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  1. Well placed “like” by the CRIMINAL, Mr. Ed, as he prepares for his next, “off topic.” Bravo! I guess he gets a pass and a thumbs up from you? I guess being on the “anti-Peltier,” team wins him a “get out of jail free,” card on his own criminal activities?

    • I know every one of your stories front to back SB, this claim that Price directly
      admitted to threatening Annie’s life is news to me and I’d like that verified if it’s
      true, and hardly off topic as Antoinette introduced it herself.
      It sounds a lot like something LPDOC has conjured up, like that ballistics expert
      and his “findings” they dragged into court with them and then he never said a word or
      presented a single finding. Her claim, one declared a “fact”, so logical she should verify it.
      I’ve asked you if you had an explanation for this sudden loss of voice re the “expert”
      before – you’ve avoided it much the same as you have recent questions related to Camp.
      Would you care to rectify that now?
      If she can then take note of how quickly I focus on Price and her claim, as unlike you
      I want EVERYONE with complicity held to account. If you are able to directly link Woods to the events I address in this blog it will be the same.
      That would be verified linkage, not the “truth” of a mute LPDOC “expert”.
      I’ve made no secret of that while you on the other hand can’t bring yourself to say the same.
      Interesting that ANC drops out after a few hard questions about her story/truth and you jump back in – got that tag team thing going?

      ” DEATH THREATS: The FBI and DAvid Price threatened Annie Mae’s life. We know this,
      he admitted it. SHe was to “co operate” or die. She died, after refusing to co operate.
      That IS a fact.” ANC

      Yeah I know – logical that ANC should verify, and like anything else that could create a problem for you and your boys if she can’t for you it “doesn’t matter”.
      The only thunder emanating from the AIM sector is the result of pernicious flatulence.

      Anyway on another subject manna fell last night and I was able to watch the Marquez Alvarado
      fight – Marquez took him to school and if there’s a fifth fight with Pacquiao and Marquez
      fights on the same level it may well be a pick ’em fight in my opinion. But a factor is
      Pacquiao is much faster than Alvarado and that certainly played in a role in last nights
      Cotto and Martinez, different, if Cotto continues in the same style, his original style he’s
      reverted back to under Roach, Martinez is in trouble.

      • P.S- I missed the fight. Maybe I’ll catch a re-run? P.S.S- there is no “tag team,” going on? Just coincidence. I don’t know A.N.C. I never had a communication with her and all I know of her is what I’ve seen in your blogs and other forums. If you want to see some “tag teams,’ you need to watch the WWF like Wallace Black Elk liked to do.

      • Not into “wrestling” and wouldn’t ever really have the opportunity
        to watch it if I were.
        As much the letter writer/ emailer as you are I’m surprised you
        haven’t contacted ANC, since you seem to share many of the same
        opinions you might considering commiserating.

  2. You speak like the thunder rezinate some time the quiet thunder and some
    the loud thunder, but always the sound of thunder.

    • A storm is brewing across the width and breadth of this land, thunder emanating from all
      corners where people, all people, would have their birthright – justice and equity.
      A thunder to be found on every site, every topic, every comment made that says we will
      have justice for all victims among our people, a justice that encompasses the survivors
      of a man not of our nations but driven by the same principles of equality like Perry Ray
      Robinson Jr.
      Of victims like Williams and Coler who lost their lives on OUR land for no good reason
      to a mad dog fugitive who thought they were coming to arrest him for a warrant from another
      Justice for a diminutive woman slain while praying for her children, for Jancita Eagle Deer
      and the countless missing and murdered woman whose laughter, voice, and songs will never
      be heard again.
      A justice that makes no exceptions based on feathers, badges, titles, coercion, or
      A justice that says I am, We are, and They were human beings, that we will not allow them
      nor ourselves to be diminished by indifference, inequity, or lies.
      If there is thunder in the things I say it is no less nor more than that of others who have
      commented in this blog and elsewhere seeking this same justice, this same birthright, and I
      cannot adequately express my gratitude and respect to them for doing so

    • Though I don’t have an issue in complimenting others I make an effort to
      deflect or minimize any directed my way, comments such as those made in
      this blog neither inflate or deflate my ego, I consider them an expression
      of diverse opinions everyone is entitled to.

