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  1. No I don’t go by the name Charmayne. No I am not an AIM apologist I have no connection with it. Aren’t we all “related” rez and part African. Oh and rez there are native historians out there that you could plug instead of Zinn but true to your schizophrenic ways you laud him. Very native I might ad, very native rez. Now take a tranquilizer and go back to sleep you obviously love hiding behind your pen name “rez” and will never reveal who you really are. I don’t have the time or energy to keep this up so good nite rez don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    My last transmission.

    • Your last “transmission”? figured that as well, maybe your “HAM” radio license expired or your higher ups are warning you about opening a can of worms.
      In a very real way every person on this planet is related, that doesn’t imply we all exchange friendship rings or valentine cards.
      I’ve “plugged” countless of our people, if you had bothered to go through the archives you would know that – but never in such a way as to allude to myself like your boys have done related to Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull.
      Not a damn one of them would have made so much as a pimple on either of their asses – I have more respect for them and our people than to stoop to such a pretense – to attach in the spirit of Crazy Horse to everything I say as though that validates it.
      We live in a world that if a pin drops in it’s farthest corners a potential exists to impact one and all and we would be well advised to heed the words of any addressing that, including Zinn.
      Your fellow shaimsters have wrapped themselves in the Constitution and “colonial law” at every opportunity when they felt it served their purpose, if you think Means didn’t scavenge the works of men like Zinn, DeLoria, Adams, and a host of others to come up with his “original” wisdom you haven’t a clue.
      It isn’t the words of a bunch of loud mouthed wannabes like the leadership that will turn the tide but the “law”, and the wording in treaties that are in effect set in stone due to Constitutional guarantees.
      Which if you did have a clue you would understand that men like Zinn in pointing out the abuses and violations of rights are our allies, and we need all the allies we can get regardless of what their ethnicity is.
      So you can go on about euro extraction, question a black man like Perry Ray Robinson Jr’s credentials and integrity and it means little more than you either fail to grasp the overall picture or have racially biased issues to deal with.
      Howard Zinn? Damn right, a champion – one who is color blind. Denise Pictou Maloney? Damn right- a champion. Paul DeMain? Damn right a champion. Noam Chomsky? Damn right – a champion. DeLoria and Adams? Damn right – champions. Ray Robinson? Damn right a champion.
      Gandhi, King, and Chavez? Damn right, champions.
      And not enough room to list our own champions extant and past.
      The AIM leadership and Peltier? Hell no – liars, thugs, and murderers.
      Your last transmission here? Damn right – you’re through here.

  2. Hey, you better make some additions. Ed Woods( the Nazi enabler), Trimbach, and the “True Steward,” LBW might feel slighted and left out. Or maybe they’re just good enough for side bar endorsements? And then there are always the elder Trimbach, Price, Wood, Zigrossi. Where is their “honorable,” mention? Aren’t they part of the “team?”
    The FBI Wall of Shame


    The FBI Wall of Shame
    So on a night nearly 43 years ago, while Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier bludgeoned each other over 15 rounds in a televised title bout viewed by mi…

    View on fbiwallofshame.blog…

    Preview by Yahoo

    • Uh huh, and thinking you smell blood you crawl out from under the AIM rock to mount your rocking horse and pick up that glow stick you refer to as fire you are keeping.
      As big a wannabe as DeLuca or those newagers waving crystals around – problem is you can’t recover from the admission you made in another blog on this site that AIM is responsible for what happened within WK2, the murders and pillaging, and that bit about defending Crow Dog’s selling of ceremonies as being okay because he pays his daughters utility bills…..priceless. And his photo ops with the whole family in bonnets, too funny, too Hollywood, have you gotten your’s yet?
      Dismount and step away from the mirror SB, it doesn’t lie … you ain’t one of us by blood, spirit, or even an understanding of the issues. People who possess those qualities are welcome – Peltierites and Shaimsters aren’t.

