2 comments on “CYBORG

  1. A “Borg” indeed! Is Peltier in line to become “Locutus” or will the geriatric party boys argue over that when calling themselves chief/spritual leader becomes old and bestow that honor on themselves?

    Sorry, saw some parallels to a Star Trek storyline and it got me thinking.

    “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile” could be the new slogan of shAIM as they try hard to cover the past with their version of truth?!

    • Threw me for a moment, had to look up Locutus – despite the walks and talk
      I tend to believe Peltier is exactly where the boys would have him to be.
      Stealing thunder or the spotlight from a restricted distance is one thing,
      in their midst would be quite another.
      The way it is now they get to posture as champions of a “political
      prisoner” and add to their bank account – I don’t believe Peltier would
      share either the money or the spotlight if he were out.

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