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    • Redford: “No, I think you’ve just underlined it pretty well, I think over time, I think the incarceration, the stress of that, the confinement of that, I don’t think that’s good for anybody’s health. I can tell you this, that I visited him in 1980 shortly after he was incarcerated…”

      Sorry Bob, I don’t think a bullet to the face or head as was the case of Annie Mae, Williams and Coler, or those unmarked graves courtesy of WK2, were any less stressful.

      • lyrics to ponder on, and much to be said for the words relative to this post,

        “There’s a feeling shared today
        By the people whose freedom
        Has been taken away

        And as in the past
        When times were wrong
        The common folks
        Come together in song

        How will we win
        With what will we fight
        We hope with this song
        Our world we will unite

        Oh, there’s one thing that I’m sure
        It’s so proud and it’s so pure
        And it comes from deep within
        It’s got no hair, it’s got no skin

        As we travel far and near
        We bring the world for you to hear
        And the message that we bring
        Is alive in the word we sing

        And no matter how it make you feel
        We got something they can’t steal ….

  1. How will we win and with what shall we fight – these words in my opinion are the key when applied to the nations, and say to me we would do so from a position of understanding the reality that exists. An
    understanding that is based on a communal well being, on a tradition based adherence to the truth.
    I worked with a crew on a job where a couple of co workers were into bowling and always inviting me to join them. I had never bowled, knew nothing about it, and wasn’t much interested.
    In time though I relented figuring I would pretty much make a fool of myself in the attempt and believe
    I did, but had fun nonetheless.
    I could throw or roll the ball with force but what happened when it got to the pins was anyone’s guess.
    A lot of advice was offered, a part of which was the object of the game is to take down as many pins as possible – and as the ball only initially struck one or two pins the idea was to strike them in such a
    manner that they in turn would strike others taking them down in a domino effect.
    I understood that but not the finer nuances of which pins better served that goal, obviously it wasn’t
    those along the side or in the back, but those in the front.
    With all the talk of complicity in the various crimes AIM committed that is the approach I have taken,
    they are in our backyard and the lead pins, take them down by holding them accountable and a domino effect will ensue.
    There are those who have commented in this blog and elsewhere that would have all aim for the back pins and leave those in the front standing – I haven’t bowled since then but understand it is the lead pins that should be the focus.
    Interesting to me that bowling pins are predomoninantely white with a red stripe near the top, the AIM
    leadership while promoting their own red stripe have behaved like bowling pins.
    Unity is the ideal to aspire to – uniting with criminals or furthering their agenda is the wrong approach.
    Good song, good video…..thanks.

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