  3. May be this one makes the haha because all things they say are funny, and
    yes the champions.

    • It isn’t as though such things aren’t anticipated – they are AIM’s stock in trade
      for any who speak against them. In truth though they only serve as an incentive for
      me – the opposite effect of what they desire.

  4. Rezi,

    By the way your not Native that’s for sure. You are INDIGENOUS American. 🙂
    That I know for sure, not from your last but since your first post, lol.

    If Glen is looking for “media mole of European extraction” I am HERE, proudly waiting. You’ve just found what you been looking for, you’ve got what you wanted, GLEN. I am pure European here – anything I can help you with, my dear ?

    As I do suspect it wasn’t “last transmission”… 😀

    • A “pure European” from the Land of the White Eagle as Poland is known
      as – a proud people with their own warrior tradition, their own history of
      invasion and oppression.

      “Aren’t we all “related” rez and part African”….wonder if Glen feels a
      sense of being related to your people, if he feels any have ever taken
      a stand or spoken a word of wisdom, if any have ever been champions like
      Witold Pilecki or Irena Sendler?

      • Well, looking at Glen’s attitude I rather expect attitude linked below when he will loose his temper. And towards everyone if that will suit him at specific moment, whenever it is HIS gain or show off…. We met many of them on our way…

        (Please, be aware it’s very rude language and hurtful words, myself I am bit shocked with amount of hate in it- happens to hear similar words about my nation as well tho. And I find them untrue – about all of us, something no one, no person or nation shall ever hear, for sure never ever believe :/

      • I’ll comment to this a little later on, if I were to do so now I believe I would
        resort to the same “rude” language and possibly worse.

      • SF
        Interesting to me that this Aryan Nations member/sympathizer wants to mention the word gangs, which is exactly what such groups are – a bunch of Swastika wearing, bucktoothed, snuff dipping, tobacco chewing, skinnhead, inbreeding yokels who for the most part walk around with a bible and a copy of Mein Kampf stuck up their ass…..probably why they mimic that Nazi goosestep.
        A festering wound, a pox wherever they live, whatever cave or tree they happen to inhabit.
        In the comment of moving back to the rez this individual apparently has read a little more than that catalog he uses the pages from to wipe his sorry ass with when in the outhouse he built with his own genetically deformed three hands as he wasn’t ignorant enough to say we need to go back where we came from …if returning where you come from would be the way of he’d be packing his shit and heading across the ocean in the direction of the rising sun.
        And speaking of having had our time, these clowns have never had a time, they amount to little more than a fringe group scurrying around like rats, unless you want to count that brief moment in history when the nazis rose to power only to be squashed like bugs.
        As a we people we fought for generations, more than a blink of the eye in history as his heroes did, that alone tells a story…..some are warriors to the core and others are wannabes.
        A very real tragedy is that he and his bovine like cud chewing wife who he probably refers to as frau will produce children they will burden with names like Hitler and Eva,
        indoctrinate them with the same sickness and condemn them to a half life.

  5. Others I think of us champions, how about those at Pretty Bird Woman House making a difference and forthright in their approach? How about Joseph of the Nez Perce who led his people on an epic journey attempting to be free, or Dull Knife of the Cheyenne, Back Hawk who said it all when addressing “how smooth” the language of the whites was as to make right look like wrong and wrong look like right?
    What about Sequoiah who created the Cherokee Syllabry empowering his people? Osceola of the Seminole?
    Lozen, Gernoimo, Cochise, and Mangus of the Apache? Neolin of the Delaware? Red Cloud, Black Kettle, Quanah and Satanta? Need some women in the list other than those mentioned? Buffalo Calf Road Woman,Colestah, Zitkala Sa, Minnie Two Shoes and Annie Wauneka of the Dine. How about Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Looking Back Woman? The first an AIM murder victim and he second an AIM sexual abuse victim who chose not to remain silent but to fight back.
    A partial list off the top of my head, a list in it’s entirety filled with individuals representing every nation
    not just in this country but the entire hemisphere. All nations that suffered, all nations that experienced their own personal Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, or Tenochittilan, and no nation more important than any other, no nation “better” than another.

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