1. So you want justice for Robinson? Why don’t you quote his widow?

    Cheryl Buswell
    Detroit 12 days ago

    Indeed, how frequently does the FBI close a case the prosecutor is close to solving? My personal experience with Martel (an ex-US prosecutor in South Dakota) and South Dakota FBI officials is that they are infected with “racial” bias and really are loathe to fully and thoroughly investigate injustice against Indian and Black people. Reminds me of all the Constitutional violations in Mississippi during efforts to register Black folk to vote and to dismantle segregation. And the way the FBI under Hoover dragged its feet when asked to do its job to protect civil rights workers is not unlike their behavior in these cases. In fact, our revered Viola Luizzo of Detroit was murdered by Alabama Klansmen with an FBI informant as accomplice.

    Is this same scenario what happened to my husband, Ray Robinson, jr.? Has the FBI, because of systemic racism and a desire to protect confidential informants involved in my husband’s murder, prevented further examination of Ray’s death? Who is Brandon Johnson and why did he do what he did? Did the FBI Director have a little talk with him? Who was the person who shot my husband and is he being protected by the powers that be and if so, why? N.Y Times article comments

    • Uh…..I have quoted his widow, including her comments about how Carter Camp lied to her and her daughter about Ray.
      I figured when posting this it would get a rise from you, well actually I didn’t post it but as I often do once having written a blog during the night I’ll have someone else post it during the day for me while at work. Gives me time to think about it and allow it to simmer a little.
      I can only assume you haven’t been following along as I haven’t had much positive to say about the approach taken by the “authorities”. Even less about your boys whose fingers have always been on the trigger.
      In the past you’ve attempted to focus on Frank DeLuca Blackhorse as the probable informant/shooter while completely ignoring what you refer to as rumors circulating around about Hill being the shooter.
      So how about this possible scenario? Following the murder of Robinson the feds had enough to slam dunk a prosecution, instead they co opted the shooter into becoming one of their boys. Heinous? for sure, but it wouldn’t have set a precedent.
      Remember informants A and B? Why not Deluca and Hill? I think we both know criminal organizations are riddled with informants, and not uncommonly those in positions of leadership – kind of broadens the field doesn’t it?
      Want to talk about that – discuss the possibility that the man who was there in the mob confronting Ray, AIM’s resident bomb maker and “security” member alongside Peltier for Dennis Banks who not only
      initiated the Custer brawl but was able to walk from federal and state charges just might be the “operative”? He’s certainly as likely as DeLuca, and I’m inclined to believe that’s what Trudell has been hinting at.
      That of course doesn’t fit with AIM’s storyline and agenda, but then what does?
      How frequently are cases closed that are close to solving? I haven’t a clue, but I suspect more than people would imagine.
      Kind of a rhetorical question, like asking how many lies has AIM told, how much money have they scammed, or how many people have been murdered by them – we’ll probably never know.
      Bottom line is it is Bank’s voice on the tape discussing the murder of Ray and how and where to hide the body – his voice….yeah I know, for you “it doesn’t matter”, but would you care to explain why he or the shooter should get a pass?
      As far as being loathe to investigate crimes against or injustice related to the nations, ask anyone of us and we can tell you that’s a fact, a reality for any minority you can name in this country
      Last chance SB – I want EVERYONE with any complicity held to account, how about you? And please, spare me the redundancy of your favorite links in lieu of answering this simple question – it’s a yes or no question and doesn’t require your usual tap dancing around to avoid answering it.

