• Good song, and a Prine fan, but I wonder if the names of the Abourezks,
      the AIM leadership, and Peltier should be painted alongside of “Mr. Peabodys”
      on the rail cars in recognition of the way they’ve exploited the nations?

  1. Yes, at least we could agree on something( Prine). As far as “ain’t human,” you could take that as being all the high and mighty F.B.I agents like Trimbach, Price, Wood, Zigrossi ect.. that orchestrated the “Reign of Terror, against the traditional peoples of Pine Ridge. Or perhaps, Shawn Kenny, the wife beating, child- molesting Nazi that Ed Woods referred to as a “good soldier,” worthy of redemption simply because he was an F.B.I snitch/provocateur?

    “Two Rambo types broke the window and climbed in. They pointed at little Pedro who was still half asleep and asked,
    “Is this the kid who was born at Wounded Knee?” They threw him across the room so that he hit his head against the wall.
    He was crying. I wanted to rush to him but one of the FED’s said, “One more step and I blow you away, right into the Happy Hunting Grounds!”
    He too, put his gun against my temple. So now I had two M-16’s on each side of my head. If these two had pulled their triggers they would not only
    have killed me, but also each other. A third FBI man threw a gun at my feet, saying, “Go on. Pick it up. I’m told you’re such great warriors. Go on. Do it.
    Let’s have a nice shootout.”
    I saw that one of their headmen had walked in. I told him, “Yeah, you better watch your boys before they kill somebody.”
    His face got red and he walked out. In the door he turned around and said, “I;m from Minneapolis,” as if that explained the whole
    insane scene. He nodded to his men and they put their guns down. But they ransacked the whole place, trampled upon and broke
    our sacred things, and hauled men, women and children half-naked out of their beds. They forced them to sit outside on the ground on that
    raw morning with hardly anything on. Out of pure meanness they shot and killed BIG RED, Leonard’s favorite horse, and blasted away at a
    little black colt. I asked them to show me their search warrants…”
    They dragged Leonard away in handcuffs together with a few of his friends and relatives, among them my friend, Annie Mae Aquash.”
    …..”When the Fed’s saw Annie Mae they said, “We’ve been looking for you.” They handcuffed her, throwing her around like a rag doll.
    When they were dragging her into the squad car she smiled at me and gave me the Indian Power sign with her fists even though she was
    handcuffed. ….The agents had told her that she would not live long if she did not tell them everything she knew and some things she could not have
    known-where some people had gone to ground, for instance. If she did not talk and if she did not do everything they wanted, she wasn’t going to
    live. They would make sure she’d be dead-or put her away for the rest of her life, which would be worse.
    ….Among the victims was one of our best friends, Pedro Bissonette, leader of OSCRO, the Oglala Civil Rights Organization. He was shot to
    death “resisting arrest” as they claimed. One of his relatives, Jeanette Bissonette, was shot and killed driving home from the burial of another victim. Byron De Sersa was shot to death on account of an article critical of the Wilson regime his father had written in a local Indian newspaper. Wallace
    Black Elk’s brother was killed in a mysterious explosion when entering his home and turning on the light. Our oldest and most respected medicine man,
    Frank Fools Crow, was firebombed and his horses killed and his sweat lodge with all his sacred things destroyed. Leonard’s family suffered too. His niece, Jancita Eagle Deer, was killed in an unexplained “accident” after having been savagely beaten. She had been in the car of her lover, who later turned out to be an informer and who had brutally mistreated her many times before. Jancita was then suing a high South Dakota official for rape. Her mother, Delphine, Leonard’s older sister, wanted to take up the suit, but was beaten to death by BIA policemen who claimed “drunkenness’ as his excuse. Her battered corpse, her arms and legs fractured, was found in the snow, the tears frozen on her cheeks”

    “They abused my parents, they attacked them, stole
    their sacred objects, they tore the Pipe from their hands and shattered it
    in front of their eyes. They handcuffed our holy man and threw his wife on
    the ground. The whiteman ground their sacred Eagle Feathers under their boot
    heels and they laughed at their tears. They thought that they were attacking
    the heart of a defeated nation by hurting our brave and gentle medicine man
    and his Grace, but they were wrong, they were so very wrong. Wallace Black
    Elk had already passed his spirit to all of us who were privileged to sit
    with him around the fire. He had already made it possible for our people to
    be proud in knowing we could fight and survive. Wounded Knee is still there,
    the spirits of Wounded Knee remain and so does my Uncle Wallace Black Elk…
    I am Ponca, I am Carter Camp and what I testify is true.
    Mi-ta-qu-ye-oh-ya-sin he said.”

    “As I always say eventually they will wake up the sleeping giant and then they will have to face the the results of their b/s,” Leonard Peltier 11/16/10.

