy helping people.
    You are a good native man, no one can take that from you.

    • Good to hear things are working out for you and a credit to your strength
      of spirit. Be well and stay strong hohoot na.
      Thank you for the kind words.

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