      • NPR’s related series “Killed For Taking Part In Everybody’s Fight” covered Liuzzo’z
        story – taking part in everybody’s fight is an appropriate title as the civil rights
        of all people are an individual and global responsibility.
        Liuzzo is memorialized, and rightfully for so, for her awareness of that responsibility.
        Murdered by a criminal organization, the KKK, and parallels to be found in the murder
        of other civil rights workers such as Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Perry Ray Robinson Jr.
        at the hands of another criminal organization, AIM.
        An act of ultimate cowardice -shooting a woman – Liuzzo shot in the face at near point
        blank range and Annie with a gun stuck to the back of her head. The similarities too obvious
        to ignore.
        Since your penchant is always to ignore the actual shooter’s responsibility how do you feel
        about Liuzzo’s case, should everyone with any level of complicity be held to account, feds
        and shooter alike? Those with a physical presence?
        Hoover’s attempts to create rumors involving Liuzzo to divert attention strike me as being
        eerily similar to your own efforts combined with those of AIM’s to divert attention away from
        them, to minimize or exonerate their responsibility.
        History has shown that Hoover was a megalomaniac, a criminal in his own right. History is
        verifying the same of the AIM leadership, a corner is being turned in the willingness of
        media outlets to address that, to be inclusive in appointing guilt, and that’s a good thing.
        When it comes to fruition then it can be said that the civil rights of Annie and Ray have
        been secured inspite of opposing efforts by both the government and AIM.
        Your attempt to negotiate a deal with me whereby if I allow everything you want to post,
        answer all your questions, and ignore the fundamental question I asked you until you’re
        satisfied and then maybe you’ll “consider” answering whether or not all with any level of
        complicity should be held to account tells a story in itself and ain’t going to happen.
        You’ve been avoiding and considering during the three and half years this blog has been in
        If you think it is an appropriate demand drop all the other bs and respond with just that,
        which I will approve and we’ll allow readers to arrive at their own conclusions about the
        positions you take.
        It’s really pretty simple SB -do you want any and all with any level of complicity held to
        account? Filled with risks though as if the answer is yes you’re in big trouble with your
        boys – if it’s no you expose yourself and marginalize everything you’ve ever said or will
        If this were a game of chess you’d find yourself in a state of “check” with limited options
        at your disposal.
        I see the dilemma it poses for you, but personal dilemma or not you’re all about justice
        and your personal responsibility as a “firekeeper” aren’t you?
        I suppose I could open the SB files and excerpt that if you prefer.

  2. Still waiting for a simple yes or no answer from SB whether he wants all with any level of complicity held to account – granted there have been the usual the sky is falling spams with the usual links intended to divert attention away from a question or questions asked, ain’t working though and will lead to more cries of foul and whining.
    Yes or no will, and we can take it from there.

  3. Here’s where you and I differ. You don’t think that F.B.I informant, Shawn Kenny predecessor, didn’t know of a plan to take out Liuzzo BEFORE it happened? Or maybe he even INSTIGATED it? But he was the one given immunity. The same thing happened/ is happening with the Annie Mae and Ray Robinson cases. They won’t prosecute because the “operative got too close,” but who INSTIGATED the killings and made them happen regardless of who the trigger person was? In the case of Robinson I believe that the Operative WAS the triggerman. And if Barry’s theory of, “Theda was the pig,” is indeed true then what does that mean? It means that “the pig,” led Annie Mae to the edge of a cliff and Looking Cloud and Graham, if indeed guilty, were nothing more then patsies. If AIM leadership was involved as you imply then “Theda the pig,” would have been influential in convincing them to make a decision. So who is ULTIMATELY guilty? What made the murders happen? The reason why Hoover induced a smear campaign on Liuzzo was to cover their own ass from further investigation. They might have found out what a twisted, racist, sociopath he really was. Same thing with the AIM cases.

    “He said if she didn’t start cooperating that he would see that she died,” Hamilton told jurors.
    Assistant attorney general Rod Oswald asked Hamilton if she was alleging that Price had killed Aquash.
    “I don’t think he pulled the trigger,” she said, “but I think he could make it happen.”

    Yes. Liuzzo was murdered by a “criminal,” organization. Or should we say organization(s). But I’d say she was ultimately murdered by the F.B.I themselves.