  3. As far your question re Price how about John ” Ring of Truth’, Trudell’s,” testimony at the Cedar Rapids trial?

    Q. Mr. Trudell, did you have a conversation with Annie Mae Aquash with reference to David Price?

    A. Yes, I did.

    Q. And would you indicate for the record what she said to you and what you said to her?

    A. She told me that she had been arrested at Crow Dog’s and…Price saw her and when he saw her he shined a flashlight on her and when he saw who she was he said, ” There you are. We have been looking for you,” and that is all the conversation that took place there. They took them all to Pierre and she said during her interrogation by Price and another agent …that Price had told her that he knew that she knew who shot those agents, and that she could-should cooperate, and if she would, she would get a new identity, and she would get a new place to live….She cussed at him and he told her that if she wanted to have that attitude he would see her dead within a year…
    I.T.S.O.C.H p300

    Are you trying to deny that the, ” dead within a year,” interrogation happened? This isn’t the only place where that came up. As far as Price admitting it, I think the contrary is true. He lied and committed Perjury about it the same way Mr. ED lied about Kenny and his ties to Mcveigh and the other provocateurs at Elohim city( backed by FBI documents). Didn’t you say somewhere that “murderers never admit their own culpability?” This could be said for FBI “aiders and abettors,” as well. Price’s perjury is documented in the following pages, 301-2. You decide for yourself whether he’s lying or not. I think that this is the incident that A.N.C was referring to?

    • If indeed this is what ANC was referencing then it is far
      from being the “fact” that Price made the admission she
      I don’t doubt Annie and a multitude of others were cajoled
      to roll over, that would be known as what is referred to as
      But the “death threat” could also be viewed in the context of
      Price’s knowing or suspicion that Annie knew who shot Williams and
      Coler and with her declining standing in AIM she could be viewed by
      them as threat and very well wind up dead – which is exactly what
      That scenario, which is the probable one to me, doesn’t serve AIM
      though, in fact it becomes a burden – the one that does is to say
      the feds threatened Annie’s life.

      “Didn’t you say somewhere that “murderers never admit their own culpability?”

      I did indeed, echoing ANC’s words in a different context, a question of did
      she believe her interviewees would own up to any wrong doing merely on the
      basis that she interviewed them, specifically Vernon and Graham – to which
      there was no reply.
      Like I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t believe either side qualifies to be awarded
      merit badges for telling the truth.

  4. The problem with your theory is he didn’t say “AIM,” would see you dead within a year he said, “HE” would see he her dead within the year. That get’s back to the other quote. “Do you think that Price shot Annie Mae? No, but he could make it happen.” Maybe Annie Mae knew other stuff that was threatening to Price and the FBI, like who the real informants were? Or something about the illegal land deal and uranium mining? Or maybe they saw that move as a furthering of the overall, “Neutralization,” campaign? But then again, Price is like a good ol’ “school librarian.” He, like Mr. Ed, wouldn’t do anything wrong like that?

