10 comments on “I AM HUMAN HEAR ME ROAR

      • How very true. It’s the humankind, all the traits you mentioned that separate us from the rest of the animal world. Though some other species do eat their young. Didn’t it all start with the opposable thumb? And contrary to popular belief it wasn’t the caveman or Neanderthal who “invented” (discovered) the wheel who should get the historical credit. It was actually the one who created the axel who deserves all the recognition. Otherwise it was just a big, round, flat useless stone.

      • Great analogy re the axle and the wheel. It seems as though man eats his own young
        as well in the form of abuse, deprivation, and neglect – devours them in senseless
        That opposable thumb? Nice tool,but led to some problems as well.
        Interesting thing about Neanderthals, long held to be basically dull witted and oafish
        now being compared intellectually to homo sapiens of their era.

    • I think life is or should be a journey characterized by growth, an attempt to attain one’s full potential. That sometimes requires a shedding of old skin related to formerly held opinions and beliefs, a process at times resulting from what could be referred to as a rude awakening.
      But no harm, no foul in such awakenings as ultimately they are a part of learning.
      The life we live and those we surround ourselves with will directly facilitate or retard this growth process, a good companion, a peaceful home with shared common goals, children to fill the waking hours with laughter, the presence of honored elders to offer advice and counsel, all lend themselves to this.
      It is a questionable person who befouls their own nest, yet it seems to be commonplace. We, none of us, are perfect, yet we shouldn’t embrace that as an excuse – and yes we have the right of expectation, but I don’t believe that translates to ignoring or crushing the valid expectations of others.
      We are a communal species, we desire company and companionship, in turn we should strive to be good company and companions, and hopefully our presence and the manner in which we conduct ourselves will promote the growth of others and a better environment.

    • Interesting blog – especially A Tower of Ego Built Upon Intellectual Superiority, it’s
      as though it was written for someone I know who never tires of complimenting themself
      or attempting to impose their “intellect” on others.
      Thanks for the reblog.

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