5 comments on “THE SAME CROOKED PATH

  1. The Apple Indian Mob has learned well from those they publicly slam while ass kissing the same people behind closed doors. Back in 2009 here in Minneapolis there was an open AIM meeting held with some of the old guard in attendance. Actual attendance by others in the community was sparse and I wasn’t surprised by that at all. Speeches were given and the usual tired stuff was repeated for the few who cared to show up. When it came to Clyde’s turn things got a bit more interesting. His usual bragging droned on & on & on and then the clincher of what AIM is and will always be came up. Clyde talked of how “we” accepted millions of government dollars even though the AIM charter specifically forbade that. Droned on with hand gestures and all while talking about how that money is “ours” and “we” have a right to that. I wondered where the hell did it go and where is our cut? Reality set in quick for me because I know that is not a question that would ever be answered.

    He then introduced Larry Leventhal as the “AIM attorney for life” and I watched 8 or 9 people leave this gathering because they weren’t impressed and were burnt out these on fools long ago. Interesting that Clyde & Larry sat at one table while the others sat around another. Their little ego animosities separating them that night but always ready to put up a b.s. united front for the media if needed.

    Also, the b.s. Means “library” spoken of elsewhere in this blog has its equivalent here in Minneapolis. The proposed “AIM Interpretive Center” is still alive, barely, but still breathing. Soon as I am able I’ll share more on this crock of imagined history in the future.

    • Would appreciate any additional info about the misinterpretive
      center, been four or five years since I’ve been in the Minn/St. Paul
      Kind of icing on the cake that Clyde would openly boast about the
      theft of money – guess he didn’t make enough off the drug deals prior
      to getting busted.
      As I understand it the Means “estate” has yet to be settled, something
      to do with the 990 form related to tax deductions of “organizations”.
      I assume that is the “charitable ones” or related to the “school”.
      Be interesting to see how that plays out as the word was Means was involved
      in a dispute with the IRS prior to his passing.
      Funny to me that Al Capone was brought down on tax related charges and
      despite murder, mayhem, and drug dealing there’s never quite enough “evidence”
      to touch the untouchables, i.e. the AIM leadership.
      Guess it really pays to have friends in high places.

    • Apparently the appropriation of our heritage is acceptable for Clyde, Banks, Crow Dog,
      or AIM when they see fit to market any portion of it.
      That’s just the A list of offenders, there’s a much longer B list below them.
      Thanks for the link.

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