    • In the context you quote there remains a generic element to it, think about that
      for a moment – it’s like telling someone if they don’t give up drinking you’ll see
      them in the hospital…. which I have personally said in telling a friend ” If you
      don’t lay off of this stuff the next time I see you will be the hospital or the morgue”.
      Wasn’t a personal threat in any sense of the word, and indeed the next time I saw him was
      about a month later in the hospital with kidney failure.
      Straightened up for a brief time, went back to drinking, and has since passed on.
      Not enough for me – ANC started this ball rolling by stating as a fact that Price
      admitted he personally threatened to put Annie in the ground – I want to see that
      verified, then if it is as I said I’ll be focusing there.
      I’m sure Annie did know about the Uranium deal, that’s something else to think about,
      who would have been threatened by exposing their involvement, Wilson was the front man
      but who were behind the scenes?
      I’m sure you already know since I suspect AIM leadership members of rolling over when it
      served them, I also suspect one or more of them being involved in the uranium deal. Payoffs
      coming in the form of pardons, money under the table, and a heavy dose of immunity for crimes
      they were never prosecuted for. What about the Abourezks, they have always been prime suspects, or Janklow from “Indian hater” to a bromance with Russell?
      There are those who suspect a CIA involvement in a lot of what went on, maybe so, a curiosity
      related to that is Means attempt to cozy up to the CIA in offering his services re his South
      American adventures.
      AIM was hoof and mouth up to their necks with the CPUSA, actually with anybody they thought
      they could garner a favor, support, or money from – so why not the feds and the CIA?
      If we are going quote the words of others how about Means saying Banks could make people disappear?
      Annie does “disappear” and Banks is able to identify the discovered
      body as being hers from as far away as California while cruising with
      Vernon a mere day or two after discovery and before anyone else can identify her decomposing body.
      How was he able to do that without knowing? And apparently he even knew
      the specific or general location where she lay.

  5. And according to Hendricks’ uncovered document, The FBI knew about everything that was happening as it was happening but they didn’t intervene? No prosecutions until 30 years after the fact? This supports the theory that there was an informant very close and that Price, “could make it happen.” Are you trying to hint that Annie Mae should have, “rolled over,” like Kamook?

    “On December, 1975( which was to say, one week after Aquash was murdered)____advised that an unidentified Indian female was_________Colorado. The three Indian members of AIM( all of Denver, Colorado identified as ____(phonetic) and alledgedly_________…Source claims rumors are that __who stays at ______the ____,Colorado and ___Colorado, committed the actual murder. Others who may have knowledge of the murder are ____Colorado and ______, South Dakota.” FBI files ( comment: If there was no FBI complicity why wasn’t this addressed at this time? )

    • “Are you trying to hint that Annie Mae should have, “rolled over,” like Kamook? ”

      Not at all, but I do think she should have stayed in Canada regardless of whatever her motivations were for returning.

      “Source claims rumors are that”. Well, rumors don’t make a conviction or a case. What does are wiretaps like the one where Banks is speaking about getting rid of Ray’s body,or a witness who can testify to Crow Dogs desire to sell the land where bodies are buried to an actor, have the actor remove them and then return the land.
      The fact that neither were or have been indicted speaks to much more than rumors ,and why I have said I don’t believe either side is telling the whole story.
      Can’t help but notice once again you skip over the questions I asked of you earlier, so I’ll try a different approach……………..in view of said wiretap, and probably many more does it strike you as odd that Banks was never indicted. Does it imply he was an informant as per
      your theory?
      How about Hill the teflon clad man, do you consider him a candidate?
      Was he Price’s boy following his walking away from federal and state charges?
      Explains a lot if he or Banks were singularly or jointly.

