11 comments on “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

  1. Will he take on Mr. Ed, Trimbach and LBW as campaign managers? Maybe some funding from the Bureau? He should do well as a politician. He already has his “forked tongue,” sharpened 🙂
    Nfic Paul DeMain · Top Commenter
    Peter Clark Sorry, I didn’t know the use of my credibility meant so much to you. “quote – ” I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,” I believe him. Paul DeMain 11/15/09….- unquote” My theory that day was since Peltier confessed to shooting Williams, maybe he handed the gun to Robideau who shot Coler. Peltier is in prison where he belongs for Aiding & Abetting a 1st degree premeditated execution murder, Robideau got off, even though he allegedly confessed to being Mr. X to several people. I believe them both, and know that they both lied.

    * Let him start with a polygraph as to what he really mean’t by this statement instead of the verbal gymnastics that he offered.

    • Brilliant, a polygraph! No wait, I’ve suggested much the same with
      Peltier and The Boys from Brazil…I mean AIM, and didn’t think it
      brilliant any time I suggested it, just something that could serve
      a purpose. Something you didn’t seem to have much interest
      But then maybe you and I should volunteer for one as well – me because
      I once mouthed some of the same BS you do about Peltier…innocent, etc
      etc – being human though my opinions changed the more I came to know,
      that’s kind of a characteristic of people, hopefully we progress as we move
      through life rather than remain static and locked in a rictus of ignorance.
      You because you can’t seem to make up your mind if AIM is responsible for
      the murders committed within WK2, which you previously admitted, or whether
      you keep a distance from LPDOC because you are aware of their reputation,
      which you also stated.
      I imagine a polygraph isn’t cheap, maybe you and I could stage a fund raising
      “walk”, wave a few banners around, and run a scam or two to pay for it -sort
      of take a chapter out of the “leadership/Peltier” book.
      Maybe even get some “celebrities” to go on the tube and champion our a cause.
      I would like to say the same about the leadership and Peltier re the forked
      tongue but don’t feel as though I rightfully could….seems they prefer to blow
      smoke out of their ass rather than speak with any degree of integrity.
      How about polygraphs for Banks, Clyde, and Crow Dog while
      were at? Think they’re up to it? Is that something you’d get

  2. As far as Demain goes, maybe we don’t need a Polygraph? We could just compare this statement written just a few months after the first statement. He sure does change his “opinions,” often? I’m surprised that a Demain timeline has never been constructed to document his many “opinions” changing as often as the wind blows. Let’s save ourselves some money, then. I’ll post this and then you and your readers could use your, “Sherlock Holmes,” deduction skills to determine weather he’s a liar or not?

    Skabewis on February 14, 2012 at 5:33 pm said:

    As of February 2012, after talking to participants of the Jumping Bull Compound shoot-out of June 26, 1975, I fully believe that Leonard Peltier not only initiated the fire-fight that ended in the
    death of Joe Stuntz and two FBI agents, but I believe that Peltier walked up and in cold blood, inconsistent with the Lakota tradition of Counting Coup, and consistent with both his confessions and bragging to other members of the American Indian Movement, executed both Ron Williams and Jack Coler. Peltier is rightfully serving time for the murder of both FBI agents he killed that day. My Ojibwe name is Skabewis. My English name is Paul DeMain. Unfortunately, Mark Holtzman, also known as Stupid Bear amongst his other white friends has been attempting to use my Indian name to sculpture a small statement into something that he hopes will help Peltier — a theory about Peltier handing his AR-15 to Bob Robideau and Robideau shooting one of the agents — and Peltier being able to say publicly “I did not shoot those agentS in the plural,” then being a true statement. I no longer believe that at all. That is all my statement of opinion on 11-15-09 meant on that day, and that is all it means today. In my opinion.

    • Sounds consistent to me with what I said previously about opinions changing
      as more becomes known.
      Nonetheless Peltier did initiate the fight as he believed Williams and Coler
      were coming after him for that Wisconsin warrant he was on the run from, and
      he did kill at least one of the agents veirfied by the hand gun of Coler’s he
      had in his possession, and his boasting to women that he shot the “mfer”.
      Ascribing to your routinely perforated theory that those who initiate an incident
      are “ultimately” responsible then by your own metric Peltier is ultimately
      responsible for the murder of both Williams and Coler.
      I notice once again you haven’t anything to say related to other questions asked,
      can only follow then you will denounce your “ultimate” theory related to Peltier
      as well.
      How about Peltier and your boys, think we need a polygraph for them? I’m for giving
      everybody one if it will settle the dust and bring the truth to the front.
      That’s EVERYONE…how about you?

  3. rezinate this one silent bear will never answer the questions
    like these you ask, he has learned the mistake to answer for
    the wk2 and the lpdoc.

    • I certainly don’t expect him to, but in the asking and avoiding a
      point is illustrated that speaks louder than anything he or his boys
      can say.

  4. Forked tongue? That rubs me the wrong way. Never heard an ndn say that but I have heard it in movies/TV and from idiots trying to relate to me on some level. What next Holtzman? Got some more Hollywood ndn scripts to quote from? You just don’t get it, do ya’? You jackass wannabe!

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