    It Kind of makes one wonder, since they seem to have immunity on this plane, If their “Flag Decal ( badge) will be enough to get them into heaven?

    ” I got to know some F.B.I agents as human beings doing there job and actually listened to some of the stories of F.B.I agents assigned to Pine Ridge who said, “you know when you think you’re going to be shot next and you have children you bust down doors and rough people up sometimes ’cause you think that’s the best way to make sure that you live one more day.” Paul De main”

    • Well SB, let’s assume for the sake of discussion that Woods is either Hoover’s illegimate love child, his mini me, or whatever else you think he may be – having made that assumption you need to provide something directly linking him to the events at Jumping Bull, WK2, and the murder of Annie Mae -which are my primary focus and should be yours.
      If you aren’t able to do so then you need to just admit since he’s on your boy Peltier you’re trying to return the favor in the best way you can in the hopes of diverting attention.
      This “linkage” is well established in regard to the AIM leadership and dumb as dirt, there’s nothing iffy about it, conspiracy tales and attempting to play the victim role notwithstanding.
      Nobody with any understanding of the events that I know of believes either the feds or AIM are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth – does that somehow translate to every member of either group being in the know? I don’t think so, and believe it is and has been about the need to know when it comes to inclusion.
      Knowing people in AIM on a personal level as I do I can say without hesitation they neither knew of or approved of the decisions the leadership took when it came to murder and mayhem – seems to me that’s probably true of the feds as well.
      I know people who were at the BIA takeover and the story they have to tell of what occurred, especially related to that money that was intended to help get them all home is radically different than the AIM version.
      You want to talk about that or perhaps assist me in creating an AIM wall of shame? Or do
      you elect to go the usual route of it “doesn’t matter” as is your penchant when it comes to the wrong doings of AIM?
      Truth and Justice is in the hands of the nations, not AIM or the feds, if there is to be resolution it will have to come because of us, because we’ve had enough and believe we deserve something better.
      The acquisition of which begins in OUR backyard, in OUR communities – all of which should follow the micmaq lead and tell AIM to get the hell out of OUR land – not their land, OUR land.
      Not being of any of our people it’s understandable in a way that you neither see or comprehend such a simple premise – but whether you can or not is irrelevant, as we understand you are doing AIM’s work.
      You’re on the wrong side bubba, a token whiteboy in a demographic AIM considers to be a target rich environment to milk for donations, lure into the cult, and then send them out like Hari Krishnas to beat the drum, sing, and chant.
      All these repetitive links ( not this one) you add mean little if you’re not willing to do as I do and say ANYONE with any level of complicity needs to be held to account – your complete unwillingness to admit to such an obvious truth has led you to call me and others sellouts, feds, and a variety of others things, you’ve even spammed, emailed, and insulted women relentlessly to that end as though you were born to it.
      But if your concern for the nations is so great as the “firekeeper” you claim to be how do you justify the obvious wrong doing and murders committed by AIM – how does that serve us a people? Or is it merely something else that doesn’t matter either?
      Even you should know better than to post something of Camp’s, a man who lied repeatedly and all of it archived on the net – even to Ray’s family, saying first he had “broke bread” with Ray and then he had never seen him or knew of him, those in addition to he saw Ray walk out of WK2.
      Every “victim” has told the same story of scared objects being abused, it has become a mainstay of Peltier’s, maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t, but if it comes from Camp or Peltier let’s just say I’m skeptical.
      But here’s a question for you—Camp says they took Peltier and Annie away at the same time- when and where did this occur? At Small boys camp where Peltier was captured? At Small Boys camp where neither Annie or Camp were?
      Want to say it was an entirely different time? Then explain how Peltier in being on the run from a felony warrant in Wisconsin could have avoided being identified when “they took him away”?
      Was it at WK2 when Peltier wasn’t even there, and hadn’t joined AIM yet? If at Small Boys which relatives of Peltier’s either lived or were there?

      The truth of the matter is the AIM leadship are the “little Eichmanns” Churchill wrote of, cheap petty warlords carving out territory and commandeering what was intended for the people.
      And isn’t it a Black Elk family member who sent a message to your boy Crow Dog to back off or he’d tell the truth about WK2 and those unmarked graves?
      From Pellicano to Camp, you never learn do you SB? I agree wholeheartedly _ that flag decal ain’t getting anyone into heaven, nor will that rag banner of AIM’s get anyone into the “happy hunting ground”.

  2. This kramer video is to funny rezinate and you make the good point and
    ask the good questions of this one the silent bear.