  6. Sometimes the difficulty I have with the english language seems very pronounced, and
    that english class in school with verbs, adjectives and all that, forget about it, didn’t
    do me a lot of good.
    Admittedly my scholastic underachievement during those times may well have been influenced
    by my attitude of indifference and a complete lack of desire for being there.
    Nonetheless I am sometimes given to believe my lack of understanding and facility is exceeded
    by that of others – others for who english is their birth language and leads me to wonder if
    theirs is willful or merely contrived.
    I ask a specific question, let it be known that redundant spam avoiding the question isn’t
    going to work, and yet that is what is offered in reply.
    SB is fixated on agent Woods, understandable as one might say in the interest of being evenhanded that Woods is fixated on Peltier, others could say I am fixated on AIM, all of which depends
    on the attached connotations.
    I ask a simple question, make a simple statement – show me any linkage to Woods implicating him
    in the murders of AIM victims and I’ll be on it.
    The response? Shawn Kenny, OKC, and possibly even the crucifixion of Jesus.. redundant, unrelated
    spam. Apparently hope springs eternal and my struggles with verbs adjectives and all that will translate to such confusion I’ll morph into a ventriloquists dummy allowing others to speak through me.
    A random thought as I just wrote that – isn’t that what those new age “channels” claim to do, speak with the voice of others?
    Well, I don’t have any strings attached to me, sit on a ventriloquists lap flapping a wooden or
    plastic jaw, and I surely don’t claim to “channel” anyone. I take that to be good news for me and not
    so good for those who would have it otherwise.
    How about Carter Camp? ….Shawn Kenny – how about Dave Hill? …..Shawn Kenney, Aryan nations – how about Dennis Banks? ….Shawn Kenney, OKC, and the Black Panthers – how about this quote from Hendricks?…Shawn Kenny, Pellicano, ad infinitum.
    None of it having to do with the the murder of AIM victims, come on now SB should I take the opposite approach and ask about Shawn Kenney in the hope you will respond addressing Camp, Banks, Hill, etc?
    So, to summarize – stay on point SB, this isn’t an AIM/Peltier satellite site, nor is it an extension of the Hoover building, save yourself the frustration by doing so.
    If Woods has baggage with him that should be addressed then do so in an appropriate venue, not here where you avoid legitimate questions while attempting to promote “your truth”…..I’m not that confused by language.

  7. Woods situation is valid and relative as a comparative study. A parallel, if you will. Woods uses his provocateur, Shawn Kenny, to infiltrate the Aryan Nation and provoke them into acts of violence so they could prosecute and bring down the org. But their provocateurs get too close and a building is bombed and many people died. The FBI is culpable because their operatives helped to instigate the event.
    Price, Trimbach, Wood ect… run their operatives/provocateurs in AIM. Acts of violence are incited and people die such as Perry Ray Robinson, Annie Mae, Jancita Eagle Deer all the “Reign of Terror,” victims, the Lakota children that died or were deformed from uranium poisoning ect…So what’s the parallel? In all cases, the FBI escape prosecution and culpability? How is this? And if you want to deny these crimes they’re cited right there in that 99 Oyate statement that you love to quote. Even they, although, pointing out the crimes, don’t call for the FBI to be held accountable. I wonder why this is? Woods tries to take a moral high ground over Peltier by presenting himself as a “former agent.” BUT I believe he does not deserve this considering his own crimes that he was able to get away with. Are you starting to see the connection now? The connection between Ruby Ridge, OCK bombing, Th Branch- Davidians and Pine Ridge?

    • Well this is an about face SB after deriding the’99 Oyate statement and saying it meant nothing you now want to cite it as a reference? Good – then’s lets deal with the rest of it – their denouncing of AIM leaders as wannabe chiefs, the calling out of Banks to address obvious lies. Want to talk about Churchill who they also mentioned?
      NO WHERE have I ever given the feds a pass – NO WHERE have I ever not said I don’t believe either side is telling the whole truth -furthermore NO WHERE have I ever said I will allow you or anyone to shunt me off in another direction and avoid calling for the AIM leadership to be held to account.
      That’s what you’re about, that and nothing more – every excuse you’ve made for AIM and Peltier, every link you’ve posted avoiding a direct answer to a direct question – every attempt to marginalize the Oyate statement, to prop up the gravekeeping Crow Dog, to cast doubt on Ray’s character and purpose for being at WK2 speak to that.