    • Depends on whether you mean he knew of an FBI plan or the plan of his KKK cohorts – the one is an established fact unless they were merely out for a joy ride and Liuzzo’s murder was an act of opportunity which I don’t believe, the other hasn’t been established as fact though
      the fed complicity after the fact surely has, and I hold the same position related to that as I do with the murders AIM committed-anyone complicit needs to go down – and THAT is where you and I differ.
      Nowhere in anything that has been discovered is there even hint that the feds planned a hit on Liuzzo, the very fact that their informant called and advised them of the events and their efforts after the fact to spin it speaks it to that as well, and makes them complicit.
      In the context of who instigated the killings you want the actual shooters to walk, there isn’t a logic known to man that validates that and can only raise the question of do you think
      the perps in the murder of Liuzzo have no responsibility or one of lesser importance?
      That’s another risky question for you, if you say they did then it can only follow that along with the physical participants in the shooting of Annie and Ray those complicit in making the order or advising how to get rid of Ray’s remains as did your boys Banks and Crow Dog that
      they also need to be held to account…..again, that glaring difference between you and I.
      Hamilton’s statement isn’t a statement of a fact she knew, she qualifies it as an opinion, unlike Russell Means similar comment that Banks could make people disappear is it? Or do you want to say Means was lying?

      “He said if she didn’t start cooperating that he would see that she died,” Hamilton told jurors.
      Assistant attorney general Rod Oswald asked Hamilton if she was alleging that Price had killed Aquash.
      “I don’t think he pulled the trigger,” she said, “but I think he could make it happen.”

      Yes. Liuzzo was murdered by a “criminal,” organization. Or should we say organization(s). But I’d say she was ultimately murdered by the F.B.I themselves.

      Uh huh, and this is another version of Price said Annie would be dead within a year to he was the mastermind behind it.
      Kind of like Hamiltons and Ellison’s conflicting versions of who had the box containing Annie’s
      severed hand tossed to them isn’t it? More “minutia” you don’t want to contend with. Do any of these lies bother you in any way?
      You may think you’re slick with this ultimately murdered comment hoping it will suffice in lieu of answering the original, but it doesn’t – anyone reading these comments judging by email I am receiving see it for exactly what it is……the AIM/Peltier song and dance and you
      will not admit any AIM complicity – really makes a joke of your “defenses”.
      If Price made it happen then since both Blackhorse and Hill have been rumored to be the shooter one or the other must have been Price’s inside man right?
      Do you think Price sent the take care of this baggage message – think he called Banks and said something has to be done knowing Banks was wiretapped? Maybe he just contacted Banks through Crow Dog.
      Either one you chose makes sense of a lot of things – Blackhorse’s disappearance and Hill’s ability to walk from federal and state charges.Like I said previous, maybe informants A and B.
      Though I’m sure they aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to cover all of them even if you used upper and lower case.
      Didn’t Hendrick’s in his book The Unquiet Grave mention Hill’s ability to walk and also say something to the effect that Hill let it be known if AIM didn’t make a move to get him out he’d talk?
      AIM didn’t, and Hill walked post haste, that say anything to you?
      Easy enough to verify if Hendrick’s did as I have a copy and will look it up.
      Odd if Hill is the one that he would also be the voice of radio Free Peltier now isn’t it?
      “Ultimate” guilt belongs to everyone associated with murder, and “ultimate” justice can only be served if all are held to account – the fundamental premise of the concept of justice.

  4. So my answer to your question would be no. Why? Because there already is an in- equality as to who has paid and who hasn’t. It’s my opinion that Peltier’s 38 years of hard time more than covers any wrong doing committed by AIM as a collective from the “Reign of terror,” era. The question should be has an FBI agent or the “justice dept.” paid for their crimes fostered against the people’s of Pine Ridge? I believe in Judge Heaney’s conclusion that the gov. was “equally responsible,” therefore as he did, I would recommend immediate Clemency for Peltier and to make things fair, an FBI agent( or the org. in general) should be convicted of “aiding and abetting,” in the Reign of Terror murders for providing Dick Wilson’s Goons ammo, intelligence and weaponry to murder their own people and for “aiding and abetting,” the murders of Annie Mae and Ray Robinson. After this FBI agent does 38 years of hard time, then the scale of justice will be even. If you want to initiate further prosecutions against AIM at that time, then go right ahead.

