1. A few additional thoughts about Peltier since a reference was made to
    him in the above blog.
    Do I really think there’s a possibility Peltier might finally admit
    to the truth?
    Hard to say, but a motivation could be age and the realization if there
    is no clemency or “house arrest” no other options exist.
    The thought of dying in prison must weigh heavily on his mind as I
    imagine it would for anyone in the same situation.
    Any remediation has in large part has always lain in his hands, but it’s
    possible after decades of delusional rantings and proclaimations of
    innocence he may have blurred the lines between fact and fiction coming
    to believe or justify the myth created for him….mental health facilities
    are filled with such people.
    Tucked away in the free Peltier selling points is the fact that he is a
    great grandfather, as though that alone makes him a stand up guy, should
    confer some special status or dispensation.
    Well, there are a lot of grandfathers, men who have led decent lives, respect
    is due them, but the mere fact that Peltier is changes nothing. I imagine
    his victims would have been grandfathers as well had they lived.
    Maybe what people should be taking a look at is Peltier’s conduct toward his
    children when he had the opportunity – was he there for them, did he provide
    for and attempt to nurture them?

  2. In light of what you’re saying, on the anniversary of the defeat of Custer, I’m wondering if the “New Calvary,” The F.B.I, will ever admit THEIR guilt? Will they accept their responsibility for being, “equally responsible,” for the fire fight? Will they admit that their reasons for being on the reservation in the first place were malevolent? Mainly to enforce the agenda of the uranium mining energy consortium and to “nuetrilize,” the AIM movement. All your focus seems to be on AIM leaders and David Hill ect.. being possible informants. What about the FBI men who handled these alleged FBI operatives/provocateurs? The Mr. Ed types? How come you’re not calling for their skin? When will they admit THEIR guilt and PAY for their roles in the CRIMES that THEY committed? Peltier, innocent or guilty, has already done 38 years of hard time. An FBI agent has yet to do one second for, “aiding and abetting.” Maybe in good faith a representative for them will stand up and admit THEIR guilt and offer to do Peltier’s remaining years for him? When will their “myth,” as being a benevolent protector of law and order be dispelled?

    • I tend to believe myths regarding any government agency are routinely being
      dispelled – if I’m correct in that belief it resonates well with me.
      Wall Street, the banking industry, and gluttionous corporations have been
      exposed, much in government has been as well – what remains now is to attempt
      to address them through the courts, that would involve on some level the
      participation of the DOJ, which I don’t feel is likely to happen.
      Failing that a page should be taken from Caesar Chavez and the UFW, products
      and institutions should be boycotted on a national level – sacrifice and
      endure a little hardship now in doing so or live a life of hardship.
      In the interim people are divided and their voice marginalized, those who
      profit from that are the ones that need to be held accountable in the first
      One of the few tools that remains available to confront political wrong doing
      is the ability to recall an elected official – those in power with monied
      allies have literally pumped millions of dollars into such efforts to
      thwart them – but if the vote numbers are successful and ignored then I
      suspect all hell would break loose.
      In view of such a reality I continue to say as I always have that the nations
      need to become self reliant, that the quality of life should increase for
      everyone instead of a select few like your boys in AIM as a result of their
      thievery and scams.
      This self reliance would be characterized in part by a willingness to take control
      of our communities, deal with and mete out justice to offenders, and tend to the
      needs of those unable to do so themselves.
      No one in a position of dependency controls their life or their destiny – if they
      would attempt to do so then it must begin in their own backyard, their own communities.
      If they cannot secure justice and equity there among themselves how would it be possible to elsewhere?
      I’m fighting the fight in our own backyard, if and when that battle is won then
      others can be taken on – but a well understood axiom is never to leave a enemy
      behind you – if they happen to comingle my focus will recognize that but still
      confront what is in proximity.
      Neither you nor anyone else can dissuade me from such an approach, and I would
      remind you I have said countless times that I want EVERYONE with any measure of
      complicity held to account – you on the other hand inspite of being asked numerous
      times if you favor that have never said yes.
      So you tell me, is it me avoiding issues and handing out free passes, or is it you?
      I’m not naive enough to believe the “new Calvary” will admit anything, no more so
      than I am the new rez agents/Chivingtons of AIM will, nor walking eagle Peltier.
      If Hill or any of the AIM leadership are or have been informants are you okay with
      Care to offer a possible alternate explanation how Hill has led such a charmed life
      when it comes to skating around charges?

  3. We do not believe there is the alternate explanation, it is plain to see like the
    sun to come up.

    • Absolutely correct M,J,S, and N – there is no other explanation, none, and
      the reason why those in the AIM camp avoid this like the plague.
      As someone characterized them once quoting Bugs Bunny…..what a bunch of
      A fitting citation as they’re all a bunch of cartoon characters and morons.
      The larger question is with the lack of deniability how is it Hill is not only
      tolerated but become the voice of Radio Free Peltier?
      What gives – is there a benevolent protective order of informants among them?
      Something akin to that of the book and movie The Odessa File?