      You want to talk about Uranium? Good let’s get back to those questions of mine I asked you – let’s talk about the Abourezks, Janklow, and the probability that one or more of the AIM leadership went along for the ride.
      You want to talk about infant mortality, birth defects? Good then lets talk about all of the causes like inadequate diet and prenatal care, the number of still births and defects due to alcohol and drug abuse.
      You ever see a crack addicted baby? Or one with alcohol related issues?
      You and your heroes ever address those issues? A little more difficult to spin aren’t they?
      That “great statesman” Means after never missing a photo op to parade around about Whiteclay wanted to open his own liquor store and even filed an application to that end with visions of dollar signs dancing in his head.
      Let’s talk about AIM’s Reign of Terror, their victims, their theft of what belongs to us. Their selling out to greed, ego, the CPUSA, and foreign oppressive governments like Libya, Iran, and others.
      You can’t tell me anything about the conditions the nations face, NOTHING, and I resent the fact that you even attempt to for the sole purpose of defending criminals.
      I’ve been there and lived through those conditions – and NO WHERE have I failed to denounce and accuse the government for their role in it.
      A connection? I see five hundred plus years of connections that have put us where we are and I want the government held to account for those centuries of crimes committed against us.
      I also see the “aiding and abetting” of this oppression that the AIM leadership authored – I’m not letting the government off the hook and I’m sure as hell not going to let AIM off either.
      We as a people have a valid expectation born of misery for more of the same from the government, we also have a valid expectation of something more from our own kind, and I can’t think of anything more heinous, a bigger betrayal, than when it is your own murdering,raping, stealing, threatening, oppressing, or sticking their head up the governments ass for personal gain.
      Our women and even children were raped and abused, deformed and made to die as the result of bullets, cannon shells, bayonets, saber blades and starvation. Children fed to dogs or swung by the feet to hit their head against a wall, tree, or rock – all under the auspices of papal bulls, and the doctrine of manifest destiny, all under the banner of governments – sexual deviants and pedophiles among us now rape and abuse our women and children operating under their own piece of shit banner, and I’m supposed to think that has a lesser value because they’ve given themselves some bs title? Because they’re “wannbe chiefs”? WRONG.
      These people aren’t my people, they have made themselves outcasts, they belong to no nation.
      I’ll make it as plain as I can, stay on point – show me something re Woods or Price that directly implicates them in the murders of Annie, Ray, or any other AIM victims and I guarantee I’ll will be on them.

      One fact sb, one, that’s all, one – if you can’t do that then step off and take your AIM apologist sideshow some place else.

      The Lakota Oyate speaks regarding Anna Mae
      and the American Indian Movement
      September 28, 1999

      H’e Sapa Wakan Inyan

      Traditional elders of the Lakota Nation have drafted a press release, in response to the recent information from the elders of the Mi’qmaw Nation about the involvement of the American Indian Movement (AIM) leadership, in collaboration with the FBI and other US governmental agencies, in the murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash in 1975 on the sacred and ancient lands of H’e Sapa (Black Hills). This is in response to a press conference in Ottawa, Canada held September 16 by the Pictou family, and sanctioned by the Assembly of First Nations.

      This is a draft from the only legal and spiritual Government of the Lakota Oyate, in Alliance with the Mato Paha Okolokiciye and the Dakota/Nakota traditional Oyates, as well as the signatories of the 1851 Ft. Laramie/Dog Creek Treaty; as well as the Looking Horse family who are keeping the Canumpa Wakan, and our many humble Sundancers and Pipe-Carriers. These include the 8 district Itanscan and many tiyospayes and their leaders and spokesmen and women, who declared Independence on Mato Paha (Bear Butte), where only the truth can be told, on July 14, 1991 from the illegal colonial US-Canadian government(s).

      Akicita Director Bernard Peoples read the following Statement, after extensive Counsels for a week, and Ceremonies:

      “We demand that the leadership of AIM come forward and tell the full detailed story of what happened here in the 1970s, and especially the events of 1975 surrounding the firefight on the Jumping Bull property, and the events and people involved in the murder of Anna Mae, whose mutilated body was found in February, 1976.

      “The time for secrecy is over. The time for the manipulations of the US oppressors on our People is over, killing us, imprisoning us, starving us, poisoning us with alcohol, and making us too afraid to talk and reveal the truth. We want to know everything Dennis Banks did on June 26, 1975, and exactly where he was that day – for we have the transcript of his Trial in Custer and he was not there that day, so he has no alibi, as he and his apologists have always claimed.