    “Judge Heaney of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, who heard an appeal in Peltier’s case (denied on a technicality) wrote in a 1991 letter to Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii: “The United States government overreacted at Wounded Knee . Instead of carefully considering the legitimate grievances of the Native Americans, the response was essentially a military one which culminated in the deadly firefight on June 26, 1975 … The United States government must share responsibility with the Native Americans for the … firefight … the government’s role can properly be considered a mitigating circumstance.” Judge Heaney, in this letter, recommended clemency/commutation of sentence for Mr. Peltier as part of the healing process.”

    • I don’t subscribe to the two wrongs make a right theory as you apparently do, but then I’m not attempting to protect anyone.
      You adopt the position that a ransom of the life of Annie, Ray, and other AIM victims has to be paid for the time a convicted murderer has done before others should be held to account? Even for you that is a stunning and callously indifferent statement to make.

      It can equally be said Peltier “overreacted” when Williams and Coler were ambushed thinking they were after him for that Wisconsin warrant.
      That AIM “overeacted” in murdering Annie and Ray – if you want to quote Heaney take note that he specifically speaks to a SHARED responsibility, look up the word shared and then tell me where that translates to something different than a shared complicity that in turn translates to a shared prosecution.
      Tell me where at any point in this blog I haven’t advocated for this shared prosecution in saying everyone with any level of complicity needs to be held to account, and then show me where you have done likewise anywhere.
      Upon doing so then explain why Heaney upheld Peltier’s conviction, why LPDOCs so called ballistic experts never spoke a word, never offered a single “finding” in rebuttal.
      And nothing to offer about the possibility of Hill being the informant?
      Of what Hendricks had to say? Why doesn’t that surprise me? Oh yeah, I forgot, LPDOC reimburses you for your efforts as you said,and you want to call me a sellout.

  5. *As far as Annie Mae goes you should add the convictions of Looking Cloud and Graham to Peltier’s, “as mean Auntie Theda,” smooth sailed into the sun set. As far as” reimbursements,” go, I believe that that was clarified. If you want to paint reimbursement for one plane ticket to get to a concert, after I put over 3 years of work in, as a constant thing, then do so. If you think that I’m on some kind of payroll, then dream on. Paul and you, on the other hand might be getting some of that “Searle” money?

    • Yes, and we have your word for that – painting pictures seems to
      be your forte so I leave that to you.
      I think Paul is probably doing alright with the income from his
      newspaper, don’t know though, it may be merely a labor of love.
      As for me I earn my money the old fashioned way – I work for it and
      have since I was a kid.
      The only “payroll” I’m on is my own and wouldn’t have it any other
      way. I don’t accept anything from anyone.
      So now Arlo and the “landwarrior” Graham are innocent as well? If
      that’s what you’re attempting to say you’re really showing your colors.

  6. Well, let’s call that an exchange of low blows. I don’t believe that you’re getting the “Searle,” money( although you love to quote him). Stuff that you have posted in your blog would imply otherwise. As far as earning money goes, here’s something to ponder. I remember Paul once making the laughable comment that the reason why I support Peltier is to, “further my music career.” I’d put a wager that I’ve lost more gigs or been passed up for more gigs for my support of Peltier than gigs that I’ve been hired for because of it. Food for thought.

    • Early on in my working career I lost jobs on the basis that I wasn’t white,
      that and the fact that I didn’t have a problem telling someone to stuff it
      if they started getting stupid related to that.
      Never considered it as having lost something though despite whatever
      hardships it may have caused at the time, because I wouldn’t apologize
      for who I am, act humble or like anyone was doing me a favor by letting them
      make money off of my labor.
      Life is what it is, some of it defined by the choices others make and the rest
      due to the choices we make.

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