  4. Here’s an idea for you. Since you’re so obsessed with Hill why don’t you take a page out of Trimbach’s handbook and challenge him to go out on the debate circuit with you? You could charge 10 g’s each at each stop and you could donate the money to “John Boy,”( aka Sherlock Holmes) to help him to get out of his “debt problem?” Or maybe you could use the money to run polygraph’s on Price, Wood, Trimbach and for good measure, Mr Ed? You might run into complications, though, in that since you’ll be out in public, you’ll have to reveal your true identity. Kind of like a “Bruce Wayne Batman. ” dilemma?

    “My terms are simple: I get paid the standard Ward Chuchill fee of 10g’s plus expenses for each appearance. I should actually receive more than that, since what I have to say will be beneficial to many professors of Indian Studies, quite unlike the bilge he peddles. If you wish to contribute your waterboy cut to an Indian fund, that’s your business (good idea as partial penance for the evil you’ve helped bring to Indian Country.) Otherwise, talk to the hand. Better yet, I’ll deal directly with Kari Ann. We really don’t need your bumbling.

    In the Spirit of Anna Mae,

    John “

    • You can’t really believe you’re fooling anyone with this predictable
      refusal to reply to a question do you?
      All that you’re accomplishing is to make yourself look foolish and
      demonstrate the extremes you and your boys will go to avoid addressing
      What in the hell does this have to do with the questions re Hill?
      Answer – not a thing. Just the best you’ve got, which is glaringly
      feeble and predictable.
      I could give a rip if Trimbach or Churchill asked for a million
      dollars – asking and receiving are two different things.
      So again – can you provide an alternate explanation for Hill’s
      “good fortune”?
      Why don’t you ask him, you’ve both tied that albatross Peltier
      around your necks, or would that be seen as questionable and your
      loyalty suspect?
      How big is that book of free passes you keep handing out? How does
      it serve you to continue doing so? How does it serve the nations?
      “Obsessed” with Hill?……well, not “obsessed” enough to write a
      song about him or relentlessly spam people’s email as you have
      done re Peltier.

  5. ” The F.B.I, will ever admit THEIR guilt? Will they accept their responsibility for being, “equally responsible,” for the fire fight? ”

    Is this a Freudian slip, an inadvertent admission by saying “equally responsible” that Peltier
    and his boys bear a responsibility? If you keep this up sb along with your other admissions
    that AIM bears a responsibility for what occurred within WK2 and you keep a distance from
    LPDOC because you are aware of their “reputation” you may find yourself being labeled the
    “superlatives” of fed and sellout you’ve so freely dispensed when it comes to others.

  6. No slip. I was just quoting from judge Heaney’s letter like I have done before( that’s why it’s in quotes). If you want my personal opinion, Peltier should have been acquitted along with Robideau and Butler on grounds of self defense. My point is that while you still call for blood for Peltier after 39 long years an FBI agent has yet to do one minute. As Leonard said in the statement released today there were over 60 deaths before the “incident at Oglala,” even happened. So there is no “equality” for sure. You can try and twist my words but it was an attempt at irony.

    “Judge Heaney of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, who heard an appeal in Peltier’s case (denied on a technicality) wrote in a 1991 letter to Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii: “The United States government overreacted at Wounded Knee . Instead of carefully considering the legitimate grievances of the Native Americans, the response was essentially a military one which culminated in the deadly firefight on June 26, 1975 … The United States government must share responsibility with the Native Americans for the … firefight … the government’s role can properly be considered a mitigating circumstance.” Judge Heaney, in this letter, recommended clemency/commutation of sentence for Mr. Peltier as part of the healing process.”

    • Well, to begin with I don’t think Heaney knows anything more about us as a
      people and what would be required to “heal” than you do, and I am to assume
      that you agree in part with his assessment but divorce yourself from his
      “opinion” when he speaks of a shared responsibility?
      You fail to mention that this same judge was one of three impaneled to
      preside over one of Peltier’s numerous appeal attempts and voted to
      uphold the conviction. That would be in 1986 I believe it was.
      Years later Heaney offers an opposing view – doesn’t impress me much when
      you consider Supreme Court judges have gone so far as to render opinions
      that corporations are effectively assigned “personhood”.
      But let’s take a look at over reacting – would you consider the murder
      of Annie Mae and Ray Robinson by AIM over reacting?
      How about putting a whellchair bound elder like Wilbur Reigert out of his home
      so Russell Means would have an “office” and place to flop his sorry ass?
      What about the rampage within and the total destruction that took place as
      authored by AIM?
      Any of that over reacting in your opinion, or do you prefer to say it
      doesn’t matter as is your penchant and issue some more free passes?
      And again – do you have an alternate explanation for Teflon Dave, like
      maybe he’s that Leprechaun who does the ads for Lucky Charms cereal?

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