1. Is the piece from the link supposed to be a comedy piece? It wreaks of the “True Steward.” Remember when the “Steward” was calling on everyone to vote for Mitt Romney in order to block a potential awarding of Clemency for Peltier from Obama? If you remember Romney’s campaign speeches, he said very clearly that if elected that on his first day in office the first thing that he would do would be to approve the KXL Pipeline. This is why I voted AGAINST him. Not necessarily, for Obama but certainly AGAINST Romney and his twisted agenda. Hopefully Obama will realize who actually voted for him and won’t cave when it comes to the pipeline. This will not only jeopardize the health of the Native Tribes but all humanity. What’s her problem with “women standing up for Mother Earth?” And what’s all this talk about blood and authenticity? Isn’t the “Steward” a half-breed herself who doesn’t even live any where’s near the reservations that she’s talking about? Here’s a solution for everything. I nominate a Sarah Palin/ Looking Back Woman ticket for the next presidential election. They should give the mighty Hillary a run for her money. Or should I just say God help us all?

    • Well, the truth is as far as the pipeline goes it really doesn’t matter who got elected does it? Romney or Obama, two sides of the same corporate coin.
      I wouldn’t and didn’t vote for either one, having done so would have been an exercise in futility. Obama does in fact realize who he represents, just as Romney would have….and it ain’t the best interests of the people.
      To merely say politics are divisive is to miss the point – they are intended to be, to pit individual against individual as a means of obfuscation, and it’s worked quite well.
      The “sun bear clan” is as laughable as those other “tribes”, “clans” and “churches” that characterize the new age movement.
      Being not of any of our nations you may not be able to comprehend that, but it doesn’t hinge on your understanding.
      Comedy? How about the “theater” of AIM? Die hard environmental “warriors”, that’s comical. “Warriors” who won’t address the issues mentioned in this blog – that seems to be something else you aren’t able to comprehend, or perhaps just refuse to for the light it shines on your boys.
      I can’t speak for others but “standing up for mother earth” is a basic responsibility in my opinion – that implies you don’t trash your communal environment with litter, graffiti, or unacceptable behavior – neither do you do so to promote yourself or as a promotions scam.
      Culture and tradition are part of the indigenous environment, very much a part of our land, the land both physical and spiritual that composes who we are – if it sounds “ndn” to say the land is not for sale how then is it acceptable to sell our beliefs and practices like your heroes Banks, Crow Dog, and Clyde routinely do?
      If the land and environment are sacred how is it acceptable to despoil it with the unmarked graves of AIM’s innocent victims at WK2 or give aid and comfort to their murderers?
      Somebody better help us, help humanity, as neither politicians or their corporate owners will. And the only thing your beloved AIM leadership can do is help themselves to money.
      All of this reminds me of NAFTA and the issues surrounding it, a Republican authored and sponsored bill that then President Clinton went on record to promote saying he would do everything to insure it’s passage – that it was “good” for America and would create jobs, and ultimately signed into law.
      Well, Bill with his millions has profited from it’s passage while jobs have been exported, wages have remained static or dropped, and wealth continues to be amassed at the top.
      Palin is an idiot in my opinion, but then that’s generally the same opinion I hold of all politicians, and speaking of idiot politicians how many times was it Russell ran for OST president? And who can forget his hooking up with Flynt as the VIP candidate, or his snit over not being able to run for office in Dine land?
      Hell of a thing for a “great statesman” to be denied the opportunity to “serve” isn’t it? But then as compensation I suppose failing the ability to be elected to any office he did name himself the “chief facilitator” of the faux ROL.
      The Republican party is a despotic group of misogynists cloaking themselves in “family values” and “christianity”.
      The Dems are equally despotic in their pretense of being people oriented while accepting the same money and influence as their counterparts, the same personal scandals.
      And the Tea Party? Ever see that movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? I suspect they were all cast members.
      All politicians may hit on something that resonates on occasion, thanks in large part to speech writers and surveys they take, but it isn’t the excerpt people should focus on, it’s what they say and do in it’s entirety – apparently that’s too complicated for a large portion of the electorate as they in the main are single issue voters.
      Six years into this administrations tenure and people are beginning to quietly ask themselves if they’ve been hosed again? The answer is a resounding yes…..it’s what politicians do, and they can expect more of the same from the next occupant of the White House as the machines vetting process will never allow a true people’s champion.
      Uh…..Obama’s already “caved”, he and his cronies are just attempting to figure out what sort of icing to put on the cake to make it palatable.
      You pretty much made a career of spamming and attacking LBW through her site and emails, don’t think you’re going to avail yourself of this blog in a continuation of that, take it elsewhere,
      And what, you have no link to provide as requested illustrating the “warriors” concerns for the environment women and children are forced to contend with? Why aren’t I surprised?
      Here’s a fleeting perhaps whimsical thought – why don’t you comment where the blog originated, maybe get a second opinion?

  2. Since you like, “yes or no,” questions here’s one. What’s a more pressing issue for humanity, the blocking of the KXL Pipeline or blocking Peltier’s Clemency? Then ask the “Steward,” the same question.

    • Easy question to answer….the environment and anything that impacts
      Now one for you since as is your norm you’ve avoided every other one. Should AIM be held to account for the murders that they committed/sponsored at WK2? Then ask the “medicine man” the same question.

      • In all honesty it was with the usual spam that included no SB doesn’t believe
        AIM is guilty of anything – that “paranoia” thing you know that drove them to
        perform like robots with their finger on the trigger(s).
        Like the majority of such spam I’m over allowing it to perpetuate the poor
        AIM they were only victims/pawns in a game bs.
        To my of thinking while others may be complicit and share responsibility
        the greater guilt belongs to those who authorize murder and those whose
        finger is on the trigger. I believe that is a commonly held opinion among
        people regardless of what country they live in.
        If that were not true then being a Mafia hitman for instance acting under orders one
        would never have to fear prosecution and every psychopath in the country would
        be looking to make it their vocation.
        If it were not true the Nuremburg trials would have never taken place.

  3. You are right in what you say….I believe the ones who state…” I can make people disappear”…are even more guilty than the lackeys that do the deed…and why there has been absolutely nothing done about this will always disturb me….

    • Nothing being done evidences the complicity factor to me. In
      my opinion no other explanation can be offered.
      There are sufficient grounds to prosecute on the basis of wiretaps
      and witness statements alone, wiretaps on phone lines and people
      wearing a “wire”.
      Some may attempt to argue there is no body as in Ray’s case, yet people
      have been convicted in other cases lacking the same.
      If the bodies of AIM’s victims at WK2 were recovered no excuse could be
      made for not prosecuting, and the reason I believe no effort has been made
      to do so – recovery would amount to the “inconvenient truth”.

  4. So are we talking protected informants here playing both sides of the fence…DB has always been an open book w/no ending….

    • That’s been my belief all along, one that is shared by
      a growing number of people.
      A lot is made about Durham (who was an admitted informant),
      DeLuca/Blackhorse, and Theda Clark who in all probability
      were, but I believe there were those higher up also.
      The only possibility that makes sense considering the immunity
      they’ve enjoyed, the ability to walk from state and federal
      charges like Hill did defies any other possible explanation
      just as Banks, Means, and Crow Dog the grave keepers ability
      does as well.
      If a single one of them is undeniably exposed the entire house
      of cards will collapse.

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