    • I had seen this but just got in from work and the first time
      I’ve heard the second link you sent of the broadcast – appreciate
      them both and hope for those who follow them the reality will begin
      to set in if it hasn’t already.
      Zero doubt can exist in a reasonable persons mind that indeed it was
      an AIM inside job and that the leadership were well aware of it, in
      my opinion it had to of been a consensus agreement.
      I also believe Peltier was aware of what was going down and had some
      measure of input when the decision was made. Not a physical presence
      but aware and kept in the loop.
      Banks is a pathological liar, as are and were the rest of leadership,
      to attempt to portray themselves as anything else is yet another lie.
      The article is well written, evenly paced, and another blow to the American
      Indian Bowel Movement.

  3. Maybe the A.I.B.M. could be the new movement that could clear the collective colon of NDN country of shA.I.M., so to speak?

  4. From another article by a lesser publication perhaps but sometimes they give more information. “They took my mother from her house. To bring her down to a beach with her hands tied behind her back and to put a gun to the back of her head and shoot her — that was a war crime and the people responsible should be brought to The Hague [before the war crimes court.] -Michael McConville. This story and the similarity to Annie Mae’s make me sit up on the edge of my chair. And shAIM contends they were at war. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2617193/Sinn-Fein-leader-Gerry-Adams-arrested-suspicion-1973-murder.html

    • The similarities are obvious in more ways than one. Adams and IRA have long been
      a favorite of various Hollywood celebrities. I’ve often said if AIM wants to couch
      all their bs in terms of war they should be tried as war criminals for the murder
      of innocents and the destruction of communities.
      Interesting coincidence as in from work not long ago and putting together a blog about
      “freedom fighters”.
      I believe the British should get out of Ireland and Scotland if that is the will of
      the majority population, but their presence isn’t an entitlement to wantonly murder
      no more than it is for AIM.
      Thanks for the link.

  5. Just two comments from the Annie Mae article that jumped out at me and this is what you have hammered away at. (BTW, I am not this Mary.)
    1) Mary Aurora, CO 5 days ago
    Interesting how the prosecutor was told to drop the case when he was convinced he could win. Part of the COINTELPRO argument is that there was in place an operative, as opposed to an informant, within AIM; an operative being an FBI plant within the organization that had some power and authority within the organization, and an informer informing on daily goings-on only, not having any power or authority within the organization. This story says Douglas Durham said he was an operative when actually in the original news of the day he said he was an “FBI INFORMER”; there was no mention of being an operative. Perhaps the reason the prosecutor was told to drop the case was that there really was an operative working with the FBI even as they were commiting terrible crimes, much like historic mafia/FBI relationships, that operative being one of the top leaders in AIM. With this prosecutor’s further delving there could have been uncomfortable explaining to do on the FBI’s part. There has NEVER been any formal investigation of COINTELPRO itself, and a good chance being that it would be found out that, like the mafia situations, the FBI was well aware of their operative’s participating in criminal activity, up to and including murder. Maybe even instigating the operative to commit a murder based on paranoia. This would make the FBI just as guilty of the crimes themselves. What are the chances of the fed govt acknowledging their own participation?

    2) Cheryl Buswell Detroit 4 days ago
    Mary, you have very eloquently put together the questions our family has asked for over 40 years. Thank you.

    • There are too many loose ends, too many unanswered questions. Trudell has voiced the same
      suspicions, that may be because he knows more than he’s saying.
      The fact that he suggests starting with the Custer incident could be taken to narrow the
      field – specifically that it was Dave Hill who threw the first punch and started it.
      It is also Dave Hill who walked from both federal and state charges, and people might want
      to look at that Utah child support case as well.
      The fact that the prosecutor was told to drop the case raises additional questions, as does
      with everything that is known from testimony, wiretaps, and informants, no effort has ever been made to search for and exhume the bodies at WK2.
      I would also be interested in knowing how Dennis Banks after getting the boot from California and facing fifteen years was able to walk after doing one year. Obviously some kind of deal was struck in view of the charges he was facing.
      There seems to be an established trend when any of the leadership have gotten busted, they do a minimum amount of time and then never do another day for anything else when the story has always been they were viewed as public enemies and needed to be put away for a long time.
      Personally I believe they all rolled over at some point, probably when they were facing jail time and opted to cooperate to lighten the load. If that’s the case then it could be in for a penny in for a pound and it didn’t end upon release.
      I have always believed when it came to the leadership the strategy has been the attrition of time, when they have all passed on the cases are closed, period – no prosecution would be able and an obvious reason to drop any further investigation.
      That places the onus squarely on the shoulders of others to pursue truth and justice before time runs out.
      I am encouraged that the European media seems to be taking off the kid gloves, not that it will force anyone’s hand but the world may begin to understand AIM never represented those it claimed to, that the leadership have been little more than grifters and turned what could have been a vehicle for change into a criminal organization.
      Operative or not, shared responsibility or not, as a people we need to contend with rogue elements among our own, rid ourselves of them and then go after others – it wasn’t a fed finger that pulled the trigger on Annie, Ray, or their other victims…paranoia or operatives doesn’t alter that fact or absolve anyone regardless of what flag they operate under.
      This country is still waiting on the release of documents that were sealed when Kennedy was assassinated, I doubt it will fare any better when it comes to Cointel or any degree of governmental duplicity.
      As a nation this country has entered a fascist era, domestic spying is an example of that. Citizens are all viewed as potential adversaries, even veterans returning from war. In a climate such as this justice and the most fundamental of human rights are the first casualties. I expect nothing from the “justice department” – maybe a bone tossed our way here and there but that’s the extent of it.
      For all the talk of sovereignty we should have been rounding up and prosecuting all these clowns while defying one and all to intervene and show their hand.
      Russell Means was allowed to work at the Abourezks on “water rights” issues while doing his one year – that raises a couple of questions for me, namely – who pulled the strings to facilitate that and who benefited from all this good work?
      Thanks for the additional food for thought.

