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  1. Rezzie, What do you think of this article? It generated so many comments and people hardly ever comment on articles at ICT. I agree with anonymous who says “Children should not have to view their culture on youtube.” I think sometimes we all rely way too heavily on videos to make our point or back it up. Also, I do not agree with using the term porn to illustrate emphasis. Seems this word is overused. People even refer to “food porn.” I mean, how can that be? I see with some of the characters mentioned that there is a deception inside of a deception in the article mainly because the author is young. http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/12/12/dont-believe-hype-beyond-poverty-porn-pain-and-drunk-indians-152673. Also I will try to copy and paste this photo. I believe in this photo.

    • Society is all about titillation in some form or another – the AIM leadership has always
      been aware of that and relied heavily upon what Russell Means referred to as “theater”.
      In view of this inclination it could only follow that youtube “culture” would become
      the way of it and terminology like “poverty porn” would be created.
      The real danger in this is the diluting of traditional beliefs by those among us who
      seek to market them and the gradual insinuation of adoptive practices and beliefs to
      that end that have nothing to do with us and never did.
      There are indeed good people and good things going on within our communities, often
      enough an uphill battle due to the realities that surround us.
      What this article doesn’t touch on is the code of silence and acceptance that permeates
      rez life – how victims are often blamed or shunned – how “warriors” too often fail to extract
      any measure of retribution or justice.
      A lot has been written about the addictive nature of porn, I purposely used the word
      titillation because those addicted to youtube tales of woe on some level may well be
      titillated by them.
      Porn in part is about seduction, the way everything from food,clothing, cell phones,
      and tech gadgets are portrayed is intentionally seductive. The intent is to seduce the
      customer into believing what they purchase will gratify them and even enhance their
      There’s a fine line in any attempt to make such a determination as few can arguably
      deny that the net hasn’t been a vehicle to get the truth out while on the other hand a
      a propaganda vehicle as well.
      Little in life can be characterized as balanced in this day and time, yet it is something
      we always speak of and should strive to achieve.
      Silence is consent – if it is uncomfortable to speak of certain things then every effort
      should be made to correct them, and I have nothing but respect for those attempting to do
      Conversely silence in failing to speak of the good may facilitate those who have made a
      career of collecting donations and running scams for personal enrichment but amounts to
      perpetuation, such a silence is an offense.
      We need good news, good examples and role models, they will serve as a medicine to heal
      a festering wound left attended for too long.
      “Culture” is being influenced, or dictated if you prefer, not only by videos, but
      television and Hollywood as well.
      There is no EPA super fund to clean up the toxic dumping that has invaded every aspect
      of our lives from the physical realities to the spiritual – it is a task that falls to us.
      If we view pornography as loathsome and exploitative then perhaps it is a word that can
      describe the history we have endured and that portion of our current reality we can
      ill afford to turn a blind eye to – such things, like all offensive things must be dragged out
      into the open and dealt with.
      That isn’t to say it is an appropriate connotation as words often become trendy or employed
      in such a way as to dramatize an issue, a hallmark of the English language.
      When clicking on the fb link it says the content is currently unavailable.
      I don’t know if I’ve answered your question, if we are in agreement, or I’ve rambled on, I
      can only say that this is what I believe.

      Thanks for the links and sharing your thoughts. Be well.

  2. Have you hard about this latest greedy bit on the part of Russell Means’ widow? She is not making enough money from signing his books and asking for donations for a non-existent school and library.she is now sung a hospital in New Mexico for “wrongful death ” Is there no end to the shame of that family? “The widow of the late activist and actor Russell Means has filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit in New Mexico.

    Pearl Means says doctors affiliated with the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe failed to diagnose her late husband’s cancer despite repeated trips to clinics during the spring of 2011. He was finally diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, tongue, lymph nodes and lungs at the UCLA Medical Center in July 2011.

    The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported. “

    • Wasn’t aware of this, but goes with what I said about a lot people looking for some free
      money. I find a poetic irony, even justice, that now it is Russell who is being milked
      after a lifetime of doing such to others.
      Won’t surprise me if “donations” are sought to cover “legal expenses” though such suits
      are filed upon a contingency basis by attorneys.
      UCLA Medical Center….wonder how many of our people are able to go to such a prestigious
      facility? Wonder if they offer the “tradition” based treatment Russell made a big show of
      claiming was the only way he would go and then did otherwise.
      Thanks for the update Helene.

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