      “Exactly what does Leonard Peltier know, and why does he refuse to this day to reveal the full story, even though he has been rotting in American prisons all these years? The People feel betrayed, and we do not feel it is honorable for Peltier and Banks to cover up the truth, especially when so many of our people have been killed and are still dying because of this paranoia, distrust, deceit, greed, and egotism of the AIM leaders. Their silence only looks like arrogance to us, and the elders, while they exploit our cultures and fly around the world acting like chiefs. They are the Wannabes, not the many sincere non-Natives who know and love our people and come here to help us.

      “If you are innocent, Dennis, say so to the world, and give us the exact names, places, dates, and all the details of these terrible tragedies we are still suffering from. It means nothing to show up for marches at White Clay and Mobridge and Rapid City if you have lost the trust of the grassroots oyayes and tiyospayes, which you have. AIM is not trusted on our Reservations-Concentration Camps anymore, because of the deceit and double-dealing, and the many stories of your corruption with our young girls, violence to our men, millions of dollars of donations that have never trickled down to the People.

      “AIM has been discredited in South Dakota for at least 20 years, and still a handful of urban Indians claim to be leaders, and talk the big talk of Warriors. No. We do not even know charlatans like Ward Churchill around here. This has nothing to do with partisanship, or whether we are pro-Minneapolis AIM or Denver AIM, Inc.

      “As a Canadian elder said in a dispatch to us, ‘…when Anna Mae’s name is cleared, AIM will lose the cancer that has polluted it and tried to turn it into AIM INC.’

      “We support the heroic efforts of the Mi’qmaw elders and the Pictou family, especially Robert Branscombe-Pictou, to expose these facts and document the case against the accused killers, and to provide convincing evidence. We know it was dangerous for him to go public and announce the truth, as there are still many violent and unprincipled people loose on our homelands, Native and non-Native alike, doing the dirty work of the Pigs-for-Hire. We honor you, Brother!

      “We demand the accused participants in the heinous Tribunal of Anna Mae to come forward and clear their names with the facts – if they can. We know of the implications of Thelma Rios and Bruce Ellison, who still reside in Rapid City, in this case as well as the Peltier case, and their direct connection with Dennis Banks and his associates, including Kevin McKiernan who supplied Banks’ false alibi (and which was repeated stupidly by Peter Matthiessen in his deeply flawed book ‘In The Spirit of Crazy Horse’) while he was 100 miles away in Oglala taping and photographing the Firefight. He could not be in 2 places at once, Dennis. Bruce has played the tapes and bragged that he knew who the “real killers” were, but has arrogantly refused to talk all these years. Why? If you are clean, please prove it. Otherwise, you are playing into the FBI’s hands and they are surely laughing at all of us, like they laughed when they murdered women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge and many places on Pine Ridge.

      “As far as we know, only Vernon Bellecourt has issued an official denial in a Canadian newspaper. Quote: ‘We believe very strongly that the FBI and other government agencies on the periphery, were using extremist informants to set up what has been characterized as the execution death of Anna Mae Aquash.’ Unquote. Is that all, Vernon? WHO exactly are those ‘extremist informants’? Enough of the generic rhetoric.

      “To John Trudell – please end your silence. We know your paranoia is awful, but you MUST tell us everything and clear yourself before the Spirits. It’s the only way.

      “Wakan Inyan will forgive you, even if men do not. AIM is nothing. Truth is everything. Hau.”

  8. “Otherwise, you are playing into the FBI’s hands and they are surely laughing at all of us, like they laughed when they murdered women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge and many places on Pine Ridge. ”

    Yes, they called for AIM to “come clean ,” but what about the FBI THEMSELVES? If they have indeed committed these heinous crimes against humanity then why are THEY not called to come clean, “before the Spirits?” A flaw in this document.

    • Plenty is said against the feds in this document, you just cited part
      of it – do you call their positions against AIM “flawed” as well?

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