  6. Maybe I need to open up the “Barry Files,” for this N.Y Times reporter? Enlighten him a little bit:

    I firmly believe theda was the pig based on what I knew. And it makes perfect sense. nothing done until she has Dementia in or abou 2003 and is put in nursing home. she is never indicted. she is never indicted even though 2 different judges rule her competent in 2010. I have asked for FOIA docs on her from every conceivable field office, and DC. Nada, Nothing, No Docs. No way that can be true. I just haven’t had time to follow up. It explains why the feds have always had to stay away from this case or it would turn into what happened in boston with the irish mob and the fbi. I will get back on trying to prove this but I need time. I don’t know what paul thinks, don’t know if I ever discussed it with him. everyone else blows me off and looks at me funny. Of course I am a funny looking guy.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire

    • Well, if you’re willing to open the Barry files it’s one of the select few you’re willing to. Your tactics are more than obvious- you quote Carter “I am Ponca” Camp then when queried about obvious discrepancies blow the whole thing off and bounce back with links and videos that have nothing to do with Camp.
      If that doesn’t work, as in being approved, you cry foul – foul or not that’s the way it works SB, I can’t think of a single reason to allow you to singlehandedly promote AIM’s agenda – can’t think of one and won’t.
      If you want to continue then you need to return to the questions asked related to Camp’s statement.
      Bachrach isn’t out on a limb with his suspicions, pretty much everyone I know has some hard questions about Theda and the approach taken, but since you’ve previously acknowledged in this blog that AIM is responsible for what occurred within wk2 how do you reconcile that with your attempts to absolve them? If need be I could open the SB files to verify your own words re that.
      The difference between you and I is I don’t care who goes down when it comes to the murders AIM committed – you do. You want a perverted justice selective in nature that leaves your boys out of the equation and won’t hesitate to perform whatever verbal gymnastics you believe will further that.
      You could care less, make that repetitive claim of yours that “it doesn’t matter” when it comes to AIM – yet murder, who orders it, and whose finger is on the trigger always matters.
      Below the questions asked of Camp – a little refresher in case you forgot. If need be ask your boys in that think tank what the proper response should be, the best course to take to avoid a direct answer, which links to use.
      The feds lie, get caught in it and that’s all you want to know – your boys lie, get caught, you don’t want to hear it and absolutely refuse to say as I do that all with any level of complicity need to be held to account.
      Open the Barry files?…maybe you should consider expanding your horizons and open your mind a little.

      “But here’s a question for you—Camp says they took Peltier and Annie away at the same time- when and where did this occur? At Small boys camp where Peltier was captured? At Small Boys camp where neither Annie or Camp were?
      Want to say it was an entirely different time? Then explain how Peltier in being on the run from a felony warrant in Wisconsin could have avoided being identified when “they took him away”?
      Was it at WK2 when Peltier wasn’t even there, and hadn’t joined AIM yet? If at Small Boys which relatives Peltier’s either lived or were there?”

  7. And predictably, bemusedly, I await a response from SB about one of his star
    witnesses – Carter Camp. For the record SB has attempted to post various
    links studiously avoiding answering the simple questions asked of him, and
    for the record I have sent them from the spam bin to the trash bin where they
    And so once again I ask the same questions:

    “But here’s a question for you—Camp says they took Peltier and Annie away at the same time- when and where did this occur? At Small boys camp where Peltier was captured? At Small Boys camp where neither Annie or Camp were?
    Want to say it was an entirely different time? Then explain how Peltier in being on the run from a felony warrant in Wisconsin could have avoided being identified when “they took him away”?
    Was it at WK2 when Peltier wasn’t even there, and hadn’t joined AIM yet? If at Small Boys which relatives Peltier’s either lived or were there?”

    SB would be well advised to check and double check the “testimony” of others he posts…they are riddled with inconsistencies.

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